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妖精帝國 (ようせいていこく)
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Das Feenreich
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Yousei Teikoku, also known as Das Feenreich, is a gothic metal band from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The band began as a collaboration between singer-songwriter Yui Itsuki and multi-instrumentalist/producer Takaha Tachibana. After several independent releases, the band signed with Lantis prior to its first major album in 2007.

The band has a mythological lore, in which the Fairy Empire, led by "Dictator for Life" (終身独裁官) YUI, tries to remind the human world of the existence of fairies. They do so through the establishment of "Fairy Empire 1st Military Band" (妖精帝國第参軍楽隊), which is represented by "ranks" that are given to the band's human members.

Vocals: Yui, "Dictator for Life"
Bass: Nanami, "Warrant Officer"
Drums: Gight, "Sergeant"
Guitar: XiVa & ryöga, "Corporal"

"Captain" Takaha Tachibana continues to produce and compose for the band despite retiring from live performance in 2019. Relu was the band's drummer from 2010-2013. Finally, Shiren was the band's lead guitarist from 2013-2018.



10.08 Homemaid First Press Bonus Soundtrack CIRCUS-0083 Performer


01.13 crystal2: CIRCUS VOCAL COLLECTION Vol,2 LACA-5347 Performer
07.21 My HiME ~Unmei no Keitouju~ Original Soundtrack - last moment LACA-5409 Performer
12.21 Mai-HiME Best Collection LACA-5465 Performer


02.24 AR ~Forgotten Summer~ Arrange Soundtrack CIRCUS-0122 Performer
03.08 Ashita wo Yurushite / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4250 Performer
04.26 Senketsu no Chikai / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4257 Performer
07.26 Magi? Poka Original Soundtrack LACA-5533 Performer
07.26 Noble Roar / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4283 Performer
10.04 Valkyrja / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4288 Performer
12.21 crystal3: CIRCUS VOCAL COLLECTION Vol.3 LACA-5592 Performer


02.07 Shijun no Zankoku / Yousei Teikoku LHCM-1028 Performer
04.04 Venus Versus Virus Original Drama LHCA-5064 Performer
04.25 GOTHIC LOLITA PROPAGANDA / Yousei Teikoku LACA-5630 Arranger, Performer
04.25 Venus Versus Virus Original Sound Track LHCA-5071 Performer


02.27 Songs from Eternal Fantasy LACA-5745 Performer
08.29 Owari no Shishuu ~Twisted Shoot~ CIRCUS-0195 Arranger
12.25 Garei -ZERO- Image Song Collection "Yuri-mu Croquette" LACA-5837 Vocals


01.14 Iro no nai Sekai / Yousei Teikoku LACA-5840 Performer
03.25 "KUROKAMI The Animation" Original Sound Track LACA-5874 Vocals
05.27 Gekkou no Chigiri / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4615 Performer
07.15 "KUROKAMI The Animation" Original Sound Track 2 LACA-5924 Vocals
08.26 Gothic Lolita Doctrine / Yousei Teikoku LACA-5953 Performer
09.09 Lantis 10th anniversary Best 090927 LACA-9161~2 Performer
12.23 one / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4679 Performer


04.07 Katanagatari Vol.1 Bonus CD ANZX-9602 Vocals
04.21 Baptize / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4704 Performer
06.09 THE QWASER OF STIGMATA Original Sound Track LACA-9184~5 Performer
09.30 fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier Original Sound Track BRCA-5033 Performer
10.27 fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier Vocal Mini Album "fortissimo songs" LACA-15066 Performer
11.11 CIRCUS 10th Collect CIRCUS-0255~68 Performer
12.22 gothic lolita agitator / Yousei Teikoku LACA-15090 Performer


03.02 Katanagatari Song Collection Vol.1 LASA-5058 Vocals
03.31 fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier Original Soundtrack 2 BRCA-5045 Performer
07.27 Mischievous of Alice / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4833 Performer
10.26 Kuusou Mesologie / Yousei Teikoku [Limited Edition] LACM-34868 Performer
10.26 Kuusou Mesologie / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4868 Performer
11.23 Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.1 ~Ingaritsu Noise~ LACA-15167 Performer
12.07 IKA LOVE LASA-5098 Performer


02.08 filament / Yousei Teikoku [Limited Edition] LACM-34904 Performer
02.08 filament / Yousei Teikoku LACM-4904 Performer
02.29 Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.2 ~Ingaritsu Decibel~ LACA-15192 Performer
08.31 Mirai Nikki Blu-ray Vol.9 SOUND TRACK CD KAXA-3809CD Performer


01.23 Kamipara Gakuten ~Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Vocal Album~ LACA-15273 Performer
01.24 Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Sound CD ~Tenkai no Shirabe~ BLJS-10201 Performer
02.20 Shito Raisan ~Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Original Soundtrack~ VXCA-0009 Performer
03.27 PAX VESANIA / Yousei Teikoku LACA-15285 Arranger, Performer
05.01 Space Battleship Yamato / Project Yamato 2199 LACM-14070 Performer
11.29 Mirai Nikki Blu-ray BOX SOUND TRACK CD KAXA-9804-CD1~3 Performer


03.07 Shito Kakusei / Yousei Teikoku LACM-14201 Arranger, Performer
08.06 Kyuusei Argyros / Yousei Teikoku LACM-14259 Arranger, Performer
08.06 Kyuusei Argyros / Yousei Teikoku [Limited Edition] LACM-34259 Arranger, Performer
10.29 CHIASTOLITE / Sayaka Sasaki [Artist Edition] LACM-14276 Arranger
10.29 CHIASTOLITE / Sayaka Sasaki [Anime Edition] LACM-14277 Arranger
11.12 Tokyo ESP Character Song Album "Utau ESP" LACA-15459 Arranger
12.24 Hades: The other world / Yousei Teikoku LACA-15470 Arranger, Performer


03.11 GARO -Honoo no Kokuin- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LACA-9384~5 Arranger
07.31 fortissimo complete best album SPCA-0007 Performer
08.05 SHADOW CORPS[e] / Yousei Teikoku LACA-15496 Composer, Arranger, Performer
11.11 Atlantico Blue / Sayaka Sasaki LACA-15520 Arranger
11.11 Atlantico Blue / Sayaka Sasaki [Limited Edition] LACA-35520 Arranger


04.27 DISORDER / Yousei Teikoku LACM-14478 Arranger, Performer


05.31 flamma idola / Yousei Teikoku LACM-14620 Performer


03.25 The age of villains / Yousei Teikoku LACA-15820 Performer
03.25 the age of villains ~Unplugged CD~ Side Logos LAPP-1117 Performer
03.25 the age of villains ~Unplugged CD~ Side Mythos LAPP-1118 Performer
11.11 SAYABEST 2010-2020 / Sayaka Sasaki LACA-9793~5 Arranger


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