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境 富士雄 (さかい ふじお)
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Producer on many Falcom series albums.



05.21 MARIO SYNDROME K13A-748 Director


04.21 Music from Sorcerian K30X-7703 Director
08.21 Telenet Game Music Collection Vol. 1 K30X-7707 Director
11.05 Symphony Ys K32X-7710 Director


04.21 Music from Star Trader 276A-7702 Producer
05.21 From Famicom Ganbare Goemon 2 140A-7704 Producer
05.21 From MSX Gofer no Yabou Episode II 140A-7705 Producer
05.21 From MSX F-1 Spirit & F-1 Spirit 3D Special 140A-7706 Producer
05.21 Thunder Cross 276A-7703 Producer
07.05 Symphony Sorcerian 276A-7707 Producer
07.21 Konami Famicom Music Memorial Best VOL.1 140A-7709 Producer
07.21 Konami Game Music Collection Vol.0 276A-7708 Producer
08.21 The Vocal from Ys 150A-7710 Producer
08.21 Plus Mix Version from Ys, Ys II, Sorcerian & Star Trader 150A-7712 Producer
09.08 The Pachinko Music From Sankyo 140A-7714 Producer
09.21 Snatcher 276A-7713 Producer
10.21 MUSIC FROM Ys III WANDERERS FROM Ys 276A-7715 Producer
10.21 Wanderers from Ys Super Arrange Version 276A-7716 Producer
12.21 Falcom SPECIAL BOX '90 169A-7717~20 Producer


02.21 GRADIUS III KICA-1001 Producer
03.21 Ys III J.D.K. Special KICA-1002 Producer
03.21 Akumajo Dracula Famicom Best KICA-1005 Producer
04.05 PERFECT COLLECTION Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes KICA-1003~4 Producer
04.05 From MSX Space Manbow KICA-1006 Producer
04.21 Mouryou Senki Madara KICA-1008 Producer
06.05 Symphonic Poem GRADIUS III KICA-1010 Producer
08.05 Perfect Collection Ys KICA-1012~3 Producer
08.21 Konami Game Music Collection Vol.2 KICA-1016 Producer
09.05 Perfect Collection Ys II KICA-1014~5 Producer, Liner Notes
11.05 Preprimer KICA-1018 Producer
12.21 Falcom SPECIAL BOX '91 KICA-9001~4 Producer


01.01 Falcom J.D.K. BAND 1 KICA-1019 Producer
03.05 MA·DA·RA KICA-1024~5 Producer
03.15 Perfect Collection Ys III KICA-1021~2 Producer
05.21 Ys Dramatic Concert KICA-1029 Producer
05.25 Lagrange Point KICA-1028 Producer
06.05 MUSIC FROM DINOSAUR KICA-1030 Producer
07.05 Preprimer II KICA-1031 Producer
07.21 Perfect Collection Sorcerian KICA-1033~4 Producer
09.05 Falcom J.D.K. BAND 2 / Dalk Fukt no Gyakushuu KICA-1035 Producer
09.05 Perfect Selection Dracula KICA-1036 Producer
09.21 Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki KICA-1041 Producer
11.21 Perfect Selection GRADIUS KICA-1048 Producer
12.05 Provincialism Ys KICA-1051 Producer


02.21 Falcom "NAMBA" Collection KICA-1056 Producer
03.25 Symphonic Poem Dragon Slayer ~The Legend of Heroes~ KICA-1101 Producer
06.24 Sound Locomotive / Motoaki Furukawa KICS-212 Executive Producer
12.24 KONAMI ALL STARS 1993 KICA-9016~8 Producer


02.24 Perfect Collection Ys Tenkuu no Shinden I ~J.D.K. BAND Hen~ KICA-1120 Producer
02.24 Perfect Collection Ys Tenkuu no Shinden II ~J.D.K. Electric Orchestra~ KICA-1121 Producer
04.21 Music from Brandish 2: The Planet Buster KICA-1125 Producer
06.23 Perfect Collection Ys Tenkuu no Shinden III ~J.D.K. BAND~ KICA-1126 Producer
06.23 Perfect Collection Ys Tenkuu no Shinden IV ~J.D.K. Electric Orchestra~ KICA-1127 Producer
07.21 Falcom Vocal Special J.D.K. BAND 3 KICA-1128 Producer
09.22 Ys Piano Collection KICA-1130 Producer
11.26 Ys IV J.D.K. SPECIAL The Dawn of Ys KICA-1137 Producer
11.26 The Legend of Xanadu J.D.K. Special KICA-1138 Producer


02.23 Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 1 KICA-1139 Producer
04.21 Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 2 KICA-1140 Producer
04.30 Ys IV vs The Legend of Xanadu J.D.K. BAND 4 KICA-1141 Producer
05.25 Ys Piano Collection 2 KICA-1142 Producer
05.25 The Legend of Xanadu SUPER ARRANGE VERSION KICA-1143 Producer
06.22 Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 3 KICA-1144 Producer
07.21 Music From The Legend of Heroes III: Mou Hitotsu no Eiyuutachi no Monogatari ~White Witch~ KICA-1146~7 Producer
10.21 Brandish Piano Collection KICA-1153 Producer


10.25 Music from Ys Renewal KICA-1168 Producer


01.06 Image Album Ys V Ushinawareta Sunanomiyako Kefin KICA-1172 Producer
03.23 Music from Ys II Renewal KICA-1177 Producer
04.24 Ys V ORCHESTRA VERSION KICA-1178 Producer
09.21 The Legend of Heroes IV Electric Orchestra KICA-1188 Producer


03.26 MIDI Piano Sorcerian Forever KICA-1196 Producer

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