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ネキ ハルユキ
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50 albums in database
29 arranger
19 mastering engineer
3 mixing engineer
2 performer
2 composer
2 recording engineer


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12.31 Vernacular MMPD-0001 Arranger (as haLRu), Performer (as haLRu)


08.16 Sweet Orchid / Hourai Performance Doll MMPD-0002 Arranger (as haLRu)
11.02 The Love Songs of Night and Day MMPD-0003 Arranger (as haLRu)
12.29 soulline MMPD-0004 Arranger (as haLRu), Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)


03.08 UKIHANA MMPD-0005 Arranger (as haLRu)
03.20 Hurue no Matsuri ARAM-9901 Arranger (as haLRu)
03.20 DS-10pen ARAM-DS10 Arranger (as haLRu)
05.06 Wachhund MMPD-0006 Arranger (as haLRu)
08.15 Toystrumental 2 BTM-0102 Composer (as haLRu)
08.15 Remains ~Gensou Kaikyou~ MMPD-0007 Arranger (as haLRu)
10.11 Amaryllis KMCD-0011 Performer (as haLRu)
10.11 Spider Lily MMPD-0008 Arranger (as haLRu)
10.25 indi gen5ou N/A Arranger (as haLRu)
11.03 Bridge Monster E.P. ARAM-2102 Arranger (as haLRu)
12.30 UnFOrtunate MMPD-0009 Arranger (as haLRu)


02.14 nonstop techNOVAbble N/A Arranger (as haLRu)
03.14 Capricioasă Gând CJVK-0002 Arranger (as haLRu)
03.14 Vaultin / heritage e.p. MMEP-1001 Arranger (as haLRu)
05.05 Touhou UnderGround N/A Arranger (as haLRu)
05.05 four you PAER-0017 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
05.29 Dancing The Planet GCFT-0066 Arranger (as haLRu)
06.20 KOUBUTOYAEN Club Trax CTM-0001 Arranger (as haLRu), Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
07.19 Alias ARAM-0109 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
08.14 Border of Yukari N/A Arranger (as haLRu)
08.14 OUT OF COURT MMPD-0010 Arranger (as haLRu)
12.30 Spookmanor MMPD-0011 Arranger (as haLRu)


03.13 UNWORDS e.p. MMEP-1002 Arranger (as haLRu)
03.13 half of Parley MMPD-0012 Arranger (as haLRu)
03.13 himitsu girl PAER-0033 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
05.08 Shoot a Scape vol.01 MMSC-0001 Composer (as haLRu)
08.13 Kimi wo Yobu Koe MMRM-0001 Arranger (as haLRu)
08.13 Gensou Clubbing OMK-13 Arranger (as haLRu)
12.30 Ale & Malt ACCP0001 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
12.30 K14 CJVK-0009 Arranger (as haLRu)
12.30 agent's happiness MMPD-0013 Arranger (as haLRu)
12.31 utopia GEOG-1002 Mastering Engineer


05.27 MONOMIND 2012 sampler N/A Arranger (as haLRu)
07.29 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Remixes KSLA-0085~6 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
08.11 Touhou Small Compilation for Piano Op.3 ASHI-0009 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu), Recording Engineer (as haLRu)
08.11 Touhou Shinkyou Sekai Soundtrack "Decoherence no Shinkyou Kaishaku" DFCT-0015 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
08.11 Atlas GEOG-1003 Mastering Engineer
08.11 Kyousou OMK-20 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu), Mixing Engineer (as haLRu)
12.30 Touhou Small Compilation for Piano Op.4 "Sakura Transgression" AHCR-0001 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu), Recording Engineer (as haLRu)
12.31 Conflict GEOG-1004 Mastering Engineer


05.26 SpellTech9 ARAM-0032~3 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu)
05.26 "Activity" Case:02 -Nightmare Counselor- GCHM-0013 Mastering Engineer (as haLRu), Mixing Engineer (as haLRu)
08.11 VOYAGER GEOG-1005 Mastering Engineer
12.30 touch GEOG-1006 Mastering Engineer


08.17 Exposé GEOG-1007 Mastering Engineer


07.29 Rewrite Arrange Album 'Selene' KSLA-0116 Mixing Engineer

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