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05.26 TACTICSBRID ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK BP-0601S Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.23 Utopia -Angel Note Best Collection 2- LHCA-5051 Composer, Arranger, Programmer


03.07 BellesDivas -Angel Note BEST COLLECTION III- LHCA-5065 Composer, Arranger
03.23 Chu×Chu IDOL Insert Song "Koisuru Tokimeki" SPUS-20862 Composer, Arranger
03.23 Chu×Chu IDOL SOUND TRACK SPUS-20880 Composer, Arranger
11.22 Chu×Chu Paradise ~Encore Live~ Mini Album SPUS-20931 Composer, Arranger
12.29 Accent VOCAL COLLECTION SPUS-20980 Composer, Arranger


06.27 Be nuts about Angels -Angel Note Best Collection 4- SRL-1001 Composer, Arranger
07.04 magic "a" ride Vocal CD OP0862A Composer, Arranger
08.15 cherry petals fall like teardrops... "principle" BS2008-02M Composer, Arranger
08.29 Sing Song Swing -Angel Note Best Collection 5- SRL-1002 Composer, Arranger
09.10 JOKER / sakakibara yui KICS-1391 Composer, Arranger


03.19 Tenshin Ranman Character Song Vol.4 – Motto / Aoi Yamabuki YSCD-0010 Arranger
08.28 Heartful Moment -Angel Note Best Collection VI- SRL-1004 Composer, Arranger
10.25 OTO NO DERU RYOKUCHA 2 GWSR-1701 Composer, Arranger
11.27 SORAFUNE Original SoundTrack DLAD-1002 Composer, Arranger


03.26 RGH ~Koi to Hero to Gakuen to~ Special Disc CHIEN-1003T Composer, Arranger
03.26 CHUA・CHURAM Vocal collection SPUS-21660 Composer, Arranger
05.28 Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai Complete Soundtrack AH-RE-002 Composer, Arranger
05.28 Providence -Angel Note Best Collection Volume 7- SRL-1005 Composer, Arranger
08.13 Sisters Alcot Vocal collection. Vol.3 Alcot-AV-005 Composer, Arranger


05.06 ORANGE CANDY BOX -Angel Note Best Collection 8- SRL-1006 Composer, Arranger


01.25 Duca Works Best KDSD-00526 Composer, Arranger
02.10 Koiiro Soramoyou Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger
02.22 Puzzle / AiRI LACA-15190 Composer, Arranger
02.24 DRACU-RIOT! Character Song Vol.4 NO LIMIT / Elina Olegovna Obeh (CV Aerio Suzuki) YSCD-0023 Arranger
10.26 Shukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni SPECIAL MAXI CD GWSS-1210T Composer, Arranger


02.28 Stellar☆Theater Opening Anthology N/A Composer, Arranger


01.01 Shukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni Original Soundtrack MBOX-1312SR Composer, Arranger
05.23 Hello Lady! Original Soundtrack DIFE-1023~4 Composer, Arranger
08.14 Endless Dungeon ORIGINAL SONG CD *Endless* RST-0010 Composer
08.14 Whirlpool Vocal Song Collection Vol.3 Stumble VOAL-03 Vocals
12.27 Rosebleu Vocal Selection RST-0012 Composer


04.24 AKABEiSOFT2&Sisters Vocal Collection DIFE-1025 Composer, Arranger
08.28 OTO NO DERU RYOKUCHA 3 MEGA-02 Composer, Arranger


01.29 Melodies -Angel Note Best Collection Vol.11- SRL-1009 Composer, Programmer, Arranger
04.28 Senren*Banka Character Song Vol.2 "Mako no Nichijou" YSCD-0042 Composer, Arranger
08.31 Duca Works Best 3 KDSD-00931 Composer, Arranger


10.26 Duca Works 15th Anniversary BEST KDSD-01020 Composer, Arranger


04.26 YUZUSOFT SONG FES 2018 MOVC-9006 Composer, Arranger


01.31 Symphony Sounds Eternal SSCD-004 Composer, Arranger


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