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Male 下條 勇三郎 (しもじょう ゆうざぶろう)
Yusaburo Shimojo
Yusaburo Simojyo
Yusaburou Simojou
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20 special thanks
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1 composer
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No notes available for this artist.


Thanked on 18 albums


08.22 Star Ocean Blue Sphere Arrange&Sound Trax SCDC-00123~4 Special Thanks


03.19 STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack vol.1 KDSD-00002~3 Special Thanks
04.09 STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack vol.2 KDSD-00004~5 Special Thanks
04.23 STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Arrange Album KDSD-00006 Special Thanks
05.14 STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Voice Mix Album KDSD-00007 Special Thanks
07.02 Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Sound Track THE BEST KDSD-00008~9 Special Thanks
10.22 Motoi Sakuraba Live Concert Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile KDSD-00019~20 Special Thanks
12.17 Baten Kaitos: Owaranai Tsubasa to Ushinawareta Umi Original Soundtrack KDSD-00024~5 Special Thanks


02.18 STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Director's Cut Original Soundtrack KDSD-00026 Special Thanks
03.24 STAR OCEAN Soundtrack KDSD-00028~9 Special Thanks


03.24 RADIATA STORIES Arrange Album KDSD-00063 Special Thanks


03.01 Valkyrie Profile -LENNETH- Original Sound Track KDSD-00088~9 Special Thanks
03.24 Baten Kaitos II Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi Original Soundtrack KDSD-00096~8 Special Thanks
05.31 Valkyrie Profile -LENNETH- Arrange Album KDSD-00100 Special Thanks
07.12 Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Original Soundtrack Vol.1 Alicia Side KDSD-00102~3 Special Thanks
08.09 Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Arrange Album KDSD-00106 Special Thanks
08.23 Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Voice Mix Album KDSD-00107 Special Thanks
09.20 Motoi Sakuraba Live 2006 -Valkyrie Profile 2- KDSD-00113 Special Thanks

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