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天宮 りつ (あまみや りつ)
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08.27 NOBLE WORKS Character Song vol.1 Koi no Bakudan YSCD-0013 Lyricist
09.10 NOBLE WORKS Character Song vol.2 Oshigoto Shimasu YSCD-0014 Lyricist
09.24 NOBLE WORKS Character Song vol.3 Dare ni mo Ienai Himitsu desu YSCD-0015 Lyricist
10.08 NOBLE WORKS Character Song vol.4 Dash☆ YSCD-0016 Lyricist
10.22 NOBLE WORKS Character Song vol.5 Aoi Tori YSCD-0017 Lyricist


01.27 DRACU-RIOT! Character Song Vol.2 Growing! / Azusa Mera YSCD-0021 Lyricist
02.10 DRACU-RIOT! Character Song Vol.3 Kitto Daijoubu / Rio Inamura YSCD-0022 Lyricist
02.24 DRACU-RIOT! Character Song Vol.4 NO LIMIT / Elena Olegovna Owen YSCD-0023 Lyricist


04.19 Amairo IsleNauts Character Song vol.1 step forward YSCD-0027 Lyricist
05.02 Amairo IsleNauts Character Song vol.2 Watashi dake no Sora YSCD-0028 Lyricist
05.17 Amairo IsleNauts Character Song vol.3 Aozora Canvas YSCD-0029 Lyricist
05.31 Amairo IsleNauts Character Song vol.4 Daisuki nanda YSCD-0030 Lyricist


01.12 RIDDLE JOKER Character Song Vol.1 PERFECT GIRL / Ayase Mitsukasa YSCD-0048 Lyricist
01.26 RIDDLE JOKER Character Song Vol.2 Sympathy / Nanami Arihara YSCD-0049 Lyricist
02.09 RIDDLE JOKER Character Song Vol.3 Tsuyogaru Otona no Secret Labo / Mayu Shikibe YSCD-0050 Lyricist
02.23 RIDDLE JOKER Character Song Vol.4 Yamato Nadeshiko wa Akogare / Hazuki Nijouin YSCD-0051 Lyricist


09.27 Сafé Stella to Shinigami no Chou Character Song Vol.1 Only you! / Kanna Akizuki YSCD-0058 Lyricist
10.11 Сafé Stella to Shinigami no Chou Character Song Vol.2 Sweetest Bitterness / Natsume Shiki YSCD-0059 Lyricist
10.25 Сafé Stella to Shinigami no Chou Character Song Vol.3 Kokochiii Nichijou / Nozomi Sumizome YSCD-0060 Lyricist
11.08 Сafé Stella to Shinigami no Chou Character Song Vol.4 Happy Sunshine / Mei Hiuchidani YSCD-0061 Lyricist

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