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石井 絵莉 (いしい えり)
Oct 8, 1985
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08.25 We Are* Piece of Peace Vol.1 Ten Asaka (C.V. Mikako Takahashi) VGCD-0043 Lyricist
09.22 We Are* Piece of Peace Vol.6 Yuzuka Kumano (C.V. Natsuki Kousaka) VGCD-0048 Lyricist
10.25 Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ Character Song Vol.2 – Otome Kurogane VGCD-0057 Composer, Lyricist
11.10 Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ Character Song Vol.5 – Yoshimi Satoh VGCD-0060 Lyricist
12.20 Happiness! De:Lucks Character Ending Collection Vol.I – Haruhi Kamisaka (C.V. Yui Sakakibara) ZMCZ-3051 Lyricist
12.20 Happiness! De:Lucks Character Ending Collection Vol.II – Anri Hiiragi (C.V. Mia Naruse) ZMCZ-3052 Lyricist


01.24 Happiness! De:Lucks Character Ending Collection Vol.VI – Saya Kamijo (C.V. Shizuka Ito) ZMCZ-3056 Lyricist
03.09 Aki no Urara no ~Akaneiro Shoutengai~ Original Soundtrack VGCD-0075 Composer, Lyricist
03.21 Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni. Character CD Collection vol.1 ~Futami Ii (C.V. Miru Tohi)~ VGCD-1012 Lyricist
04.25 Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni. Character CD Collection vol.6 ~Midono Ousuki (C.V. Nirai Kanai)~ VGCD-1017 Lyricist
05.16 Happiness! Vocal Collection ZMCZ-3327 Composer, Lyricist
05.25 Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ Character Song Album VGCD-0084 Composer, Lyricist
05.25 Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni. ~Precious Selection~ VGCD-0085 Lyricist
06.06 Konoaozora ni Yakusoku wo ~Youkoso Tsugumi-Ryo he~ Character Song CD Series Vol.2 Umi Hayama (cv. Fumi Morisawa) ZMCZ-3402 Lyricist
06.29 Boku to Gonee to Umi no Year!! Original Sound Track SYA-1001 Lyricist (as Eri)
07.25 GURREN LAGANN CHARACTER SONG SVWC-7476 Lyricist (as Eri)
07.25 Que Character Image Mini Album Vol.2 Yu (cv. Yuki Matsuoka) VGCD-0096 Composer (as Eri), Lyricist (as Eri)
08.10 Que Character Image Mini Album Vol.4 Yukino (cv. Chiwa Saito) VGCD-0098 Composer (as Eri)
09.07 Que Character Image Mini Album Vol.7 HAL (cv. Kaori Nazuka) VGCD-0101 Lyricist (as Eri)
11.09 Que ~Fairy of Ancient Leaf~ Perfect Vocal Collection VGCD-0121 Composer (as Eri), Lyricist (as Eri)
11.28 PRISM ARK PRIVATE SONG Vol.3 Fel (cv. Kaori Mizuhashi) ZMCZ-3693 Lyricist (as Eri)
12.21 TV anime "Night Wizard The Animation" Characters Vol.5 Lion Gunta (cv. Ryoka Yuzuki) VGCD-0129 Composer (as Eri)
12.21 PRISM ARK PRIVATE SONG Vol.7 Filia (cv. Halko Momoi) ZMCZ-3697 Composer (as Eri)


01.25 Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo― ~Youkoso Tsugumi-ryou e~ The BEST vocal collection ZMCZ-3850 Lyricist
03.25 Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri ~Yosakoi Bakusou Onban~ FVCG-1002 Composer (as Eri), Lyricist (as Eri)
04.23 TV anime "Night Wizard The Animation" The BEST vocal collection VGCD-0137 Composer (as Eri)
05.23 Konayuki Fururi ~Yuzuhara Curling Club~ Soundtrack FPBD-0061 Composer (as Eri), Arranger (as Eri), Lyricist (as Eri)
05.28 Prism Ark -PRIVATE SONG COLLECTION- FVCG-1007 Composer (as Eri), Lyricist (as Eri)
10.24 Harekon -harem collection songs- Sono 4 FPBD-0095 Lyricist (as Eri)
12.26 GWAVE 2008 1st Experience IMAE-00027 Lyricist (as Eri)


01.28 M[MOE] * A[AKIBA] = MAPOP 5pb. CHARA-SONG WORKS 2006~2007 Vol.1 FVCG-1066 Lyricist
02.25 O[OTAKU] * A[AKIBA] = OAPOP 5pb. CHARA-SONG WORKS 2006~2007 Vol.2 FVCG-1067 Composer, Lyricist (also as Eri)
02.25 CHAOS;HEAD NOAH TRIGGER 5 - Yua Kusunoki FVCG-1085 Lyricist (as Eri)
03.25 G[GAME] * A[AKIBA] = GAPOP 5pb. CHARA-SONG WORKS 2006~2007 Vol.3 FVCG-1068 Lyricist (also as Eri)
03.25 KANOKON NICEBODY Perfect Vocal Album FVCG-1087 Lyricist (as Eri)
04.22 S[SUBCUL] * A[AKIBA] = SAPOP 5pb. CHARA-SONG WORKS 2006~2007 Vol.4 FVCG-1069 Composer (also as Eri), Lyricist (also as Eri)
08.05 CHAOS;HEAD Audio Series Complete BOX FVCG-1093 Lyricist (as Eri)


08.24 CHAOS;HEAD vocal collection FVCG-1172 Lyricist (as Eri)

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