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Female 近藤 真奈美 (こんどう まなみ)
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Manami Kondo
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05.31 IWGP: Ikebukuro West Gate Park Original Soundtrack TOCT-24394 Assistant Engineer
06.21 GRAN TURISMO 2 EXTENDED SCORE ~GROOVE~ LACA-5003 Additional Engineer, Assistant
07.12 Angelique: Les Vacances Eternelles Vol.1 ~La Mer~ KECH-1171 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
07.12 Angelique: Les Vacances Eternelles Vol.2 ~La Foret~ KECH-1172 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


01.24 Character Imagesong Inspired from "éX-D" LORNA LACM-4006 Recording Engineer
04.25 SUPER ROBOT WARS α ORIGINAL STORY D-1 LACA-5032 Recording Engineer
04.25 Hagane no Messiah / JAM Project LACM-4010 Assistant Engineer
05.23 SUPER ROBOT WARS α ORIGINAL STORY D-2 LACA-5034 Recording Engineer
07.25 SUPER ROBOT WARS α ORIGINAL STORY D-3 LACA-5044 Recording Engineer
09.29 SUPER ROBOT WARS α ORIGINAL STORY D-4 LACA-5064 Recording Engineer
10.30 CRUSH GEAR FIGHT!! / JAM Project LACM-4032 Recording Engineer
11.29 LADY FIGHTER! / JAM Project featuring Rica Matsumoto LACM-4037 Recording Engineer


02.28 Mazinkaiser ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS LACA-5091 Additional Engineer, Assistant Engineer
04.03 éX-Driver the Movie Original Sound Track LACA-5099 Recording Engineer
04.03 Kaze no EAGLE / JAM Project LACM-4050 Recording Engineer
04.24 GO!! / JAM Project LACM-4051 Recording Engineer
04.24 Wake up Angel ~Negaimashite wa ∞(Mugen) Nari~ / Funta LACM-4052 Recording Engineer
07.24 GET UP CRUSH FIGHTER! / JAM Project LACM-4066 Recording Engineer
10.23 Nageki no Rosario / JAM Project LACM-4075 Recording Engineer
10.23 FACE / TRY FORCE LACM-4076 Recording Engineer


01.08 Choujuushin GRAVION Original Soundtrack LACA-5139 Assistant Engineer
04.30 Little Wing / JAM Project featuring Masami Okui LACM-4089 Recording Engineer
06.25 Sei naru Kemonotachi / Hiroshi Kitadani LACM-4097 Recording Engineer
08.26 The Gate of the Hell / JAM Project featuring Yoshiki Fukuyama LACM-4098 Recording Engineer
09.26 Destination / JAM Project featuring Rica Matsumoto LACM-4105 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.27 Kimiiro Palette / Sakura Nogawa LACM-4160 Recording Engineer


01.21 Kurenai no Kiba / JAM Project LACM-4119 Recording Engineer
04.21 VICTORY / JAM Project LACM-4127 Recording Engineer
06.23 everything / Saeko Chiba LACA-5290 Recording Engineer
07.22 Shin Getter Robo Original Soundtrack VOL.1 LACA-5293 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.06 Shin Getter Robo Original Soundtrack VOL.2 LACA-5321 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
11.26 Genkai Battle / JAM Project LACM-4165 Recording Engineer


01.26 Just a Survivor / TATSUHISA SUZUKI LACM-4173 Recording Engineer
03.24 PoTeChi / Sakura Nogawa LACA-5360 Recording Engineer
04.25 Muv-Luv Alternative Insertion Song Collection LACM-4197 Recording Engineer
06.08 My-HiME Character Vocal Album Vol.2: Hatsukoi Houteishiki Dai-2 Gakushou LACA-5392 Recording Engineer


01.25 Motto! / Sakura Nogawa LACM-4242 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
03.08 Emblem / JAM Project LACA-5488 Recording Engineer
10.04 Dual Love on the planet ~Hanoka~ / Sakura Nogawa LACM-4290 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
12.20 Shin Sangokumusou BB Original Sound Track KECH-1413~4 Recording Engineer


02.23 GARO ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK 2 BCCB-9001 Mixing Engineer
04.05 Divine love / JAM Project featuring Hiroshi Kitadani LACM-4361 Recording Engineer
08.01 Kazeiro Renpu / Sakura Nogawa LACA-5651 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
08.22 THE iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA Character Album Vol.1 Nesshou! Sunrise Robot Anime Song: Muteki LACA-5678 Engineer
10.10 THE iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA Character Album Vol.2 Nesshou! Sunrise Robot Anime Song: Arashi LACA-5694 Engineer


06.25 Tribute to Masami Okui ~Buddy~ EVCA-1001 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
07.28 Super Survivor / Hironobu Kageyama LACA-5770 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
08.27 DRAGONBALL Z BURST LIMIT Original Soundtrack LACA-5808 Recording Engineer
10.22 Hello Darwin! ~Koukishin on Demand~ / JAM Project LACM-4536 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
11.26 Parade / Minori Chihara LACA-5829 Recording Engineer


01.07 DRAGONBALL Z INFINITE WORLD Original Soundtrack LACA-5852 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
02.25 Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Character Song Vol.1 YURA-YURA-DREAMER / Akiha Shishido (CV.MAKO) LACM-4572 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
03.04 THE IDOLM@STER MASTER SPECIAL 02 COCX-35455 Mixing Engineer
03.11 Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Character Song Vol.2 Ruri-iro no Gyakkou / Itsuki Kannagi (CV.Aya Endo) LACM-4575 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
03.11 Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Character Song Vol.3 Moroi Mirai Kirai / Honoka Kawai (CV.Yui Makino) LACM-4577 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
07.01 Nico Nico Douga Selection ~A Waste of Talent~ BMCA-1007 Recording Engineer
08.05 Shugoshin -The guardian / JAM Project LACM-4632 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.21 Oyasumi Paradox/Jenny wa Gokigen Naname / Etsuko Yakushimaru KICM-1296 Recording Engineer
12.09 GUNDAM TRIBUTE FROM LANTIS LACA-5985 Mixing Engineer


05.12 BELIEVE IN NEXUS/Clear Mind / Masaaki Endoh MJCD-23083 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.27 MAXON / JAM Project LACM-4750 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
12.22 Seize the Days / Chihiro Yonekura LACM-4763 Recording Engineer
12.22 Battle of Omega / Hironobu Kageyama LACM-4775 Recording Engineer
12.22 Asu e no Michi ~Going my way!!~/YAKUSOKU NO MELODY / Masaaki Endoh MJCD-23093 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


10.05 Believe in my existence / JAM Project LACM-4860 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


12.05 Wings of the legend / JAM Project LACM-14040 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


10.22 Honoo no Kokuin -DIVINE FLAME- / JAM Project LACM-14280 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


03.25 re-fly / Koji Wada LACA-15485 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.21 THE HERO !! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~ / JAM Project [Artist Edition] LACM-14405 Recording Engineer
10.21 THE HERO !! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~ / JAM Project [Anime Edition] LACM-14406 Recording Engineer


09.20 Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack SVWC-70271~3 Assistant Engineer


02.28 HOWLING SWORD/Promise LACM-14728 Recording Engineer
07.25 Vital/Pray LACM-14780 Recording Engineer


04.24 Tread on the Tiger's Tail / JAM Project LACM-14856 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


01.01 The Age of Dragon Knights / JAM Project LACA-15796 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
01.29 SAYAKAVER.2 / Sayaka Sasaki LACA-15813 Recording Engineer


02.03 -Shirushi- / Sayaka Sasaki LACM-24078 Vocal Recording Engineer
06.02 Fate/Grand Carnival THEME SONG CD: Super☆Affection/Wonderful Carnival ANZX-15543 Recording Engineer

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