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May 21, 1976
Rome, Italy
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Marco Iannello, born in Rome, Italy, on the 21st of May 1976, is an Italian musician and composer for media, film, and videogames, currently residing in Manchester, United Kingdom.

He started playing the piano, at the age of 7, just by using only two fingers of each hand. At the age of 13, he decided to take piano lessons, and finally learned to use all ten fingers. However, he stopped just after a few months. His love for classical music had started to develop, at that point.

At the age of 23, he joined his first band as keyboardist, and realised that he needed to improve his playing technique, as well as his compositional technique, therefore, he went back to taking piano lessons. Alongside the band, he kept exploring different genres of music, working on some individual projects (still unfinished), and became very interested in film music.

After his first band split, he joined a new one, where not only did he play the keyboards, but also he was responsible for the arrangements, trying to incorporate film music elements in the band’s music, as well. During this time, Marco focussed even more on widening his musical knowledge.

In 2015, after having lived in Sweden for about five years, he moved to Great Britain, where, after a few months, he joined “A Clockwork Opera”, in which he played the keyboards, and wrote all the orchestral arrangements, again incorporating film music elements, in the arrangements. He is involved in a few different personal projects, as well.



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