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Neon Insect
Jan 30, 1987
The Hague, Netherlands
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Neon Insect (Nils Sinatsch) is a composer and audio engineer from Germany specialized in game audio, most importantly video game music (VGM) composition and production, as well as sound design and field recording.

He was born on January, 30th in The Hague (Netherlands). Nils Sinatsch is currently finishing his Audio Engineer degree at Hofa Studios.

Since his childhood Nils Sinatsch has been involved with music. He learned Trumpet at the age of 12 and played in orchestras, before he eventually started to produce his own music in 2004 at the age of 17.

In 2006 he signed his first record deal (at Koi Records, as ‘Eternal Nightmare’, Industrial project) and released three albums since then (Eternal Nightmare – Between The Worlds [2006, Koi Records/Alive!]; Days Without Sleeping [2010, af-music], Neon Insect – Enigma [2007, xenobiotic], before he decided to pursue a career as a freelancing composer for radio plays and video games in 2012. He contributed to projects such as Destination Sol, Colonies Online and GodFactory:Wingmen.

In 2015 he was hired by indiegame developer W3 Studios to work as an audio engineer and composer for Abatron.


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