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Sep 13
Kansai, Japan
Credited works
62 albums in database
61 performer
7 lyricist
1 vocals


Previously known as "UR@N," stylized earlier in her career as "URAN." Switched to the stage name "AiRI" in April 2011.



08.24 Green Green 3 ~Hello Goodbye~ Original Soundtrack + Complete Album 2001~2005: 18 songs Memories LACA-9055~6 Performer


02.24 Kanenone Dynatic Original Soundtrack N/A Performer
04.28 Wiz Anniversary Vocal Maxi CD CNS-WA1 Performer, Lyricist
08.30 Claire ~Promise of the Gentle Breeze~ Ar tonelico hymmnos musical KDSD-10018 Performer
10.27 Watashi wa Watashi no Mama, Dare ni demo Kawareru Character CD Vol.1 Tomoko Natsume TAL-002 Performer
12.15 EDELWEISS milktub SELF REMIX N/A Performer
12.21 EDELWEISS Original Sound Track [FLOWERS] LACA-5597 Performer
12.22 GWAVE 2006 1st Strike IMAE-00012 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Watashi wa Watashi no Mama, Dare ni demo Kawareru Character CD Vol.2 Yurika Gojou TAL-003 Performer


03.28 EDELWEISS unpublished vocal maxi -Margaret- N/A Performer
03.28 Edelweiss Vocal album CD "Sunset Sunrise" LACA-5609 Performer, Lyricist
04.27 Watashi wa Watashi no Mama, Dare ni demo Kawareru Character CD Vol.3 Mari Momoyama TAL-004 Performer
05.25 Brilliant Moon / Hiromi Sato BRCF-3082 Performer
05.25 Brilliant Moon / Hiromi Sato [Limited Edition] BRCF-3085 Performer
05.25 Katakoi no Tsuki Vocal Collection GWSR-1102 Performer
08.17 Crossnet Vocal Collection 2003~2006 CNS-VCC1 Performer, Lyricist
08.17 OVERDRIVE Self Bootleg 01 OVCD-04-05 Performer
08.24 Watashi wa Watashi no Mama, Dare ni demo Kawareru Character CD Vol.4 Reiko Sena TAL-005 Performer
08.31 Ninkyou Hana Otome Privilege Disk SYA-003 Performer
11.21 KIRA☆KIRA / d2b LACM-4438 Performer
11.22 Keep on Going!! / d2b OVCD-06 Performer
12.26 Aster Complete Tracks Plus BNEG-1001~2 Performer
12.28 GWAVE 2007 1st Drivers IMAE-00020 Performer
12.29 Alchemy SOUND Vocal Collection ALCR-106 Performer
12.31 Love / d2b D2BCD-01 Performer


02.27 KIRA☆KIRA SHOW TIME!! LACA-5742 Performer
02.29 Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 13 – Beat Blades Haruka ASS-018 Performer
02.29 Beat Blades Haruka Special Contents Disc HARUKA-SP-U Performer
03.26 milktub 15th ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM BPM200 ROCK'N'ROLL SHOW LACA-9108~9 Performer
04.16 Radio d2b on AIR / d2b LACM-4477 Performer
04.30 Watashi wa Watashi no Mama, Dare ni demo Kawareru Character CD Vol.6 Kei Inosaki TAL-007 Performer
04.30 N.A.T.S.U / d2b TDEA-6933 Performer
05.30 Watashi wa Watashi no Mama, Dare ni demo Kawareru Song Collection♪ TAL-008 Performer
06.27 GWAVE 2007 2nd Drivers IMAE-00024 Performer
08.29 d2b Live Bootleg "d2b GiGs ~Live at 0503~" OVCD-10 Performer
08.29 Kanashiki Rugger / d2b OVCD-12 Performer
09.10 Rock'n'Roll Never Die LACA-5809 Performer
09.26 Radio d2b D2B-0001 Performer
09.26 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.10 'Golden Paro Special' May-Be SOFT Hyper Audio Fan Disc IMAE-00025 Performer
10.31 Katakoi no Tsuki Extra Vocal CD N/A Performer
12.26 GWAVE 2008 1st Experience IMAE-00027 Performer


01.30 cherry petals fall like teardrops... Arrangement Album Evolution BS2009-01M1 Performer
02.26 own colors / d2b OSPS-0012 Performer
03.25 HOT HEARTS LACA-5880 Performer
08.21 Radio d2b Vol.02 D2B2-0001 Performer
08.28 Heartful Moment -Angel Note Best Collection VI- SRL-1004 Performer
09.18 Wiz Anniversary Complete! Magical Sound Disc N/A Performer, Lyricist
10.25 OTO NO DERU RYOKUCHA 2 GWSR-1701 Performer
12.18 ALICE SOUND COLLECTION 08 ALO-035 Performer


03.26 Koiiro Soramoyou Vocal CD N/A Performer
03.26 Syakunage Vocal Collection ALCR-112 Performer
07.01 Love+ / d2b STCD-05 Performer
10.27 Nanairo Kouro Vocal Mini Album -With the sea, the blue sky, and the singing voice- LACA-15065 Performer
12.22 Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Vocal Best ~Claire&Spica~ KDSD-10055 Performer


04.28 ALICESOFT B.G.M Festival#0 Anniversary CD AST-002 Performer


02.22 Puzzle / AiRI LACA-15190 Vocals
10.17 FAVORITE 10th Anniversary VOCAL COLLECTION KDSD-00591~2 Performer, Lyricist


05.29 Alice Theme Song Collection AST-007 Performer


07.01 Beat Blades Haruka Original Soundtrack N/A Performer


10.29 Toshinori Orikura Works Collection "Synergy" GRFR-0025 Performer


08.08 Orihimeyozora presents Bishōjo game Time Paradox! GRFR-0030 Performer

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