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Male 石川 直人 (いしかわ なおと)
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Other Spellings
Naoto Ishikawa
(イシカワ ナオト)
Naoto Ishikawa
(石川 ナオト)
Oct 20, 1974
Saitama, Japan
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46 arranger
30 composer
1 performer
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07.01 LOVE ESCALATOR Original Soundtrack MGCD-1054 Composer


08.01 Kaenseibo ~The Virgin on Megiddo~ Music Profile LACA-5054 Composer, Arranger


07.24 eye's ONLY Original Soundtrack & Voice Album TKCU-72392 Composer (as Xacs.I)
08.11 Eternal Promise ~ ONE2 Arranged Album GCFT-0007 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)


05.04 RADICAL WARP +3 GCFT-0011 Composer, Arranger
05.04 revolt GCFT-0012 Composer
05.04 seven dreams GCFT-0013 Composer
06.16 ARTIFACT PSGM-00003~4 Arranger
06.29 UMEMOTO WDCD-0022 Arranger
08.15 Carriere Sound Collection 2 – MARIONETTE ~Itotsukai~ CarrCD-0002 Composer (also as Shihara Kamii), Performer
08.17 -Aka- Arranged Album "Silvery full moon" GCFT-0014 Arranger
12.30 -Olha no Senritsu- Melodious of Olha - Ys VI Arranged Album GCFT-0015 Arranger
12.30 December when there is no angel Arranged Album ~Process of Sorrow~ GCFT-0016 Arranger


04.29 PUSH A PUDDING / UP STAIRS GCFT-0017 Composer
05.21 Carriere Vocal Collection 1 CarrCD-0005 Composer
08.15 Big Bang Age Arranged Album "Legend of Wolf Fang -Battle of Fate-" GCFT-0018 Arranger
12.30 CLANNAD Arranged Album "The Place Where the Lights of Wishes Gather" Side A GCFT-0019 Arranger
12.30 CLANNAD Arranged Album "The Place Where the Lights of Wishes Gather" Side B GCFT-0020 Arranger


02.23 Castle Fantasia ~Record of Elencia War~ Plus Stories Sound Collection SCDC-00397 Composer
08.14 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE GCFT-0024 Arranger
08.15 BorderLine FNAG-0002 Arranger
09.22 Carriere Sound Collection 5 – Ouka Sound Museum CarrCD-0009 Composer
11.13 Touhou Romandou ~a secret passage~ GCFT-0026 Arranger


01.01 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE II GCFT-0028 Arranger
03.28 ABSOLUTE AREA -project THUNDER FORCE VI- FNAG-0004 Arranger
04.28 PRINCESS WALTZ Original Sound Track WILL-147O Composer, Arranger
05.04 Ano Machi no Koi no Uta Original Soundtrack PACA-0001 Composer (as N.Yagami)
05.21 WindAge FNAG-0005 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
05.21 Shippuu Touhou Daisakusen GCFT-0030 Arranger (as Bugbeared)
08.11 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE III GCFT-0031 Arranger (as Bugbeared)
08.11 MOON STRIKE Sound track preview VNHM-60811 Composer (as Xacs Ishikawa)
09.30 Silver Crescent Moon I ~ I Want to meet you FNAG-0007 Composer, Arranger
11.02 MOON STRIKE Sofmap original CD - Nervous Breakdown VZ-0019 Composer
11.16 Time Limit ~Eternity~ FNAG-0011 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
11.16 Time Limit ~Momentary~ FNAG-0012 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
11.24 Haruka ni Aogi Uruwashi no Original Sound Track WILL-159-S1~2 Composer
12.29 MOON STRIKE Original Soundtrack VNHM-81102 Composer (as Xacs Ishikawa)


04.29 Sekaiju no MeiQ Remixes Album ~ Sekaiju FIGHT -Ready GO!- GCFT-0035 Arranger (as Bugbeared)
08.24 PULLTOP VOCAL COLLECTION - Uta no Kanzume PU-008 Composer, Arranger
09.09 CatHolic GMIX-0001 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
12.31 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE 4th STAGE GCFT-0043 Arranger (as Bugbeared)


01.25 Maria ~Tenshi no Kiss to Akuma no Hanayome~ Original Soundtrack CD RIRYKA-08011 Composer
02.29 Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 13 – Beat Blades Haruka ASS-018 Composer, Arranger
03.05 WitchCraft GMIX-0002 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
05.11 Invitation to the Graveyard ~ King's Field I Arrange Collection GMIX-0003 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
08.15 PSYVARIAR "THE MIX" EMCA-0004 Remixer
08.29 MARIONETTE ZERO Original Soundtrack CD TAILW-001-02 Composer (as Xacs Ishikawa)
12.28 ScapeGoat GMIX-0004 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
12.29 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE V GCFT-0051 Arranger (as Bugbeared)


03.08 Memento mori DMCD-0006 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
05.05 Frowaro no Saku Koro ni: 7th Dragon Battle Remixes Album GCFT-0055 Arranger
08.15 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Extra Stage Zero GCFT-0058 Arranger (as Bugbeard)
11.28 Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo yori mo, Music Collection TYNR-0005~6 Production Assistance, Music


02.20 rewind to YESTERDAY - Bugbeard TOHO Remixes BEST XACS-0002 Arranger (as Bugbeard)
08.14 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Six GCFT-0068 Arranger (as Bugbeard)
08.14 GODMOTHER MTPD-0002 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
08.14 DAWN VORE-0001 Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)
10.11 Iki -FLAIR- ORECD-01 Arranger


03.19 Includeore Mini Trilogy Special Box ORECD-01~3 Arranger
05.08 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Gaiden - Résonance féerique GCFT-0072 Arranger (as Bugbeard)
10.11 Akamonogatari XACS0004 Arranger (as Bugbeard)
11.25 Legend Seven SoundTrack DISC N/A Composer, Arranger


02.10 Koiiro Soramoyou Original Soundtrack N/A Composer (as Xacs Ishikawa), Arranger (as Xacs Ishikawa)


04.29 Tender Green SDM-012 Composer


07.01 Beat Blades Haruka Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger


04.30 for ISHTAR a memory of universe TYNR-0007 Composer (as Xacs Ishikawa)

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