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Male シブサワ コウ
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Oct 26, 1950
Ashikaga City, Tochigi, Japan
Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University
Credited works
47 albums in database
39 executive producer
4 producer
2 liner notes
2 general producer
1 music selection
1 commentary


Co-founder of Koei Co., Ltd. and current President & CEO of Koei Tecmo Holdings Co., Ltd.



04.25 Nobunaga no Yabou: Sengoku Gun'yuuden 26CE-1001 Executive Producer
04.25 Nobunaga no Yabou: Sengoku Gun'yuuden H29E-20001 Executive Producer
04.25 Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika: Genghis Khan H29E-20002 Executive Producer
04.25 Suikoden: Tenmei no Chikai H29E-20003 Executive Producer
06.25 Ishin no Arashi H29E-20004 Executive Producer
08.25 Nobunaga no Yabou: Zenkokuban / Sangokushi H29E-20005 Executive Producer
09.05 Teitoku no Ketsudan H29E-20006 Executive Producer
10.25 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.1 Rekishi Sanbusaku + Grade Up Version H27E-20007 Executive Producer
11.25 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.2 Nobunaga no Yabou: Sengoku Gun'yuuden / Suikoden: Tenmei no Chikai + Grade Up Version H27E-20008 Executive Producer
12.15 Sangokushi II H29E-20009 Executive Producer


04.25 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.3 Sangokushi II / Ishin no Arashi + Grade Up Version KECH-1001 Executive Producer
05.25 Daikoukai Jidai KECH-1002 Executive Producer
07.25 L'Empereur KECH-1004 Executive Producer
10.25 Keys of the city KECH-1006 Executive Producer
11.25 Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku KECH-1007 Executive Producer


06.25 Inindou: Datou Nobunaga KECH-1014 Executive Producer
08.25 Royal Blood KECH-1015 Executive Producer
09.25 THE BEST OF KOEI Vol.2 KECH-1016 Producer
10.25 Europe Sensen KECH-1017 Executive Producer
12.21 Sangokushi III KECH-1022 Executive Producer


01.25 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.5 Super Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku / Super Sangokushi II KECH-1023 Executive Producer
03.25 Taikou Risshiden KECH-1024 Executive Producer
06.25 CD Drama Collections Sangokushi 2, Chou Un Shiryuu no Maki ~Koko, Keigetsu ni Hoyu~ KECH-1028 Producer
07.25 Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika: Genchou Hishi KECH-1029 Executive Producer
07.25 THE BEST OF KOEI Vol.3 KECH-1030 Producer
11.26 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.6 Teitoku no Ketsudan / Super Daikoukai Jidai KECH-1031 Executive Producer
12.21 Tamashii no Mon ~ Dante "Shinkyoku" yori KECH-1025 Executive Producer
12.21 Nobunaga no Yabou: Haouden KECH-1033 Executive Producer


02.25 Daikoukai Jidai II KECH-1036 Executive Producer
07.25 Kouryuuki KECH-1040 Executive Producer
09.26 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.8 Super Nobunaga no Yabou: Zenkokuban / Taikou Risshiden KECH-1048 Executive Producer
11.26 KOEI Soundware VOCAL COLLECTIONS VOL.1 KECH-1050 Liner Notes
12.22 KOEI Soundware VOCAL COLLECTIONS VOL.2 KECH-1051 Liner Notes
12.22 Teitoku no Ketsudan II KECH-1055 Executive Producer


01.26 KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol.10 Nobunaga no Yabou: Haouden / Daikoukai Jidai II KECH-1053 Executive Producer


12.21 Sangokushi V KECH-1095 Executive Producer


04.25 CD Drama Collections Angelique Gaiden ~Mugen Onkai~ Vol.2 KECH-1102 Producer
09.26 Angelique ~Soirée~ KECH-1106 Executive Producer


03.01 Kessen Original Soundtrack KECH-1167 Executive Producer


03.28 Kessen II Original Soundtrack KECH-1189 General Producer


07.02 Sangokushi X Original Soundtrack KCS-3008 Executive Producer


03.17 Sangokushi 11 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK KCS-3016 Executive Producer


04.20 Sangokushi 12 Original Soundtrack KTGS-44823CD Executive Producer


01.28 Sangokushi 13 Original Soundtrack KTGS-79689CD-1~2 Executive Producer


11.30 Nobunaga no Yabou: Taishi Original Soundtrack CD KTGS-13017CD Executive Producer


01.12 Kou Shibusawa 40th Anniversary Producer Selection Soundtrack KECH-8091 Music Selection, Commentary, Executive Producer


03.30 Winning Post 30th MEMORIAL CD KTGS-40629CD-1~3 General Producer

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