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田原 弘毅 (たはら ひろたか)
May 5, 1969
Tokyo, Japan
Credited works
28 albums in database
16 script planner
9 script planning assistance
4 director
3 scriptwriter


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08.11 SHINING STAR☆彡 / TORICO FCOM-0001 Script Planner
11.?? Radio de IM@SHOW! Premium CD N/A Script Planner
12.29 Radio de IM@SHOW! Shucchouban ~Comiket 71 de Anata to Engage!~ FCOM-0002 Script Planner


03.21 DJCD Radio de iM@SHOW! Vol.3 FCCG-0015 Script Planner
04.25 DJCD Radio de iM@SHOW! Vol.4 FCCG-0016 Script Planner
04.25 Negima!? DJCD SP1 "Kanda-san☆Aipon no Negimaho Radio!?" KICA-819 Scriptwriter
08.17 DJCD SP Radio de IM@SHOW! 2007-nen Natsu Kanshasai Tokubetsu-hen! to Itte Okeba iin ja nai? FCOM-0003 Script Planner
08.22 Variety Drama CD Negima!? Vol.2 KICA-816 Scriptwriter
12.29 DJCD THE IDOLM@STER Radio For You! Vol.0? FCOM-0004 Script Planner


04.23 DJCD THE IDOLM@STER Radio For You! Vol.1 FCCG-0022 Script Planner
08.15 DJCD EXTRA THE IDOLM@STER Radio For You! KOTORIMIX FCOM-0006 Script Planner
09.25 DJCD THE IDOLM@STER Radio For You! Vol.2 FCCG-0023 Script Planner
10.24 DJCD SP THE IDOLM@STER Radio For You! Radio For ~you-i~ FCOM-0007 Script Planner
12.28 DJCD EXTRA THE iDOLM@STER P.S Producer PR For You! FCOM-0008 Script Planner


08.26 DJCD THE IDOLM@STER P.S.Producer Vol.2 FCOM-0009 Script Planning Assistance
10.28 DJCD THE IDOLM@STER P.S.Producer Vol.3 FCOM-0010 Script Planning Assistance


06.23 DJCD Radio de IM@STAR☆ SP01 FFCT-0004 Script Planning Assistance
08.13 DJCD Radio de IM@STAR☆ Summer Stage 2010 FFCT-0005 Script Planning Assistance


07.06 HENSEMI Henban Vol.1 ~Hentai Kourin, Boku Zetsurin!~ KICA-3150~1 Scriptwriter
08.12 DJCD Radio de IM@STAR☆ SP02 ~Graduation~ FFCT-0010 Script Planning Assistance
09.23 Radio CD iM@STUDIO Vol.1 IMAS-0001 Script Planner, Director
10.19 DJCD Radio de IM@CHU!! EXTRA FFCT-0013 Script Planning Assistance
11.23 Radio CD iM@STUDIO Vol.2 IMAS-0002 Script Planner, Director
11.30 DJCD Radio de IM@CHU!! SP01 FFCT-0014 Script Planning Assistance


01.25 Radio CD iM@STUDIO Vol.3 IMAS-0003 Script Planner, Director
04.25 Radio CD iM@STUDIO Vol.4 IMAS-0004 Script Planner, Director
07.10 DJCD Radio de IM@CHU!! SP02 FFCT-0019 Script Planning Assistance


07.24 DJCD RADIO de iM@CHU!! SPECIAL CD FFCT-0035 Script Planning Assistance

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