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海原 エレナ (かいばら えれな)
Elena Kaibara
Erena Kibara
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04.30 Elise -Original Music File- N/A Performer (as Erena Kibara)
10.13 The Born of Goddess ACMC-0001 Performer


04.27 Palette of Magic First Time Special Theme Song CD JJN-012S Performer
05.25 candystore sound collection "Palette of Magic" CSMC-001 Performer
07.19 Gekka Bijin Series Soundtrack CD N/A Performer
08.10 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage 4 - HAPPY SONGS COLLECTION ~Takamichi Residence Karaoke Tournament!!!~ GG-020 Performer


06.14 Triangle Heart's Theme Songs History TH-001 Performer
11.29 Triangle Heart's Memorial Album "The Last songs" JJN-025 Performer
12.28 jANIS & ivory Game Songs Collection Vol.2 IVORY-0019 Performer


02.28 Patissier na Nyanko ~Soundtrack~ PAM-0015S Performer
04.25 Roppon Gattai GOD Manzu ~Tech Arts 3 Brand Collection~ Premium Disc 56-CD-GOD-PRE Performer
05.16 Hiyoko no Kimochi Soundtrack CD HIYOKO-SCD Performer
06.06 {biAs+} ~Azakeru Gen-on Ga Kikoeru~ Original Sound Track BIAS-SCD Performer
08.29 "Hello, world." Dramatic CD - BUTCHAKE! Hello World HBDS-001 Performer
08.29 Patissier na Nyanko Original Sound Tracks PAM-0021~2 Performer
09.12 Asylum EVE-2065C Performer
10.22 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage X3 Radio Drama SP SIDE-B KICA-1312 Performer
10.24 Kimi no Omoi, Sono Negai Soundtrack CD TUMUGI-001TT-U Performer


03.20 Cradle Song ~Kinou ni Kanaderu Ashita no Uta~ Original Sound Track WMACD-003 Performer
05.14 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage Final "The Grand Finale" GG-025~8 Performer


08.26 Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! 2 Drama CD SG-03225 Performer
09.16 Mugen Kairou Original Sound Track BCYC-7399 Performer


01.27 Dark Recollection DLRD-3003 Performer
02.24 Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! 2 Drama CD 2 SG-03227 Performer
04.21 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #1 feat. Feena fam Earthlight MMCC-4094 Performer
05.25 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #2 feat. Mia Clementis MMCC-4095 Performer
06.23 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #3 feat. Mai Asagiri MMCC-4096 Performer
06.23 TSUYOKISS Drama CD Vol.1 SG-03229 Performer
07.21 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #4 feat. Natsuki Takamizawa MMCC-4097 Performer
07.28 Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! 2 Drama CD 3 SG-03230 Performer
08.25 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #5 feat. Sayaka Hozumi MMCC-4098 Performer
09.09 Aekanaru Sekai no Owari ni Drama CD Vol.2 FCCP-0019 Performer
09.22 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #6 feat. Wreathlit Noel MMCC-4099 Performer
09.29 TSUYOKISS Drama CD Vol.2 SG-03233 Performer
11.10 Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ Character Song Vol.6 – Nagomi Yashi VGCD-0061 Performer
12.15 sofmap original EXTRA Drama CD Reprint + TUYOKISS mini SOUNDTRACK DPS-1078 / VZ-0026A Performer
12.22 TSUYOKISS Drama CD Vol.3 SG-03235 Performer
12.29 Windmill Vocal Collection – tsubu-an WMACD-010~1 Performer


03.23 TSUYOKISS Drama CD Vol.4 SG-03239 Performer
04.27 They are my noble Masters Character Song Vol.1 Shinra Team HBMS-179 Performer
05.25 Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ Character Song Album VGCD-0084 Performer


01.25 PENCIL VOCAL COLLECTION 02 PAM-0052 Performer
03.28 Sound in the Dark BCYC-D33 Performer
07.31 Marron Vocal Collection MRCD0808 Performer
12.26 GWAVE 2008 1st Experience IMAE-00027 Performer


03.27 Tsuyokiss 2-gakki Drama CD Vol.2 INH-272 Performer
04.22 S[SUBCUL] * A[AKIBA] = SAPOP 5pb. CHARA-SONG WORKS 2006~2007 Vol.4 FVCG-1069 Performer
07.31 77 ~And, two stars meet again~ messe sanoh Privilege "Amai~ Kimochi ni Ribon wo Kakete" MESSE-458 Performer
07.31 77 ~And, two stars meet again~ "Tsukushite, Hikoboshi-sama" PAM-77 Performer
08.14 THE PRESIDENTS AL-AV-005 Performer
08.14 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~The other side of LUNA~ #1 feat. Toyama Midori MMCC-4206 Performer
08.14 77 SEVENS Drama CD "Ten Ryou Kokusai Gakuen Saigo no Hi?" WPL-0008 Performer
08.28 Maji-koi Song CD MINATO-M0003 Performer
09.25 Shin Koihime†Musou Character Song Album AWCA-0007 Performer
10.30 Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. -Mata, Yachatta CD- VT-0910-1L Performer
12.25 Zettai★Hihhou! Character Drama CDs & Zettai★Hicchou! Puchi Soundtrack CD MAO-01A~D Performer


10.27 Nanairo Kouro Vocal Mini Album -With the sea, the blue sky, and the singing voice- LACA-15065 Performer
12.24 Ore no Tsure wa Hito de Nashi Preorder Bonus: Ohayou ~ Oyasumi de Zutto Issho CD N/A Performer


08.26 Tsui Tsui Original Soundtrack BTM-0002 Performer
09.28 Presentia -Sonzai- APP-105 Performer
11.22 Re:birth colony -Lost azurite- ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK DIFE-1017 Performer

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