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新山 志保 (にいやま しほ)
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Mar 21, 1970
Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan
Credited works
36 albums in database
35 performer
1 voice


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12.10 Kamaitachi no Yoru CD Drama KTCR-1294 Performer


02.01 Chotto Ecchi na Kamaitachi no Yoru CSP-001 Performer
05.17 Ai Choaniki TYCY-5437 Voice
07.21 Wrestle Angels NACL-1184 Performer
10.01 Animate CD Collection - Cyberbots ACD-1 Performer
10.05 Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko WAVE:1 KICA-266 Performer
11.17 Sotsugyou Cross World All Stars ON STAGE COCC-13039~40 Performer
12.06 Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko WAVE:2 KICA-279 Performer


02.03 Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko WAVE:3 KICA-289 Performer
04.24 Koi no Sousamou / Virgo PIDA-1028 Performer
04.25 Parasite Eve Drama CD Vol.1 PSCR-5471~3 Performer
05.02 Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Original Soundtrack KICA-303 Performer
07.05 Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Song Collection KICA-311 Performer
07.20 Nagareboshi e / Todokanu Omoi -my friend's love- CODC-984 Performer
07.25 Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi S Original Sound Horror KTCR-1385 Performer
08.25 OverBlood Original Soundtrack -GM-PROGRESS-10- MGCD-1024 Performer
09.21 Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON SAILORSTARS Best Song Collection COCC-13720 Performer
10.19 Gingaichi Mibunchigai na Kataomoi / Three Lights (Kou Seiya) CODC-1049 Performer
12.04 Eternal Melody Drama CD PCCB-00234 Performer


04.23 CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan DRAMA SINGLE 1 VIDL-30003 Performer
04.23 CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan DRAMA SINGLE 2 VIDL-30004 Performer
04.23 CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan DRAMA SINGLE 3 VIDL-30005 Performer
06.18 D-Xhird -Arrange Sound Trax- PCCB-00264 Performer
07.24 Sore Yuke! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Yohko II WAVE:2 KICA-356 Performer
09.20 Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON Series Memorial Song Box COCC-14459~64 Performer
12.22 WILD HALF Drama Album Encounter 1 KICA-388 Performer


03.18 WILD HALF Drama Album Encounter 2 KICA-392 Performer
05.22 WILD HALF Drama Album Encounter 3 KICA-403 Performer
06.21 Weiß kreuz Dramatic Collection II ENDLESS RAIN MMCM-1008 Performer
07.24 Mitsumete Knight Drama CD Vol.1 ~ENTRANCE~ KICA-7881 Performer
08.26 Hyper Securities 2 Drama CD vol.3 CRCP-15535 Performer
09.02 Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight DRAMA ALBUM 1 VICL-60245 Performer


??.?? Sailor Moon - The Original Songs 0058462ERE Performer


06.21 Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Super Best COCX-30947 Performer


11.23 Starmani Series - Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko KICA-728 Performer


12.21 STARSHIP GIRL YAMAMOTO YOHKO blu-ray BOX Bonus CD N/A Performer

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