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Mar 25
Osaka, Japan
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Uses the name Rita for song works and 理多 (also read Rita) for seiyuu works.



02.26 Unplugged Heart LMCD-003 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.10 AIR & TriangleHeart Image Vocal Album -yoin- TURC-0001a~b Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
12.30 Eternal Promise [Kimiga nozomu eien Image Vocal Maxi Single] TURC-0002A Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )


06.16 REVERIE -Sound Sketch "Kino no Tabi"- LWCD-0007 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
06.28 Trouble Captor! Sound track CD WILL-058C Performer
08.11 Yumekagura N/A Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.11 with me -VOCAL COLLECTION from stay.- APL-005 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.11 Pandasan Youchien HYBR-003 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.11 Faraway Moon RLCD-0010 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.11 VAGUE ZTSL-006 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.16 Wind -a breath of heart- Songs TRCD-10026 Vocals
12.28 Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose Original Sound Track PICA-0721 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / ), Lyricist (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
12.30 APPLE Tree APL-006A Performer (as Hikaru Nakayama / )
12.30 Ura ROSS CD Vol.0? -Ragnarok Online Sound Stories- TURC-0009 Performer (as H.Nakayama / )


01.15 Wind -a breath of heart- Visual Fan Book 2 Original Drama CD 'Tokidoki Camp' NBKZ-30115 Cast
01.31 Wind -a breath of heart- Songs 2 TRCD-10028 Vocals
07.25 Negai no Mahou. Original Sound Tracks SMN-0725 Vocals, Lyricist
08.15 Monologue / rita REML-0001 Performer, Lyricist
10.24 Hi no Tsuki Drama CD "Hi no Tsuki: Yume Nanaya" MILK-0006 Performer
12.28 -MUSIC DISC- natsu no ne-Rita BREZ-0002 Performer
12.28 Hi no Tsuki Audio Drama "Yume Mou Hitoyo" MILK-0007 Performer
12.30 SoulS - Bermei.Inazawa Works 2001-2003 CPNL-0006 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )


03.19 Fortune cookie Sound track ST-001ST Vocals, Lyricist
05.04 Flowers Original Soundtrack CHCD-1002 Performer
06.25 GWAVE 2003 ~2nd Beat~ IMAE-00002 Lyricist
07.23 Hinatabokko COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK SPECIAL MESSE-119 Performer, Lyricist
08.13 Natsunone Overture | June Strange Song Original Sound Track BREZ-0006 Performer, Lyricist
08.13 Koijibashi Original Sound Track DR-M001S Performer, Lyricist
08.27 doll ~ Utahime vol.3 DLCX-004 Performer, Lyricist
08.31 HINATABOKKO Original Sound Track "Taiyou" HS-001 Performer, Lyricist
09.24 Noel Original Maxi Single FSSG-004 Performer, Lyricist
09.29 Noel ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK AKCI-26014 Performer, Lyricist
10.01 "Yuuhi no Mukougawa" Original Soundtrack BASC-0005 Performer
10.15 XchangeR & Xchange2R Theme Song CD N/A Performer, Lyricist
10.21 Noel ~ GIRLS MEET GIRLS GMCP-1007 Performer
10.29 Kanosora Melody Collection HIDPC-3006 Vocals
10.29 Kanosora Melody Collection HIDPC-3007 Vocals
11.01 Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose Original Sound Track 2 Movie and OVA Final Selection PICA-1919 Lyricist (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
12.?? Ai no Maid Hotel Monogatari ~Itoshi no Sukumizu Maid~ Okaeshi CD PSYCHO-1210 Performer
12.10 Aku Chuunyuu -Kimi ni Sasageru Akui no Tamashii- Original Soundtrack AKUS-1 Performer, Lyricist
12.24 GWAVE 2004 1st Groove IMAE-00003 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 Tekoire Princess! Soundtrack: FOXY MUSIC PR-D001 Performer
12.28 Cynthia ~Sincerely to You~ Soundtrack & Drama CD: Fuwawauwaufua♪ Si-D001 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Triumphal Records. Vocal Collection N/A Performer (as H.Nakayama / , Mahiru Sonoda / )


01.14 HINATABOKKO ORIGINAL VOCAL ALBUM "1st love,Only love." HS-002 Performer, Lyricist
02.25 01 DPTN-0001 Performer
02.25 Tetsuwan Gacchu! Original Soundtrack MCD-0002 Performer, Lyricist
04.06 memoire AKCI-26029 Performer, Lyricist
04.06 moment / Blueberry&Yogurt AKCI-26030 Chorus, Vocals, Lyricist
04.28 School Days VOCAL ALBUM LACA-5370 Lyricist
06.24 GWAVE 2004 2nd Groove IMAE-00004 Lyricist
07.27 ANIM Vocal Collection AKCI-26035 Performer, Lyricist
07.27 CROWD Vocal Collection AKCI-26036 Performer, Lyricist
08.12 F3 FlyingShine theme music collection. 2004-2005 FSG-019 Performer, Lyricist
08.12 Studio Ryokucha Vocal Music Collection - The Sound of Green Tea GWSR-0701 Performer
08.14 Apple Tea de Ochakai o APL-010 Performer (as Mahiru Sonoda / )
08.14 Loser Kashiwagi is NOT dead LKCD-0001 Performer
09.26 Tac-Note Psycho-Rec 002 Performer
10.28 Kuro no Utahime Original Sound Track CLUT-005 Performer
10.28 Mahou Tsukai no Tamago Music CD ZERO-0002 Performer, Lyricist
12.23 GWAVE 2005 1st Impact IMAE-00007 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Hidamari ORIGINAL VOCAL & SOUND ALBUM of HINATARTE HS-003 Performer, Lyricist


01.27 School Panic DL-H010SP Performer, Lyricist
01.27 Yumekumi! ~Wake Ari Bukken, Yousei Tsuki~ You Make Me! Special CD SKR-1079 Performer, Lyricist
03.24 setsuei Theme song maxi single SVB-001M Performer
03.31 Imouto-Challenge! Imouto Compilation Album DLRD-3004 Performer
04.28 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.3 Mermaid Kiss IMAE-00008 Performer
04.28 Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica 1&2 BOX Edition Original Soundtrack Disc ocel-0001 Performer
06.02 Shimai Donburi ~Shirudaku de~ Mail Order Privilege CD N/A Performer
06.06 Rita's Hour 04 -HolyNight Unplugged LIVE SELECT- RTLV-0001 Performer, Lyricist
06.30 Koiiro Chu!Lips Original Soundtrack 44800396 Performer, Lyricist
06.30 Koiiro Chu!Lips Voice Drama & Full Chorus Theme Song CD JQ613E Performer, Lyricist
07.07 Souten no Celenaria Preorder Bonus Original Soundtrack LIAR-0607 Performer, Lyricist
07.21 Natsuiro Kouen ~Denpatou no Shita de Ai wo Kataru~ Original Soundtrack WILL-157O Performer
08.11 amanatsu arrange mini album - Orange Peel CHU-006 Performer
08.11 Katahane MUSIC CD "Alea jacta est!" DPS-1237~8 Performer, Lyricist
10.27 mehime no toriko SOUND TRACK GA-0002S Performer, Lyricist
11.17 Let's Play Music! -PSYCHO Vocal BEST type00.- N/A Performer
12.01 TRA-BLU! Soundtrack CD N/A Performer
12.22 GWAVE 2006 1st Strike IMAE-00012 Performer
12.29 mignon CURE-001 Lyricist
12.29 Katahane Original Sound Track Album KS-002 Performer, Lyricist


05.03 METEOR Soundtracks vol.2 MET-002 Vocals, Lyricist
05.25 Little Busters! KSLA-0028 Performer
05.25 POLYPHONICA Full Sound Track ocel-0002~3 Performer
05.30 multiple / Rita KDSD-00118 Performer
06.29 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate SPECIAL DISC AXL-0006 Performer
06.29 GWAVE 2006 2nd Strike IMAE-00015 Performer, Lyricist
07.04 Futari no Watashi KDSD-00137 Performer, Lyricist
07.27 Little Busters! Original Arrange Album "semicrystalline" KSLA-0032 Vocals
08.17 Fullthrottle SPECIAL DISC AXL-0008 Performer
08.17 into the sky BHCD09 Performer
08.17 Magic Channel MSRC-025 Performer
08.17 Tenshi no Tamago ~The Angel's Egg~ Original Sound Track PURPLE-012CD Performer, Lyricist
08.24 Fullthrottole: AXL VOCAL COLLECTION AXL-0007 Performer
08.24 PULLTOP VOCAL COLLECTION - Uta no Kanzume PU-008 Performer
09.28 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.7 Sugar+Complete IMAE-00018 Performer
09.28 Little Busters! Original Soundtrack KSLA-0033~5 Vocals
09.28 Sortieange Mahou Club - Vocal Maxi CD mic-004 Vocals
11.22 Sekien no Inganock Preorder Bonus Original Soundtrack LSSI-0711 Performer, Lyricist
12.07 motion / Blueberry&Yogurt BRYG-0001 Performer, Lyricist
12.14 Harukoi*Otome Sound Track CD BASREC-002 Performer
12.26 Aster Complete Tracks Plus BNEG-1001~2 Performer
12.28 GWAVE 2007 1st Drivers IMAE-00020 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Kamipani! Demo & Maxi Single N/A Performer
12.29 LiLiM vocal collection 01 KOMIKET-LILIM Performer
12.29 Rockstar Busters! KSLA-0037 Performer


??.?? Cynthia ~Sincerely to You~ N/A Performer
01.25 macoron CURE-002 Arranger
02.29 OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol. 2 KSLA-0039~40 Performer
03.28 Princess Frontier SPECIAL DISC AXL-0011 Performer
03.28 Otome Crisis Original Soundtrack & Material Collection GIGA-080330 Performer
04.16 Kamipani! Original Sound Track KDSD-00198 Vocals
04.16 true tears Image Song Collection "Tears...for truth" LACA-5763 Vocals
04.25 Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region- Original Soundtrack SF-009 Performer
05.04 Little Busters! Analog Collector's Edition KSLA-0041 Performer
05.16 Otome Crisis Full arrange album plus ~Seigi no Ryusei, Hiro Sanjou!~ GIGA-080503~4 Performer
06.27 GWAVE 2007 2nd Drivers IMAE-00024 Performer, Lyricist
08.06 Elements Garden KICA-1455 Vocals
08.15 Aoishiro Original Soundtrack HNMP-0003 Performer
08.15 Sweets Assortment ~S+S! Special Remix CD~ JS803D Performer
08.15 Little Busters! Ecstasy Tracks KSLA-0043 Vocals
08.15 Yosuga no Sora Maxi-single SPH-002 Vocals
08.22 Liar-soft Vocal Collection [SALUTE!] LIARCD05 Performer, Lyricist
09.26 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.10 'Golden Paro Special' May-Be SOFT Hyper Audio Fan Disc IMAE-00025 Performer
10.24 Two Worlds. Volume7 first limited privilege ROC-001S1~2 Performer, Lyricist
11.20 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate -The shield of AIGIS- Vocal Collection CD GSTD-001 Performer
11.21 Shikkoku no Sharnoth Preorder Bonus Original Soundtrack LSSS-0811 Performer, Lyricist
12.05 Yosuganosora - Image CD SPH-001S Performer
12.24 Message KDSD-00252 Performer, Lyricist
12.26 GWAVE 2008 1st Experience IMAE-00027 Performer, Lyricist
12.26 'Setsuei' & 'Tsuki to Mahou to Taiyou to' Soundtrack "Snow Moon and......Flower?" SVB-ST001 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 KSL Live World 2008 ~Way to the Little Busters! EX~ KSLA-0045~6 Performer
12.28 Murasaki-Ban Vocal Selection II PURPLE-042 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 Sugar+Spice!CS OP Theme Song 'Make up,honey!' SSRE-0001 Performer


01.21 magnetism LACA-5856 Performer, Lyricist
01.23 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Original Soundtrack "AIGIS" AXL-0012~4 Performer
01.30 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! Vol.3 LTBS-0003 Performer
02.27 Like a Butler LAOX Privilege CD AXLB-0902LO Performer
02.27 Volume7 Sound Track Kiseki ROC-002 Performer, Lyricist
02.27 YOSUGANOSORA - sound track SPH-003 Performer
02.28 OTSU:Blasterhead KSLA-0048 Performer
03.04 Little Wing works album Thanksgiving KDSD-00260 Performer
03.27 GIGA OPENING SOUNDTRACK 2005-2008 GIGA-090328 Performer
04.24 Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo Tsun DISK & Dere DISK 48900230 Performer, Lyricist
04.24 Le baiser de l'ange -Tenshi no Kuchizuke- AC-001-T Performer, Lyricist
05.01 Tsukumono ~Yadorigi Romance~ Original Sound Track XUSE-039S Performer
05.05 ABHAR Phase 01&1.5 Short Vocal Collection ABCD-0006 Performer, Lyricist
05.29 Primary O.S.T+ HBMS-306 Vocals
06.26 GWAVE 2008 2nd Experience IMAE-00032 Performer, Lyricist
06.26 Oniuta. Preorder Bonus CD: Oni no Inu Ma no, Ayashii Dekigoto. Dose he have human rights? VA-00051D Performer, Lyricist
07.24 5 -Five- Sound Album "yukar" RMCD-09071~3 Performer
08.?? 5 Sound Album "yukar" APOLOGY DISC YUKAR-APOLOGY Performer
08.14 Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji Original Sound Track AL-AV-004 Performer
08.28 Shift Up: AXL VOCAL COLLECTION2 AXL-0017 Performer
08.28 Shift Up SPECIAL DISC AXL-0018 Voice
08.28 Mimi wo Sumaseba SoundTrack SHA-101T Performer
09.02 Elements Garden II ~TONE CLUSTER~ KICA-1479 Vocals
09.18 murmur CURE-003 Lyricist
09.18 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.15 Koibumi Romantica Kayo Zenshu -Soranone- Special Edition IMAE-00034~5 Performer
09.25 Signal Heart Ending Theme Song "refrain nostalgia" PURPLE-019MAP Performer
09.25 Signal Heart Opening Theme Song "Signal Heart" PURPLE-019OP Performer
09.25 Signal Heart Original Soundtrack PURPLE-019ST Performer
10.09 Smile Cubic! Sound Track ABCD-0007~8 Performer, Lyricist
11.11 mighty KDSD-00311 Performer, Lyricist
11.12 Horizon no Ue ~Yogen no Sho~ Original Soundtrack GAIN-09001 Performer, Lyricist
11.20 Hikari no Valusia ~What a beautiful hopes~ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LSHV-0911 Performer, Lyricist
11.27 SUPER SHOT -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-001 Vocals, Lyricist
12.25 Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica AFTER SCHOOL soundtrack CD OCEL-0005 Performer
12.29 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.16 Sweetsongs IMAE-00036 Performer
12.29 VA Compilation CD Vol.1 "Panorama" VA-C77-0001 Performer


01.28 Power Halation SSRE-0004 Vocals
01.29 Tsukisome no Kasa -the end of scarlet luna- Original Mini Album N/A Performer
01.29 mirto -airy[F]airy Vocal Maxi Single- ROC-003S Performer
01.29 Pure Love! PRIVILEGE DISC SHA-006TT Performer
01.29 LEGEND of CHUSEN Original Image Songs TRCD-10102 Performer
01.29 Oni no Inu Ma no, Ayashii Dekigoto. Ni Shukujotachi no Himitsu Kaidanhen VA-00073D Performer, Lyricist
02.19 Sakura no Mau Koro ni -Sotsugyou Album Daiichi Gakushou- SDCR-0029 Vocals
02.26 Chikan Senyou Sharyou 1&2 SOUNDTRACK FLCD-0001 Performer
02.26 oniuta UYE-0007 Performer, Lyricist
03.26 Syakunage Vocal Collection ALCR-112 Performer
03.26 GWAVE 2009 1st Ace IMAE-00038 Performer, Lyricist
04.21 Cross Days Original Sound Track LACA-5905 Performer
05.05 Beyond The Eternity ATUD-0003 Performer
05.21 KSL Live World 2010 way to the Kud-Wafter Pamphlet Music & Data Disc KSLC-0008 Performer
05.26 Precious Road ~Watashi dake no Chizu~ DGTA-10001 Performer, Lyricist
05.27 Suzunone Seven! ~Rebirth★knot~ Special Music CD ALCH-00027A Performer
05.28 Evolimit Soundtrack CD WILL 32102 Performer
06.25 SUPER SHOT2 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-004 Performer
07.30 Vestige -Yaiba ni Nokoru wa Kimi no Omokage- Original Sound Track AH-VE-002 Performer
07.30 GWAVE 2009 2nd Ace IMAE-00042 Performer, Lyricist
08.13 Sisters Alcot Vocal collection. Vol.3 Alcot-AV-005 Performer, Lyricist
08.13 meaning / Blueberry&Yogurt BRYG-0003 Chorus, Vocals, Lyricist, Art Designer
08.13 Sugar+Spice2 Splash colors!! -7vocal & bgm music disc- IMAE-00043 Performer
08.27 Motto Nee, chan to shiyouyo! Character Song CD Hidari Sakisaka AWCA-0008 Performer
08.27 flourish ~from iyunaline to solfa 3~ MSRC-045 Performer
09.24 Sakura Bitmap Original Sound Track N/A Performer
10.08 School Days VOCAL COMPLETE ALBUM LACA-9188~9 Performer, Lyricist
10.27 Agarest Senki 2 Vocal Mini Album Uketsugareru Tamashii no Senritsu LACA-15064 Performer
10.27 JEWELRY HALATION / Rita LACM-4758 Performer
10.28 Oresama no RagnaRock Shokaitokuten ♪ Original Soundtrack ABT-1001 Performer
10.29 Lovekami Premium Maxi Single Will-251O1 Performer
11.24 Chata Works Best II KDSD-00406 Performer
11.26 Radio CD Motto! Nee, chan to Kiiteyo♪ vol.1 ANSY-0001 Performer
11.26 Shiei no Sona-Nyl -What a beautiful memories- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LSSS-1011 Performer, Lyricist
12.22 Requiem -best Collection II- / love solfege KDSD-00410 Performer
12.24 GWAVE 2010 1st Grace IMAE-00044 Performer
12.24 KSL Live World 2010 ~Way to the kud Wafter~ KSLA-0061~3 Performer
12.29 VA Compilation CD Vol.2 "Panorama" VA-C79-0001 Performer


01.28 ricordo -LIAR-SOFT STEAMPUNK SERIES VOCAL COLLECTION- LIARCD06 Song Titles, Lyrics Lettering, Lyricist, Performer
01.31 AKABEiSOFT2 5years Anniversary Song Collection DIFE-1001~3 Performer
03.03 Chuablesoft 5th Anniversary best!!!!! IMAE-00041 Performer
03.31 Tsuyokiss 3 Gakki VOCAL & ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK INH-286-CD Performer
04.08 White ~blanche comme la lune~ original sound tracks NEKO2-041C1 Performer
04.27 Sakura no Sora to, Kimi no Koto Special Disc QECB-1033 Performer
05.06 ORANGE CANDY BOX -Angel Note Best Collection 8- SRL-1006 Performer
05.08 Deejay Busters! KSLA-0068 Performer
06.24 Nadeshiko Drip SOUND TRACK APP-001-NDS Vocals
06.29 doll ~ Utahime Complete Box KDSD-00466~71 Performer, Lyricist
07.22 Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Plus Original Soundtrack Complete Edition N/A Performer
07.29 GWAVE 2010 2nd Grace IMAE-00048 Performer, Lyricist
08.12 Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari Music Collection ARCH-1108 Performer
09.22 Princess Frontier original soundtrack Polka AXL-0031~2 Performer
09.30 SuGirly Wish Original Soundtrack N/A Performer
09.30 PULLTOP VOCAL COLLECTION 2 - Uta no Kanzume 2 WILL-277 Performer
10.05 Kagayaku no Mirai/Every my Dear / Rita LACM-4863 Performer
11.25 RAIL SOUND THE BEST N/A Performer, Lyricist
11.25 Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai -quantum girlfriend- Original Soundtrack ele-a010 Performer
11.25 F4: FlyingShine theme music collection. 2004-2009 FSG-036 Performer, Lyricist
11.25 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.21 quantum faith IMAE-00055 Performer
11.25 Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai -quantum girlfriend- Digital Contents Disc KSQG-SMSP Performer
11.25 Hanachirutani-Sanzinkou Original Soundtrack RSHS-1111 Performer
11.25 Legend Seven SoundTrack DISC SKR-1588-2 Performer
12.22 Alice Vocal Collection II AST-004 Vocals
12.22 Appare! Tenka Gomen Soundtrack CD Ooedo Ouka! BASREC-012 Performer
12.28 Mjuka KDSD-00518 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 catwalk/ocelot Vocal Collection CAT-006 Performer
12.29 GWAVE 2011 1st Chronicle IMAE-00056 Performer
12.29 The Personalizer IMAE-00057 Performer
12.29 SuGirly Wish Romantic Collection LPTN-0009 Performer
12.29 magistral / solfa feat.Rita MSRC-049 Performer
12.29 130cm × araken Vocal Collection UYE-0008 Performer, Lyricist
12.31 VA Compilation CD Vol.3 Panorama VA-C81-0001 Performer


01.01 fripSide PC game compilation vol.1 scfs-1201 Performer
01.25 Duca Works Best KDSD-00526 Performer
01.27 Syunki gentei poco a poco! Drama CD AL-AV-007 Performer
01.27 SUPER SHOT4 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-007 Performer
02.24 Flat out: AXL VOCAL COLLECTION3 AXL-0034 Performer
03.21 MemoRia LACA-15198 Performer, Lyricist
03.23 GIGA OPENING SOUNDTRACK 2009~2012 N/A Performer
03.30 Strawberry Feels Sound Track "Sweet & Sour" N/A Performer
03.30 Okujou no Yurirei-san Maxi CD "AA Ai!" LIAR-1203T Performer, Lyricist
03.30 The Meteor UTAMONO Collection SKR-1605-1 Performer
05.25 Original Soundtrack of Katahane FJ-901 Performer, Lyricist
06.27 Suigetsu 2 Original Soundtrack KDSD-00570 Performer
06.29 Dolphin Divers GoodWill Special CD "Riho Yashio Ending Song" AXL-1206GW Performer
06.29 GWAVE 2011 2nd Chronicle IMAE-00061 Performer
06.29 Orpheus ~Kimi to Kanaderu Ashita e no Uta~ KSLA-0080 Vocals
07.29 KEYNOTE -Key Sounds Remix Album- / Soshi Hosoi KSLA-0084 Performer, Lyricist
07.29 Shiawase ni Naru Ban KSLC-0012 Performer
07.29 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary CD VA20-0001~2 Performer
08.31 ALcot Vocal collection. Vol.4 Ding Dong ALcot-AV-009 Performer
09.14 Tsuisou no Augment Soundtrack + Bonus Track N/A Performer
09.22 Innocent Grey x Liar-soft Collaboration "Rita-tsukin" Presents "Sekigan no Tindalos" BPDA-047~8 Performer, Lyricist
10.24 circle of fifth KSLA-0082~3 Performer
10.26 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.23 mode:Experience IMAE-00063 Performer
10.31 Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~ [Limited Edition] KSLA-0087 Vocals
10.31 Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~ KSLA-0088 Vocals
11.22 Ping Pong Pantsu! Sound Track CD ACT034201201S Performer
11.30 SUPER SHOT5 Special Edition -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-010 Performer
12.21 Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a shining braves~ Original Soundtrack BPDA-050 Performer, Lyricist
12.26 Hoshi no Ame -Closed Garden- KDSD-00603 Performer, Lyricist
12.26 Prism Time/Cross my heart / Rita LACM-14044 Performer
12.29 KeyCLASSIC KSLA-0090 Performer


01.30 Visual Art's 20th LIVE 2012 in YOKOHAMA ARENA ~Song to play with you tomorrow~ KSLM-0004~6 Performer
03.27 true tears 5th Anniversary Box LACA-9272~6 Vocals
03.29 Bokura no Ue ni Sora wa Mawaru BGM arrenged sound track N/A Performer
03.29 Angel Note -Venus Voice- Angel Note Best Collection Volume 9 SRL-1007 Performer
04.03 MANYO WORKS BEST!! KDSD-00623 Performer
04.19 AUGMENT OF CODA OriginalSoundtrack MIY000C00020 Performer
04.24 Imperial Arc / love solfege KDSD-00628 Vocals
04.26 Tsuyokiss 3 Gakki Full Edition Original Sound Track INH-303-CD Performer
04.29 Bokura no Ue ni Sora wa Mawaru Original Soundtrack "Soramoyou" STCH-0002 Performer
05.24 Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica F ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK N/A Performer
07.26 GWAVE 2012 2nd Memories IMAE-00065 Performer
07.26 Koi Saku Miyako ni Ai no Yakusoku wo ~Annaffiare~ Original Soundtrack SPHT-83561 Performer
08.23 Liar-soft / raiL-soft Vocal Collection CD Prosit N/A Performer, Lyricist
08.23 "Masshiro Bojou" Dosukoi! Onna Yuki Sumou Insert Song N/A Vocals, Lyricist
08.30 Overtake: AXL VOCAL COLLECTION4 AXL-0047 Performer
08.30 solfa works best album chronicle ~dog side~ MSRC-058 Performer
08.30 solfa works best album chronicle ~cat side~ MSRC-059 Performer
08.30 Girls be Ambitious! Original Sound Track SCRREC-006 Performer
09.06 KOI-UTA SIXTEEN SFRC-0001 Performer
09.27 museum piece / Blueberry&Yogurt BRYG-0005 Chorus, Vocals, Lyricist
09.27 Himegoto Union ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK PAM-0186S Performer
11.29 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.24 Noblesse of Rouge Original Soundtrack IMAE-00066 Performer
12.11 Hoshi no Ame II -Dialogue- KDSD-00678 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 WHITESOFT Vocal Collection Vol.1 WHI-0015~6 Performer
12.29 Electro.sinker CORE-00019 Performer
12.29 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Original SoundTrack KSLA-0094 Vocals
12.29 VA Compilation CD Vol.5 Panorama VA-C85-0001 Performer
12.31 smlouva LUMP-0002 Performer, Lyricist


01.31 Soleil History's Vocal Collection SF-038 Performer
03.28 Custom Maid Online Theme Song candy♥girl N/A Performer
04.25 Racial Merge Original Soundtrack "affection" AXL-0053 Performer
04.25 Racial Merge SPECIAL DISC "Koi no Mahou" TDR-0425F Performer
04.29 Little Busters! PERFECT Vocal Collection KSLA-0095~6 Performer
06.14 GWAVE 2013 2nd Progress IMAE-00068 Performer
06.25 nature couleur / Ayaka Kitazawa KSLM-0097 Lyricist
06.26 HOOKSOFT Vocal Collection My Smile Pocket LPTN-0016 Performer
06.27 SCLAMBLE LOVERS Complete Sound Track. AACD-1001 Performer
06.27 SCRAMBLE LOVERS VOCAL SONG collection AACD-1010 Performer
07.25 Make Me Lover Limited Bonus Theme Song "Selfish Destiny" N/A Performer
07.30 Little Busters! R 07 TBZR-0243~4 Performer
08.09 Nejimaku Yoru no Kioku / Blueberry&Yogurt+Yuka Fujino BRYG-0006 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
08.15 Baldrsky Complete Vocal Collection GIGA-140806 Performer
08.27 masque -Rita WORKS BEST Side "Cool"- KDSD-00715 Vocals, Lyricist
08.29 Satsukoi ~Yukyu Naru Koi no Uta~ Complete Soundtrack AH-SK-002 Vocals, Lyricist
09.26 GWAVE SuperFeature's Vol.25 Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku Original Soundtrack IMAE-00069 Performer
10.31 Koiharu Adolescence ORIGINAL SOUND ALBUM 47703310 Performer
12.26 Teito Hiten Daisakusen Tokuten Digital Contents BP-065 Performer, Lyricist
12.30 FLOWiNG AROUND N-05RM2014 Performer


01.30 Okujou no Yurirei-san Drama / Soundtrack "Kyuusei Radio" BPDA-064 Vocals, Lyricist
01.30 solfa works best album chronicle ~red beat~ MSRC-067 Performer
01.30 solfa works best album chronicle ~white beat~ MSRC-068 Performer
02.20 LiLiM 15th anniversary Vocal Album SPCA-0003 Performer
05.27 SHIROBAKO Vol.6 Bonus CD 1000540250-CD Vocals
06.26 GWAVE 2014 2nd Favorite IMAE-00071 Performer, Lyricist
07.24 Fairytale Requiem Sound Track CD BP-067 Performer, Lyricist
08.28 Drafting: AXL VOCAL COLLECTION5 AXL-0061 Performer
09.23 Shuuen -Re:act- VICL-64405 Performer
09.23 Shuuen -Re:act- [Limited Edition A] VIZL-863 Performer
09.23 Shuuen -Re:act- [Limited Edition B] VIZL-864 Performer
10.25 project lights Best Collection -Vol.02- PLCC-1006 Performer
11.27 Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori Vocal Collection CD: Hatenaki Seishou 47720420 Vocals
12.18 Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi wo Full Soundtrack CD "Full of Stars" WILL-323O Performer
12.23 Hoshi no Ame III -Crossover- KDSD-00855 Vocals, Lyricist
12.25 Tsuyokiss Series Vocal Song CD INH-345-VSCD Performer
12.27 LEAVES: ALcot Vocal collection. Vol.6 AL-AV-025 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 El Dorado CORE-00029 Performer


02.26 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate ~Bara no Seibo~ Original Soundtrack "shining brave" AXL-0066 Performer
02.26 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate ~Bara no Seibo~ Sofmap Privilege / Insert Song "shield nine new overdrive ver." AXL-1602SM Performer
04.01 Original Soundtrack of Airy[F]airy FJ-903 Performer, Lyricist
04.22 WillPlus Opening Festival CD3 CMK-CD4 Vocals
07.29 GWAVE 2015 2nd Colors IMAE-00073 Performer, Lyricist
07.29 Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi wo Complete Soundtrack "Full of Stars & Little Planets" WILL-323-338CD Performer
08.11 Mareni Bundou Shoukashuu -Utai- N/A Performer, Lyricist
08.11 Dungeons & Daimeiwaku Boukenshatachi Short ver. N/A Performer
08.11 And, First love become sister. Drama CD ~Seishun Life in Mikakino Ryou~ AL-AV-027 Performer
10.25 Made-up Mind N/A Performer
10.28 CLOCKUP Vocal Collection 2003~2015 CUCD-1010 Vocals
10.30 Star's Voice TROH-0002 Performer, Lyricist
12.10 GIRL CAFE GUN - Original Sound Track - PLCC-1011 Performer
12.11 Tsunagaru Sekai BRYG-0007 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
12.21 SHIROBAKO Blu-ray Premium BOX vol.2 Bonus Discs 1000634523-D~F Performer
12.22 Akiyume Kukuru SOUND TRACK SNKY-07-T Performer, Lyricist
12.29 GWAVE 2016 1st advance IMAE-00074 Vocals, Lyricist, Featured Artist


01.27 Love Love Sisters Original Soundtracks PAM-250S Performer
04.26 Sanctus / love solfege KDSD-00982 Performer
04.28 Burn out: AXL VOCAL COLLECTION6 AXL-0072 Performer
07.28 Original Vocal Album of Katahane. JF-904 Performer, Lyricist
09.?? 7days with you : the most precious memory in our lives. Soundtrack N/A Vocals
10.29 Toshinori Orikura Works Collection "Synergy" GRFR-0025 Performer
11.29 MANYO WORKS BEST 2 KDSD-01005 Performer, Lyricist
12.13 MANA / Rita KDSD-01006 Vocals, Lyricist
12.29 Rita×Key Memorial Best "streak of light" KSLA-0143 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Key Acoustic Arrange Album: Humans pleasure KSLA-0145 Vocals
12.29 solfa works best album chronicle ~supersonic~ MSRC-086 Vocals


03.23 project lights Best Collection -Vol.03- PLCC-1013 Performer
03.30 GIGA BEST ALBUM GIGA-180311 Performer
04.29 Meme / Blueberry&Yogurt BRYG-0010 Performer, Lyricist
05.06 KSL Live World 2018 Pamphlet CD KSLC-0019~20 Performer
05.25 Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a beautiful dawn~ SOUND TRACK CD N/A Performer, Lyricist
07.25 Shining Song Starnova Vocal Collection N/A Lyricist
08.01 Akatsuki no Asteroid / Rita N/A Performer
08.31 solfa works best album chronicle ~forest stage~ MSRC-091 Performer
10.28 Mian / Blueberry & Yogurt BRYG-0012 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Flower garden MBCD-0039~40 Vocals, Lyricist


03.02 Akanesakadoori no Mahouyasan MAHO-0001 Performer
04.28 HAMOTSUKIN BEST COMPLETE SET / Haruka Shimotsuki N/A Performer
04.28 SteamPunk Series BEST / Blueberry&Yogurt BRYG-0014 Vocals, Lyricist
04.28 HAMOTSUKIN BEST ~Works Disc~ / Haruka Shimotsuki CSCD-0006 Performer
04.29 Key Best Song Remix -to the Future- AKCM-0001 Performer
08.08 Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a beautiful dawn~ Original Soundtrack N/A Vocals, Lyricist
08.12 Mezame no Etude/Ye Jian Fei Xing CPNL-0015 Performer
08.30 Symphony Sounds Record 2019 ~from 2004 to 2018~ SSCD-003 Performer, Lyricist
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Performer, Lyricist
10.26 solfa×Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Collaboration Live "shield nine festival!!!" Theme Song shield nine -special nine ver.- MSRC-108 Vocals
10.26 solfa×Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Collaboration Live "shield nine festival!!!" Vocalist & Band Members Special Message CD MSRC-111 Performer
10.27 6 Jikan Nochi no Ashita, Nani o Shiyou? N/A Performer, Lyricist
10.27 Rita's respect II -Inori- BRYG-0015 Performer
12.19 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate ~Bara no Seibo~ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK N/A Performer
12.25 mercy / Rita KDSD-01037 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 Chiffon BEST ALBUM <C'est parfait!> CURE-004~5 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 Frill Complete Album: Ascension FLCD-0008 Performer
12.28 Key BEST SELECTION 1999-2019 KSLA-0163~4 Performer
12.28 Modification of Key Sounds Label VOL.2 KSLA-0165~7 Performer, Lyricist


01.31 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Vocal Songs: SHIELD-9 AGS-0001 Performer
01.31 Symphony Sounds Eternal SSCD-004 Performer
03.01 Rita's respect III -Aka to Ao- N/A Performer
05.29 Symphony Sounds Generation 2018 SSCD-005 Performer
06.26 Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE Arrange Album: Edain KSLA-0169 Performer
08.01 Pop Sensation KSLA-0171 Vocals, Lyricist*
08.28 Symphony Sounds Record 2020 ~from 2005 to 2019~ SSCD-006 Vocals, Lyricist
10.28 Adabana Odd Tales Original Soundtrack SVWC-70513 Performer, Lyricist


01.29 Symphony Sounds Eternal II SSCD-007 Vocals, Lyricist
02.26 project lights Best Collection Vol.01&02 PLCC-1021~2 Vocals
04.04 aurora / KOCHO N/A Chorus
05.28 Symphony Sounds Generation 2019 SSCD-008 Vocals, Lyricist
07.30 Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari Music Collection MED-CD2-38352 Vocals
12.23 AU Chronicle 10th Anniversary Soundtrack N/A Artist
12.30 KAGINADO Original SoundTrack KSLA-0189~93 Vocals


02.25 Symphony Sounds Eternal III SSCD-010 Vocals, Lyricist
03.05 EVER MAIDEN ~Daraku no Sono no Otometachi~ Original Sound Track N/A Vocals, Lyricist
03.25 Netorare Princess Mini Soundtrack N/A Vocals
05.27 Symphony Sounds Generation 2020 SSCD-011 Vocals, Lyricist
09.30 Homemaid Sweet Pea Official Mail Order Bonus Music CD N/A Vocals, Lyricist


02.15 Gyakkyou☆Fuwaku☆Fraction/Let's Go My House!!! KICM-3377 Vocals
02.24 MemoryBlue Vocal CD & ASMR Voice DL Card N/A Vocals

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