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伊丹 亮一郎 (いたみ りょういちろう)
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04.10 Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Majokko Meg-chan APM-4569 Lyricist
04.10 Majokko Meg-chan SCS-225 Lyricist
06.?? Golden TV Manga Daikoushin 16 KX-39 Lyricist
07.?? TV Manga Hit Series Alps no Shoujo Heidi / Majokko Meg-chan C-121 Lyricist
08.?? TV Manga Action Series Alps no Shoujo Heidi / Majokko Meg-chan Uta to Ohanashi CH-4 Lyricist
08.01 Toei Douga Shoujo Manga Hit Parade Majokko Meg-chan / Cutie Honey KKS-4106 Lyricist


??.?? Sonorama Meisaku TV Manga Series Majokko Meg-chan / Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan APC-6008 Lyricist
??.?? TV Manga Uta to Ohanashi Deluxe Tentoumushi no Uta / Alps no Shoujo Heidi CW-7011 Lyricist
05.?? Shounen Tokugawa Ieyasu SCS-255 Lyricist
06.?? ★TV Manga Ketteiban!★ Golden TV Manga Daikoushin 18 Kamen Rider Stronger ★ Flanders no Inu KX-42 Lyricist
08.?? TV Manga Action Series Yuusha Reideen / Shounen Tokugawa Ieyasu CH-13 Lyricist
10.?? Golden Package '75-nen Soushuuhen TV Manga All Star Big Hit Himitsu Sentai Goranger / Flanders no Inu CW-7029~30 Lyricist
10.?? Golden Special TV Manga Uta to Ohanashi Deluxe ~La Seine no Hoshi★Flanders no Inu~ CW-7039 Lyricist


06.?? TV Manga Shudaika Hit Series 1 CW-7069 Lyricist


01.01 Best Hit Animation Series 5 Mahoutsukai Sally / Majokko Meg-chan CH-520 Lyricist


??.?? Original Genban ni Yoru Zokuzoku TV Manga Shudaika no Ayumi CB-7044~7 Lyricist
??.?? TOEI DOGA TV Animation Sakuhinshuu CB-7052~5 Lyricist


??.?? Shoujo Manga Daizenshuu CB-7085~8 Lyricist


02.?? Anime Land Series 12 TV Manga Shudaika no Ayumi Anime Land '73-'74 CZ-7087 Lyricist
09.?? TV Manga Best 32 Hello! Sandybelle / Candy Candy CS-7225~6 Lyricist
09.?? TV Manga Best Collection Deluxe 5 Hello! Sandybelle / Candy Candy CZ-7131 Lyricist
10.?? TV Manga Best Collection Series 6 Ikkyu-san / Majokko Meg-chan CE-3017 Lyricist


11.21 ANIME SOUND MEMORIAL Majokko Meg-chan CX-7191 Lyricist


06.21 Zoku TV Manga Shudaika no Ayumi 56CC-1633~4 Lyricist


09.21 19XX series (1) 1975 Bokutachi no <Anime Tokusatsu> Natsukashi no Melody COCC-9057~8 Lyricist


03.21 EVER GREEN SERIES Animation Hero Karaoke BOX Vol.1 Utaimakuri!! COCC-9685 Lyricist


08.21 Utai Tsugareru Shoujo no Yume ~Toei Douga Mahou Shoujo Anime Zenshuu~ COCC-11865~6 Lyricist


10.21 TV ANIME SUPER HISTORY vol.9 COCC-70057 Lyricist
10.21 TV ANIME SUPER HISTORY vol.11 COCC-70059 Lyricist


01.21 Majokko Daisakusen Special Song Collection COCX-30267 Lyricist


06.02 One Man's Music: The World of TAKEO WATANABE Animation & Special Effects Part KIZC-67~9 Lyricist
08.18 HISTORY OF ANIME SONGS II COCX-36378~9 Lyricist

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