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Male 福室 達也 (ふくむろ たつや)
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Jun 23, 1987
Tokyo, Japan
Credited works
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146 arranger
91 composer
21 music
12 remixer
11 artist
9 track artist
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4 lyricist
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10.11 Le Cercueil Du Reve KTBH-0002 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)


05.02 Provoke -Romancing SaGa Remix- RYTH-0002 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)
10.09 FLOW NEOCD-0001 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)
11.13 DIARY -CLANNAD Arrange ALBUM- RYTH-0003 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)


05.01 Noise Mutation -SaGa Frontier Remix- RYTH-0004 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)
08.14 Gray Ocean COCD-0001 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)
08.15 Bruit de la verite KTBH-0005 Performer (as Kyukyoku)
08.15 Black Pearl NEOCD-0002 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)


04.29 evola vol.1 EVCD-0001 Composer (as kyu)
08.13 Imperfect preface COCD-0002 Composer (as kyu)
08.13 RE:RESIST XLPS-0008 Arranger (as kyu)
10.09 Left Feel Calls EXTRA-001 Composer (as kyu)
11.12 SHINYA PSCD-0001 Arranger (as kyu)
12.31 Claire XLPS-0009 Arranger (as kyu)
12.31 Violet XLPS-0010 Arranger (as kyu)


04.01 SaGa Remix Best RYTH-0006 Arranger (as Kyukyoku)
05.20 Hanataba UNCD-0004 Arranger (as kyu)
05.20 East Side Lounge XLPS-0011 Arranger (as kyu)
08.17 Zenith COCD-0003 Arranger (as kyu)
08.17 Multiple Far East XLPS-0012 Arranger (as kyu)
08.17 Rendezvous XLPS-0013 Arranger (as kyu)
10.08 evola vol.2 EVCD-0002 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
10.08 X-trome RSCD-0006 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 Stir up! APCD-0001 Composer (as kyu), Lyricist (as kyu)
12.31 Linkup originalside trance & progressive vol.2 DLMS-0003 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 Starry Sequence IBCD-0007 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 Colore XLPS-0015 Arranger (as kyu)
12.31 Faith of Shrinemaiden XLPS-0016 Arranger (as kyu)


05.11 Raindrops TDDC-0003 Composer (as kyu)
08.16 Stir up vol.2 APCD-0002 Composer (as kyu)
08.16 Linkup remixside Key vol.1 DLMS-0007 Arranger (as kyu)
08.16 Walhalla FMCD-0001 Arranger (as kyu)
08.16 Distorted Reality XLPS-0019 Arranger (as kyu)
10.13 Disjunction EVOLA001 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.13 Endless Festival EP XLPS-0020 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 Nadir COCD-0004 Composer (as kyu), Arranger (as kyu)
12.29 RE:COLLECTIONS XLPS-0022~3 Arranger (as kyu)
12.30 Re;SHORT AND SWEET LNCD-0002R Arranger (as Nhato)


05.05 Linkup originalside Techno vol.1 DLMS-0008 Composer (as kyu)
05.05 Secret Enamel TDDC-0005 Composer (as kyu), Arranger (as kyu)
08.15 Special Present Disc N/A Arranger (as Nhato), Composer (as kyu)
08.15 Stir up club edition APCD-0003 Composer (as kyu)
08.15 Linkup originalside House vol.2 DLMS-0009 Composer (as Nhato)
10.11 Linkup originalside Trance vol.4 DLMS-0010 Composer (as Nhato)
12.30 Stir up Club Edition V2 APCD-0004 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 FREE FALL EP LNEP-0004 Composer (as Nhato)
12.30 Side material "FLOW" NTCD-0005 Arranger (as kyu)


01.27 ANIME NITRO2 ~AniRe:MATiON EGGs~ PREGET-7 Arranger (as Nhato)
03.14 Double Counterpoint ARCD0031 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.05 Tokyo Blue Pipe OTO-001 Track Artist (as Nhato)
07.21 There e.p. APCD-0005 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.14 of memories ARCD0032 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.14 Linkup remixside Delights vol.1 DLMS-0012 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.14 Where is Love SSC-0003 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.14 Amarillys TDDC-0007 Composer (as kyu)
12.23 Rin RSCD-0012 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 Assaultworks [ichi] LNAW-0001 Composer (as Nhato)


01.05 Thirty Remixes OTO-006 Arranger (as Nhato)
03.02 Ignite / Impulsion OTO-007 Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
03.13 Love=ALL SSC-0008 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.27 Downloader CORE-00001 Composer (as Nhato)
08.03 Far East Garden OTO-010 Track Artist (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
08.13 BACKFLASH Audibility CK-0020P Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 The Personalizer IMAE-00057 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 IA/00 QLCD-0023~4 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Lyricist (as Nhato)
12.30 KILLED DANCEHALL ARCD0036 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 Avidya SSC-0012 Arranger (as Nhato)


02.29 beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK GFCA-315~6 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
04.25 IA/01 -BIRTH- MHCL-2054~5 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Lyricist (as Nhato), Mixing Engineer (as Nhato)
05.27 Blossom SSC-0013 Arranger (as Nhato)
06.27 ETUDE OTOC-003 Composer (as Nhato)
07.29 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Remixes KSLA-0085~6 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.22 Astraythem Blue Disc IMAE-00062 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.11 Re:Imagination -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.1- AMRC-0008 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.11 AD:TRANCE 2 DVSP-0079~81 Sound (as Nhato)
08.11 white clear SSC-0014 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.07 Amateras Records Sampler.04 AMRS-0007 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.05 Tokyo Blue Pipe (Remixes) OTO-018 Track Artist (as Nhato)
12.30 EVOLUTION ЯED AECD-036 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 DOMINATED DANCEHALL ARCD0039 Arranger (as Nhato)


02.06 ETUDE REMIXED EP OTO-019 Track Artist (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
04.29 Night of Fancy TDDC-0013 Composer (as Nhato)
05.26 DEGENERATE DANCEHALL ARCD0040 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.29 MEKAKUCITY RECORDS [Limited Edition] MHCL-2278~80 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.29 MEKAKUCITY RECORDS MHCL-2281 Arranger (as Nhato)
06.05 Another Morning (KaNa Remix) OTO-023 Track Artist (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
08.07 Eureka / Past And Then OTO-024 Track Artist (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
08.10 Dual Sight VDMO-005 Composer (as Nhato)
08.12 Re:Expansion -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.2- AMRC-0014 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 Re:Expansion -Instrumental Side- AMRS-0010 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 REBIRTH DANCEHALL ARCD0041.1 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 THE LEAP // SHOWDOWN CK-0028P Arranger (as Nhato)
10.27 EMOTIVE BRILLIANCE -A State of Rock- SRCD-006 Composer (as Nhato)
10.27 Erbshaft UTCD-004 Composer (as Nhato)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2013 Winter AMRS-0011 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 DECADE OF EXPOSE ARCD0042 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 XXX CK-0030P Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 Stir Up Club Edition V3 | diaphanser APCD-0008~9 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 AD:TRANCE 3 DVSP-0100~2 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 AD:TRANCE REMIXES DVSP-0104 Remixer (as Nhato), Music (as Nhato)


04.26 Voodooism N/A Composer (as Nhato)
05.11 THIS ISN/T BEST ARCD0044 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.11 DISCO METRIC STAL-1402 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.16 FLASHLIGHT ARCD0045 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.17 Xeno Blaze EQ-0004 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.27 rhetoric / REMO-CON LC-2217~8 Arranger (as Nhato)
11.24 Reactionary Wave -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.3- AMRC-0024 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.27 Voodooism the Sequel N/A Guest (as Nhato)
12.29 Reactionary Wave the Instrumental AMRS-0014 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 EMOTIONAL CHAOS EQ-0005 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 Diverse System C87 LimitedRemixes N/A Composer (as Nhato)
12.30 AD:TRANCE 4 DVSP-0120~3 Music (as Nhato)
12.30 AD:Drum'n'Bass 2 DVSP-0124~5 Composer (as Nhato)


04.26 IRREGULAR NATION TCPLUS-0015 Composer (as Nhato)
05.10 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Spring 2015 AMRS-0016 Arranger (as Nhato)
07.29 IA/VT -COLORFUL- ORIGINAL SOUND COLLECTION 1 ZMCL-1034~6 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Lyricist (as Nhato)
08.14 POP | CULTURE 4 ARCD0048 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.14 PLATONIC SOUL EQ-0007 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.16 AD:EDM 4 DVSP-0134~5 Composer (as Nhato)
08.16 THE MORNING STAR: DESTOPIA MGNCD-002 Composer (as Nhato)
08.16 newwav WAV-001 Composer (as Nhato)
09.16 beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 LC-2263~4 Remixer (as Nhato), Artist (as Nhato)
11.01 Sedecim STAL-1502 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.21 Kaede OTO-033 Track Artist (as Nhato)
12.30 OVERFLOW XXXX CK-0040P Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 KUMI the BEST -BONUS CD- KUMI-SP0001 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 AHI COMPILATION 04 AHI04 Music (as Nhato)
12.31 AD:TRANCE 5 DVSP-0141~2 Music (as Nhato)
12.31 Reincarnation UTCD-016 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 HIGH & LAW WAV-002 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 I will catch the light WAV-003 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)


01.20 EDP presents ravemania QWCE-00524 Composer (as Nhato)
02.24 beatmania IIDX 23 copula ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2282~3 Music (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Artist (as Nhato)
04.24 Elder Dragon Legend II ~The Revenge of Swamp Queen~ CHS-0025 Composer (as Nhato)
04.24 EZ TRAVELer WAV-004 Composer (as Nhato)
05.08 PROMISED DANCEFLOOR FRSF-0002 Arranger (as Nhato)
07.06 EDP presents ravemania 2016 summer QWCE-90003 Composer (as Nhato)
08.13 Ocean of Blossoms FRSF-0003 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.14 MECHA DRILL MNTL-003~4 Composer (as Nhato)
08.14 HARDCORE SYNDROME X TANOCD-0020~1 Composer (as Nhato)
08.14 BACK 2 SUMMER WAV-005 Composer (as Nhato)
10.26 undeletable / Cyua 1000630653 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.30 DAZZLE EDGE WAV-006 Composer (as Nhato)
11.08 Instrumental Collection Vol. 1 N/A Arranger (as Nhato)
11.18 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.2 ARDL-0003 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.12 PARANOID EUPHORIA WAV-009 Composer (as Nhato)
12.23 Ibuki OTO-039 Track Artist (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
12.29 Endless Acceleration -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.4- AMRC-0037 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 Ten Oritachite Kami to Miyu NJK-007 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 AHI COMPILATION 06 AHI06 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 Phant COCD-0008 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 STREAMS DVSP-0163~6 Composer (as Nhato)


??.?? AOU #4 TENKA-ICHI OTOGE SAI OTOGE-2017 Artist (as Nhato)
03.01 crossbeats REV. Limited Premium BOX JBCZ-9051~3 Artist (as Nhato), Composer
03.01 beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2315~6 Music (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Artist (as Nhato)
04.30 ABANDONED LAND WAV-010 Composer (as Nhato)
08.11 Nachtansicht ARCD0058 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.11 POP | CULTURE 6 ARCD0059 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.11 50/50 CK-0050P Arranger (as Nhato)
08.11 Phant 2 COCD-0011 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
08.11 AD:DUBSTEP 2 DVSP-0181 Music (as Nhato)
08.11 NEUROPOLIS III MSTFCD-007 Composer (as Nhato)
08.11 BACK 2 SUMMER :again WAV-011 Composer (as Nhato)
08.11 PARANOID EUPHORIA :outsider WAV-012 Composer (as Nhato)
10.29 Unitone PHASE:06 UTCD-022 Composer (as Nhato)
10.29 INCINERATION WAV-014 Composer (as Nhato)
12.25 Rinne EP / Nhato OTO-043 Track Artist (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
12.29 AHI COMPILATION 08 AHI08 Composer (as Nhato)
12.29 POP | CULTURE 7 ARCD0063 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 AD:TRANCE 6 DVSP-0187~8 Music (as Nhato)
12.29 VOCAL BEST Vol.001 EQ-0015 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 MIRRORED WORLDS FRSF-0006 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 Solar STAL-1702 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.29 REGULATION OUTSIDER WAV-015 Composer (as Nhato)


03.07 beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2349~52 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
04.29 arrival AVRS-0011 Composer (as Nhato)
04.29 exposure :GLITCH WAV-016 Composer (as Nhato)
05.06 POP | CULTURE 8 ARCD0064 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.06 ff -THE BEST of ZYTOKINE/CYTOKINE3- CK-0054P Arranger (as Nhato)
05.06 PULSE² CK-0055P Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 AHI COMPILATION 09 AHI09 Remixer (as Nhato)
08.10 Revolutionize Floor -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.5- AMRC-0049 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 Bad Apple!! 10th Anniversary PHASE 3 ARCD0065 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 Phant 3 COCD-0014 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 COLORS -AD:HOUSE VOCAL REMIXES- DVSP-0201 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 ESQUARIA INST BEST 001 EQ-0018 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 KOCHIYA SDHC-0079 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.10 WAVES WAV-017 Composer (as Nhato)
08.10 Megalith WAV-018 Composer (as Nhato)
10.14 NON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase One ARDW-0001 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.28 C-Experiment CODL-0001 Composer (as Nhato)
10.28 AD:PSYCHEDELIC DVSP-0206 Music (as Nhato)
10.28 EXCLUSIVE WAVES DVSP-0208 Composer (as Nhato)
10.28 CITIES: Neonlights WAV-019 Composer (as Nhato)
12.30 SALVAGE DANCEHALL ARCD0068 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 Nandodemo Kimi/Boku wo Kowa/Aishitai CK-0058P Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 CRYMEARIVER CK-0059P Arranger (as Nhato)
12.30 AD:TRANCE 7 DVSP-0210~1 Music (as Nhato)


04.28 In the Usual Motion COCD-0016 Composer (as Nhato)
04.28 AD:TRANCE REMIXES 2 DVSP-0219 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
04.28 Archaic Vanguard WAV-022 Composer (as Nhato)
05.05 RESONATE DANCEHALL ARCD0071 Arranger (as Nhato)
05.05 JUBILEE -THE BEST of ZYTOKINE/CYTOKINE4- CK-0060P Arranger (as Nhato)
06.05 beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2388~91 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
06.16 10th Anniversary Bad Apple!! feat.nomico TAIWAN LIMITED PHASE 2 ARCDT002 Arranger (as Nhato)
07.27 Instrumental Collection Vol. 3 N/A Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 "PODIUM" EPISODE01 - IN THE MIX - ARCD0074 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 JUST FLOWERING CK-0062P Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 In the Unusual Emotion COCD-0017 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 ESQUARIA VOCAL BEST 002 EQ-0022 Arranger (as Nhato)
08.12 BLITZTAIL QOMPLEX SUPRCD-024 Composer (as Nhato)
08.12 Back to Summer 3 WAV-023 Composer (as Nhato)
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.06 NON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase Two ARDW-0002 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.27 Animal strike! IO-0327 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.28 Modification of Key Sounds Label VOL.2 KSLA-0165~7 Remixer (as Nhato)
12.30 Enigma OTO-055 Composer (as Nhato)
12.31 ENCLOSED DANCEHALL ARCD0075 Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 Trace of Will DVSP-0233~4 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
12.31 Waves Of Euphoria WAV-026~7 Composer (as Nhato)


02.08 "pvq" OWTR-0001 Arranger (as Nhato)
03.01 time to escape WAV-028 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
03.04 beatmania IIDX 20th Anniversary Tribute BEST PCCA-04884 Arranger (as Nhato)
03.11 OTOGRAPHIES OTOC-006 Composer (as Nhato), Mastering Engineer (as Nhato)
03.18 beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2413~6 Composer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
04.22 ONGEKI Sound Collection 03 Splash Dance!! ZMCZ-13953 Composer (as Nhato)
05.05 Re/verse -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.6- AMRC-0061 Arranger (as Nhato)
07.25 Wasted Neverland NHCD-0002 Arranger (as Nhato)
07.29 jubeat festo ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2440~1 Music (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Artist (as Nhato)
10.11 NON-STOP INTERCEPT phase three ARDW-0003 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.11 ESQUARIA INST BEST 002 EQ-0024 Arranger (as Nhato)
10.25 Multiple Beat Banger 2 WAV-029 Composer (as Nhato)
11.14 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.1 -DJ USE EDITION- AMRE-0005 Arranger (as Nhato)
11.27 Enigma (Kazusa Remix) OTO-059 Composer (as Nhato)
12.18 Re/verse -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.6 the Instrumental- N/A Remixer (as Nhato)
12.26 "Revive the Metaverse" ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK WM-0817 Artist (as Nhato)
12.28 One Step Forward OTO-060 Music (as Nhato)
12.30 LOVEANDHATE CK-0069P Guest Remixer (as Nhato)


01.05 AD:HOUSE Winter DVSP-0246 Music (as Nhato)
01.05 Flowers,Birds,Wind and Moon / Hiroshi Okubo ( feat. SAK. DVSP-0249 Remixer (as Nhato)
03.17 beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2469~72 Music (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Artist (as Nhato)
06.05 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.2 -DJ USE EDITION- AMRE-0006 Remixer (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato)
06.05 Koi Tsunagi Epilogue AMRE-0007 Remixer (as Nhato)
08.14 Amateras Records 10th Anniversary Best N/A Remixer (as Nhato)
08.23 AD:HOUSE 9 DVSP-0257~8 Music (as Nhato)
08.28 Amateras Records 10th Anniversary Best AMRC-0063 Remixer (as Nhato)
10.24 MIDNIGHT FLOOR -Hi Speed Non-stop Mega Mix- AMRS-0020 Remixer (as Nhato)
10.31 WAVES OF EUPHORIA 2 WAV-031 Composer (as Nhato)
11.17 DANCERUSH STARDOM Original Soundtrack vol.1 LC-2508~9 Music (as Nhato), Arranger (as Nhato), Artist (as Nhato)
12.27 Pulsar OTO-067 Music (as Nhato)
12.31 AD:TRANCE 8 DVSP-0264~5 Music (as Nhato)


03.16 beatmania IIDX 29 CastHour Original Soundtrack LC-2521~4 Artist (as Nhato)
03.28 Techy Works OTO-069 Music (as Nhato)
04.24 Solarqueen AHIDG03 Remixer (as Nhato)
04.24 Spirit Chords 2 WAV-034 Composer (as Nhato)
04.28 CHUNITHM ALL JUSTICE COLLECTION ep. III WM-0842~5 Music (as Nhato)

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09.08 Thirty OTOC1 Special Thanks (as Nhato)

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