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Male 大野 哲也 (おおの てつや)
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27 product manager
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1 producer manager
1 product coordinator


Product Manager at Capcom



03.14 Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection ~3rd Anniversary Commemorative Best Track~ CPCA-10181~2 Product Manager
03.30 Okami Piano Arrange CPCA-10184 Product Manager
06.27 Gyakuten Saiban 4 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10187 Producer
07.18 Kabu Trader Shun Original Sound Track CPCA-10188 Producer
12.19 Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles Original Sound Track CPCA-10191 Producer


04.16 Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection II ~Roar chapter~ CPCA-10195~6 Producer


02.25 Street Fighter IV Original Soundtrack CPCA-10201~2 Producer
05.13 Monster Hunter Orgel Arrange Album CPCA-10203 Producer
06.24 Gyakuten Kenji Original Soundtrack CPCA-10204~5 Producer
10.01 Capcom Music Collection Vol.0 prologue CPCA-10211 Producer


01.27 Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack CPCA-10213~4 Producer
01.28 Capcom Music Collection Vol.1 1984-1985 CPCA-10212 Producer
03.24 Monster Hunter Danceable Monster Hunter Club Mix CPCA-10215 Producer
06.24 GHOST TRICK Original Sound Track CPCA-10216~7 Producer
07.28 LAST RANKER Original Soundtrack CPCA-10218~9 Product Manager
10.20 Rockman Famicom Series Arrange Album ROCKMAN Kai Arrange Shite Mita!! CPCA-10221 Product Manager
11.10 Okamiden ~Chiisaki Taiyou~ Original Soundtrack CPCA-10222~5 Product Manager


02.23 Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection III ~Monster Hunter Portable 3rd & Rare Track~ CPCA-10231~2 Package Designer, Product Manager
02.28 Gyakuten Kenji 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10239~40 Product Manager


02.08 Gyakuten Saiban Sound BOX CPCA-10249~51 Product Manager
02.22 Biohazard Revelations Original Soundtrack CPCA-10254~5 Product Manager
04.18 Monster Hunter Swing ~Big Band Jazz Arrange~ CPCA-10258 Product Manager
09.19 ROCKCAN Sound E Can (Rockman 25th Anniversary) CPCA-10264~73 Product Manager
10.24 biohazard DAMNATION ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CPCA-10274 Product Manager
12.19 We are ROCK-MEN!2 CPCA-10283 Product Manager


07.10 VAMPIRE SOUND BOX CPCA-10307~12 Producer Manager
10.23 Onimusha Soul Original Soundtrack CPCA-10317 Product Manager
12.18 20th Anniversary ROCKMAN X SOUND BOX CPCA-10324~35 Product Manager


04.23 Monster Hunter Frontier G Original Soundtrack CPCA-10339~40 Product Manager
12.17 Rockman Sound Box 2 CPCA-10362~71 Product Manager


01.14 Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection IV CPCA-10373~4 Product Manager
01.14 ROCKMAN UTOPIA CPCA-10376 Product Manager
01.29 Ōkami Sachidama Song Collection CPDA-10088 Product Manager
02.11 ROCKMAN DYSTOPIA CPCA-10377 Product Manager
03.18 GYAKUTEN SAIBAN MEETS AGAIN ~Orchestra & Jazz~ CPCA-10380~1 Product Coordinator, Product Manager
07.15 Daigyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken- Gekiban Ongaku Daizenshuu CPCA-10386~7 Product Manager
12.16 Monster Hunter X Original Soundtrack CPCA-10392~3 Product Manager


03.09 Street Fighter V Original Soundtrack CPCA-10396~7 Product Manager
07.13 Gyakuten Saiban 6 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10417~8 Product Manager
09.14 Street Fighter V GENERAL STORY <A Shadow Falls> ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK CPCA-10419~20 Product Manager

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