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Male 前塚 あつし (まえづか あつし)
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Atsushi Maetsuka
Monster Maetsuka
Monster Maezuka
Mar 19, 1962
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Credited works
33 albums in database
13 performer
12 voice actor
4 vocals
2 drama cast
1 guest vocals
1 cast
1 composer
1 lyricist


Full name in kanji: 前塚 厚志



10.21 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94 PCCB-00162 Voice Actor (as Atsushi Maetsuka)
11.02 Shin SAMURAI SPIRITS PCCB-00164 Performer


08.19 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95 PCCB-00187 Voice Actor
09.21 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95 ARRANGE SOUND TRAX PCCB-00189 Guest Vocals (as Atsushi Maetsuka)


04.03 ART OF FIGHTING Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden PCCB-00212 Voice Actor (as Atsushi Maetsuka)
06.21 NEO-GEO GalsVocal Collection PCCB-00219 Vocals
08.21 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '96 PCCB-00223 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)
11.07 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '96 DRAMA CD PCCB-00230 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
11.21 Samurai Spirits: Amakusa Kourin PCCB-00231 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)


01.18 NEO-GEO DJ Station PCCB-00244 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)
03.21 Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushido Retsuden PCCB-00252 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
08.20 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 PCCB-00273 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)
09.19 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 ARRANGE SOUND TRAX PCCB-00279 Vocals (as Monster Maetsuka)
10.01 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 ~Clash Volume~ PCCB-00281 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
11.07 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 ~Fate Volume~ PCCB-00286 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
12.17 BAKUMATSU ROMAN GEKKA NO KENSHI PCCB-00287 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)


03.18 NEO-GEO DJ Station Live '98 PCCB-00307 Voice Actor (as Monster Maetsuka)
08.05 NEO-GEO DJ Station in Neochupi PCCB-00329 Drama Cast (as Monster Maezuka)
08.19 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 PCCB-00334 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)
10.07 THE KING OF FIGHTERS'98 DRAMA CD PCCB-00339 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
12.18 THE LAST BLADE 2 PCCB-00350 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)


01.07 Bakumatsu Roman Dai Ni Maku Gekka no Kenshi ~Tsuki ni Saku Hana, Chiriyuku Hana~ Drama CD PCCB-00354 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
03.03 NEO GEO DJ Station 2~B.O.F.Returns PCCB-00361 Drama Cast (as Monster Maezuka)
05.19 NEO-GEO DJ Station Live '99 PCCB-00374 Cast (as Monster Maezuka)
06.02 NEO-GEO DJ Station Live '99 PCLP-00703 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
08.18 NEO GEO GUYS SONG COLLECTION PCCB-00386 Vocals (as Monster Maezuka), Composer (as Monster Maezuka), Lyricist (as Monster Maezuka)
08.18 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '99 PCCB-00387 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)
10.06 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '99 DRAMA CD PCCB-00394 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)


07.19 NEO-GEO DJ Station in Gemudora Night SCDC-00029 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)
08.23 THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 SCDC-00035 Voice Actor (as Monster Maezuka)
08.26 TVPanic Presents Drama Fan Disc Vol.3 THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 TVCD-10003 Performer
09.20 THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 DRAMA CD SCDC-00042 Performer (as Monster Maezuka)


01.11 ~The 20th Century Memorial Best~ Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan FINAL SCDC-00061 Vocals (as Monster Maezuka)


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