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Female 橋爪 恵子 (はしづめ けいこ)
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11.02 Beat Hit! / Ayumi Miyazaki NEDA-10026 Vocals (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)
11.17 [Vjedogonia] WHITE NIGHT SUCK DRY DWC-208 Lyricist (as Hassy)


04.29 Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia Original Sound Track NTRSUN-003 Lyricist (as Hassy)
07.25 Digimon Adventure 02 Original Soundtrack - Zenpen: Digimon Hurricane Jouriku / Kouhen: Chouzetsu Shinka!! Ougon no Digimentals NECA-30042 Vocals, Lyricist
10.31 Character Carnival 2001 Memorial Album AKCI-26001 Lyricist (as Hassy)
12.20 [DVD VIDEO GAME] Phantom Of Inferno Original Sound Track DWC-0353~4 Lyricist (as Hassy)
12.29 Digimon Insert Songs Best Evolution NECA-30055 Vocals (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)


05.01 Driving Myself / HIRO-X NECM-12032 Lyricist (as Hassy)
12.04 Digimon Insert Song Wonder Best Evolution NECA-30075 Vocals, Lyricist
12.04 Make You Free / hisoca NECM-12040 Lyricist (as Hassy)
12.25 Digimon Music 100 Title Kinen Sakuhin We Love DiGiMONMUSiC NECA-70006~10 Vocals (as Hassy), Commentary (as Hassy)


01.08 THE PRINCE OF TENNIS Original Soundtrack 2 NECA-30077 Lyricist (as Hassy)
05.30 Deus Machina Demonbane Original Sound Track HBMC-004 Lyricist (as Hassy)
07.24 We Love DiGiMONMUSiC SPECiAL Yuuki wo Uketsugu Kodomotachi e -Odaiba Memorial 8/1 Keikaku- NECA-17001 Vocals (as Hassy)
08.08 PHANTOM OF INFERNO ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK HBMS-001 Vocals (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)
08.08 SILENCE / Hassy HBMS-002 Performer (as Hassy)


03.24 Gekkou/I myself am hell LACM-4124 Performer (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)
07.30 Kishin Houkou Demonbane O.S.T. HBMC-013 Lyricist (as Hassy)
08.25 PHANTOM THE ANIMATION ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LACA-5297 Performer (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)
11.27 The Alternate Phantom: ZIZZ Original Sound Tracks for Phantom Of Inferno ZN-4111 Performer (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)


08.26 Nitro Super Sonic 2005 LIVE CD HBN-2 Lyricist (as Hassy)


04.28 ETHEREAL ECHO HBD-5 Lyricist (as Hassy)
07.28 Kishin Hishou Demonbane Original Sound Track: Fabula Adamas HBN-10 Lyricist (as Hassy)
08.30 Digimon Insert Song Wonder Best Evolution NECA-30169 Performer, Lyricist


08.17 Chaosic Rune ZIZZ SONG COLLECTION ZIZZC-0701 Lyricist (as Hassy)


11.08 IN SEARCH OF THE SOUL TREES / ASTURIAS FGBG-4791.AR Performer (as Hassy)
12.10 ANOTHER BEST / Kanako Ito FCCV-0026 Lyricist (as Hassy)


04.24 DJ SADOI REMIX ALBUM SERIES Vol.1 Nitrous Oxide Tune ~Phantom~ GRN-006 Performer (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)
05.29 DJ SADOI REMIX ALBUM SERIES Vol.2 Nitrous Oxide Tune Vjedogonia GRN-007 Lyricist (as Hassy)
07.03 Nitro Best -Nitroplus Best Songs Collection- GRN-010 Performer (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)
08.01 Mirai e no Tobira ~Ano Natsu no Hi Kara~ / Koji Wada, AiM, Hassy, Sammy, Takayoshi Tanimoto, Michihiko Ohta NECM-12163 Vocals (as Hassy)
10.30 DJ SADOI REMIX ALBUM SERIES Vol.6 Nitrous Oxide Tune ~DEMONBANE~ GRN-015 Lyricist (as Hassy)


04.20 "Thank You!" ITO KANAKO the BEST -Nitroplus songs collection- GRE-012 Lyricist (as Hassy)
07.06 Days N/A Performer (as Hassy), Lyricist (as Hassy)


12.12 ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS / Nana Mizuki KICS-1847 Lyricist (as Hassy)
12.12 ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS / Nana Mizuki [Limited Edition] KICS-91847 Lyricist (as Hassy)


04.23 IN SEARCH OF THE SOUL TREES / ASTURIAS AS-0004 Performer (as Hassy)
08.01 DIGIMON MOVIE SONG COLLECTION ~Omegamon Version~ NECA-30313~4 Vocals, Lyricist


08.05 ZIZZ BEST -Vol.1- Toshimichi Isoe's Part ZSCM-15332 Lyricist (as Hassy)


01.25 KOJI WADA DIGIMON MEMORIAL BEST -sketch1- NECA-30335 Vocals (as Hassy)
01.25 KOJI WADA DIGIMON MEMORIAL BEST -sketch2- NECA-30336 Vocals (as Hassy)


02.26 Xtory -Ketsu- / pioniX PNIX-0004 Lyricist (as Hassy)

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