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Male 伊藤 昌弘 (いとう まさひろ)
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Jul 24, 1992
Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Winds Course, Nagoya College of Music
Credited works
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47 vocals
9 cast


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09.15 Steady Goes! / Argonavis N/A Vocals


02.20 Goal Line / Argonavis [Limited Edition] BRMM-10178 Vocals
02.20 Goal Line / Argonavis BRMM-10179 Vocals
02.20 Ryuuseiu Acoustic ver. / Argonavis BRMM-10185 Vocals
08.21 STARTING OVER/Gift / Argonavis [Limited Edition] BRMM-10206 Vocals, Cast
08.21 STARTING OVER/Gift / Argonavis BRMM-10207 Vocals, Cast
11.09 ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AGF 2019 Limited CD BRMM-10249 Vocals, Cast


01.15 VOICE/MANIFESTO / Argonavis×GYROAXIA [Limited Edition] BRMM-10250 Vocals, Cast
01.15 VOICE/MANIFESTO / Argonavis×GYROAXIA BRMM-10251 Vocals, Cast
04.28 ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! Anime Houei Kinen Zenten Fair in animate Bonus Drama CD Argonavis N/A Cast
04.29 Hoshi ga Hajimaru / Argonavis [Limited Edition] BRMM-10259 Vocals
04.29 Hoshi ga Hajimaru / Argonavis BRMM-10260 Vocals
05.13 Steady Goes! Primitive Ver. / Argonavis N/A Vocals
06.12 ANIMELO SUMMER LIVE 2020 -COLORS- THEME SONG: Nante Colorful na Sekai! MVC-0058 Vocals
06.15 STARTING OVER feat. Nayuta Asahi from GYROAXIA / Argonavis feat. Nayuta Asahi from GYROAXIA BRMM-10288 Vocals
08.12 Starry Line / Argonavis [Limited Edition] BRMM-10286 Vocals
08.12 Starry Line / Argonavis BRMM-10287 Vocals
08.12 ARGONAVIS Special Disc Ren Nanahoshi (Argonavis) ver. BRMM-10289 Vocals
10.27 Goryo Yuto Les Paul Standard Special Voice Drama: Ano Hi no Guitar BRMM-10311 Cast
12.08 Hey! Argonavis / Argonavis N/A Vocals
12.09 ARGONAVIS Sound Only Live "Destiny Rock festival" Argonavis ver. BRMM-10318 Vocals
12.27 Restart / Argonavis BRMM-10381 Vocals, Cast


01.05 Star Five yori Ai wo Komete / Argonavis BRMM-10382 Vocals
01.09 ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside Radio Royal Fes SHORT DRAMA & CHARACTER MESSAGE BRMM-10374 Cast
02.03 AAside [Limited Edition] BRMM-10370 Vocals
02.03 AAside BRMM-10371 Vocals
05.26 JUNCTION/Y / Argonavis [Limited Edition] BRMM-10411 Vocals
05.26 JUNCTION/Y / Argonavis [Regular Edition Atype -Character Jacket-] BRMM-10412 Vocals
05.26 Ai no Uta Acoustic ver. / Argonavis BRMM-10421 Vocals
05.26 Restart Acoustic ver. / Argonavis BRMM-10422 Vocals
05.26 Goal Line Acoustic ver. / Argonavis BRMM-10423 Vocals
07.14 Kanousei/Stand by me!! / Argonavis BRMM-10427 Vocals
11.17 ARGONAVIS Cover Collection -Mix- BRMM-10464 Vocals
11.17 Kitto Bokura wa/Hibana Chiru / Argonavis/GYROAXIA [Limited Edition Atype (GYROAXIA ver.)] BRMM-10465 Vocals
11.17 Kitto Bokura wa/Hibana Chiru / Argonavis/GYROAXIA [Limited Edition Btype (Argonavis ver.)] BRMM-10466 Vocals
11.17 Kitto Bokura wa/Hibana Chiru / Argonavis/GYROAXIA BRMM-10467 Vocals
12.08 ARGONAVIS the Live Stage Bonus CD BRMM-10452 Vocals


03.09 As Is Aru ga Mama de / Argonavis ARDM-10004 Vocals
03.23 Gin no Shinsei <SILVER NOVA> / Argonavis feat. Haruka Nijo from εpsilonΦ ARDM-10008 Vocals
03.30 Natsu no BURRRRN!!! / Argonavis ARDM-10010 Vocals
05.25 CYAN / Argonavis [Limited Edition] ARCA-10001 Vocals
05.25 CYAN / Argonavis [Regular Edition Atype -Character Jacket-] ARCA-10002 Vocals
05.25 CYAN / Argonavis [Regular Edition Btype -Artist Jacket-] ARCA-10003 Vocals


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