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Male 石塚 真一 (いしづか しんいち)
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01.27 Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh Vocal Collection 2 TYCY-5273 Assistant Engineer
01.27 Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh Vocal Collection 3 TYCY-5274 Assistant Engineer
06.21 Shippuu! Iron Leaguer Original Soundtrack APCM-5017 Assistant Engineer
09.22 Namco Video Game Graffiti Volume 9 VICL-8089 Assistant Engineer
12.16 Namco Video Game Graffiti VOL.10 VICL-40097~8 Assistant Engineer


01.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.10 Cyber Sled VICL-15024 Assistant Engineer
01.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.11 Ridge Racer VICL-15025 Assistant Engineer
04.21 Namco Graffiti Collection BEST 10 VICL-8102 Mixing Engineer
05.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.12 Galaxian³ Project Dragoon Theater 6 VICL-15026 Assistant Engineer
09.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.14 Ridge Racer 2 VICL-15031 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.15 X-Day VICL-15034 Engineer
10.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.16 Galaxian³ Attack of the Zolgear VICL-15035 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


03.24 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.17 Tekken VICL-15039 Recording Engineer
06.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.20 The Outfoxies VICL-15042 Recording Engineer
09.21 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.21 Great Sluggers VICL-15045 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
11.22 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.25 Alpine Racer VICL-15049 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.16 Namco Game Sound Express VOL.27 X-Day 2 VICL-15051 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


04.03 19XX THE WAR AGAINST DESTINY VICL-2168 Recording Engineer
05.22 Dungeons & Dragons SHADOW OVER MYSTARA VICL-2169 Recording Engineer
06.21 Street Fighter ZERO2 VIZL-24 Recording Engineer
07.24 Namco Elemecha Daihyakka VICL-40191 Recording Engineer
09.21 Rockman 2: The Power Fighters VICL-2173 Recording Engineer
09.21 Star Gladiator Episode:I Final Crusade VICL-2174 Recording Engineer
09.28 Ridge Racer VICL-23119 Assistant Engineer
09.28 TEKKEN VICL-23120 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
09.28 Tekken VIJL-23004 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


02.28 Anna Tsuchiya inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES) [Limited Edition] CTCR-14537/B Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


06.10 Sengoku BASARA Ongaku Emaki ~Aoban: It's Show Time!~ VTCL-60117 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
06.10 Sengoku BASARA Ongaku Emaki ~Akaban: Moeyo, Waga Tamashi!~ VTCL-60118 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


03.21 HEAT / May'n VTCL-60300 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


08.26 Gunjo Survival / Mikako Komatsu [Anime Edition] KICM-91621 Recording Engineer


02.21 Tetris® Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack N/A Engineer

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