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Female 荒木 香恵 (あらき かえ)
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Nov 6, 1966
Osaka, Japan
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01.21 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0083: STARDUST MEMORY CD Cinema / Lunga Oki Hougekisen VICL-270 Cast
04.04 Kikou Keisatsu Metal Jack PARTY JACK KICA-103 Performer


08.21 Pretty Soldier Sailormoon R: The Movie ~Drama Compilation~ FMCC-5027 Performer
09.07 VAMPIRE SRCL-2969 Voice Actor
09.21 Pretty Soldier Sailormoon S ~Uranus, Neptune, Chibimoon, PLUS~ FMCC-5039 Performer
11.21 OVA Music & Vocal Collection Shippuu! Iron Leaguer Silver no Hata no Moto ni APCM-5053 Performer


02.21 Pretty Soldier Sailormoon S: The Movie Drama Compilation FMCC-5055 Performer
05.21 VAMPIRE HUNTER SRCL-3197~8 Voice Actor
08.02 CYBERBOTS SRCL-3274~5 Voice Actor
08.21 Fushigi Yuugi Character's Vocal Collection 1 / Miaka (CV.Kae Araki) APDM-5027 Vocals
09.01 GUN SMITH CATS Image Theme "Hateshinai Toiki" VPDG-20627 Performer


03.10 Animate CD Collection - Wrestle Angels ACD-3 Performer
08.25 ASUKA 120% BURNING Fest. Special Plus POCX-1049 Performer
12.20 ASUKA 120% Gaiden Drama CD "Karina 120%" Ryou no Shou BCR-003 Performer
12.21 Bye-Byette Itta / Sailor Chibimoon (Chibiusa) CODC-1087 Performer
12.21 ALICE in Cyberland Game Soundtrack WPC6-8247 Performer
12.21 The Best Heart beat time / Alice with Rena, Juri WPD6-9105 Performer


01.22 QUIZ Nanairo DREAMS: Nijiirochou no Kiseki & Super Puzzle Fighter II X VICL-40210~1 Performer
01.25 ALICE in Cyberland Radio Drama CD VOL.1 WPC6-8248 Performer
02.25 ALICE in Cyberland Radio Drama CD VOL.2 WPC6-8249 Performer
03.21 ASUKA 120% Gaiden Drama CD "Karina 120%" Ran no Shou BCR-005 Performer
03.25 ALICE in Cyberland Radio Drama CD VOL.3 WPC6-8250 Performer
06.21 Fushigi Yuugi CHARACTER'S VOCAL ~Memories~ AYCM-574 Vocals
07.19 AIKa Special Mission 1: Little Trigger Girl COCC-14337 Performer
08.01 NEXT KING "Koi no Sennen Oukoku Gaiden" SRCL-4031 Performer
08.21 VAMPIRE SAVIOR VICL-60098~9 Performer
09.20 Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON Series Memorial Song Box COCC-14459~64 Performer
11.20 NEXT KING: Koi no Sennen Oukoku ~ Herbland's Longest Day N/A Performer
12.17 Pocket Fighter Original Sound Track FSCA-10024 Voice


01.01 BURN-UP EXCESS plus FILE 1 "SHOWTIME! Suizan WARRIOR ~ Taidouhen" KICA-7826 Performer
02.04 BURN-UP EXCESS plus FILE 2 "Kenzan! WARRIOR! ~ Kurenai Fubuki Taikyouhen~" KICA-7827 Performer
03.04 BURN-UP EXCESS plus FILE 3 "Yuukai no Okite" KICA-7828 Performer
03.26 Fire Woman Matoi-Gumi Drama CD TDCD-15001~2 Performer
04.03 BURN-UP EXCESS plus FILE 4 "Totsuzen Suisei no Gotoku" KICA-7829 Performer
04.17 Tatakae! DJ Sentai Gatenger FSCA-10036 Performer
05.08 BURN-UP EXCESS plus FILE 5 "Never Say Goodbye" KICA-7830 Performer
06.20 Pretty Soldier Sailormoon R Sound Drama Collection 2 COCC-15208 Performer
07.23 Clock Tower GHOST HEAD Drama CD CRCP-15536 Performer
08.26 Hyper Securities 2 DRAMA CD vol.3 ~Suzuki Masami no Princess Club yori~ CRCP-15535 Performer
10.09 Technosoft GAME MUSIC COLLECTION VOL.14 ~ Oka no Omoide TCS-0014 Drama Cast, Vocals
12.23 Advanced V.G. 2 Soundtrack KLCA-2010 Performer


??.?? Sailor Moon - The Original Songs 0058462ERE Performer
02.20 QUIZ Nanairo DREAMS Miracle of The Rainbow Colored Town Drama Album CPCA-1020 Performer
05.28 Hinadori no Saezuri Music Record SBC-001~2 Performer
11.05 Digimon Adventure Character Song + Mini Drama 1 NECA-30008 Cast
12.03 Digimon Adventure Character Song + Mini Drama 2 NECA-30009 Vocals, Cast


01.07 Digimon Adventure Character Song + Mini Drama 3 NECA-30010 Cast
03.24 Digimon Adventure Best Hit Parade [Limited Edition] NECA-30020 Vocals
03.31 Valkyrie Profile Affection of Einherjar Drama CD Collection ECC-1033 Cast
07.26 Digimon Adventure Best Hit Parade NECA-30021 Vocals
08.23 Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner 11 Hikari Yagami & Tailmon NECA-13011 Vocals
10.?? Bokura no Digital World / Digimon All Stars with Koji Wada, AiM Narration: Hirata Hiroaki ICCM-1 Vocals
11.02 Digimon Adventure 02: Christmas Fantasy NECA-30029 Vocals
12.16 HAND MAID May May-ku Drama CD Senshuu May-ppai (Gekan) ~Mou Ippai Ippai VICL-60676 Performer


02.07 Digimon Adventure 02 Drama CD Michi e no Armor Shinka NECA-30031 Cast
03.21 Digimon Adventure 02 Best! Best! Best Partner ~Erabareshi Kodomotachi Hen~ NECA-30034 Vocals
03.21 Digimon Adventure 02 Best! Best! Best Partner ~Duet Hen~ NECA-30036 Vocals


02.06 Digimon Girls Festival NECA-30058 Vocals, Voice Actor
12.04 Digimon Insert Song Wonder Best Evolution NECA-30075 Vocals
12.25 Digimon Music 100 Title Kinen Sakuhin We Love DiGiMONMUSiC NECA-70006~10 Vocals, Commentary


04.23 Digimon Adventure 02 Original Story 2003 -Haru- NECA-30082 Cast
12.25 Digimon Original Story Special ~with~ ICCM-3 Cast


03.22 Fushigi Yuugi Complete Song Collection ~Kakyoku Tenchi-no-Hako~ COCX-33530~3 Vocals
08.30 Digimon Insert Song Wonder Best Evolution NECA-30169 Performer


02.21 TALES OF THE TEMPEST Original Soundtrack AVCD-23187~8 Cast


07.10 VAMPIRE SOUND BOX CPCA-10307~12 Performer


08.26 Darkstalkers Volume 3 N/A Performer


03.03 DIGIMON ADVENTURE 15th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX SPECIAL DRAMA CD HMCH-2052 Cast


06.22 Game Tengoku THE GAME PARADISE! -Original Sound Track- CDST-10042 Special Thanks, Dialogue


02.27 CD Cinema/Lunga Oki Hougekisen & CD Cinema 2/Sora no Kagerou BCXA-1479 Cast


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