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Male 父山 或人 (ちちやま あと)
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Alto Titiyama
Art Titiyama
May 8
Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Credited works
9 albums in database
7 composer
5 arranger


Seiichi Hamada is a composer and sound designer currently employed by ACT-AGE. He plays the bass guitar.

He began his career with Data East in September 1988. He was part of their sound team/band Gamadelic, where he usually used the aliases "Atomic Hanada" and "ATOMIC." With Data East, he worked on games like Windjammers and Karnov's Revenge, arranged and performed music for soundtrack releases, and performed with the band live in concert. He left Data East in January 1999.

Hamada joined SEGA in February 1999. His first project was Shenmue, for which he supervised sound effects. He later began composing for arcade games developed by SEGA's AM2 division, like the Border Break series and Virtua Fighter 5.

During his time at SEGA, Hamada also composed under two pen names: "Daichi 'Ace' Hasemi" for Tantei Jinguji Saburo games developed by WorkJam and "Ato Titiyama" while working with vocalist Kiya in the band PaPa's Pleasure. PaPa's Pleasure wrote original music and vocal theme songs for several games.

In 2015, Hamada left SEGA. In July 2015 he joined ACT-AGE, where he works as a sound designer alongside former AM2 composer and guitarist Tomoya Koga.



03.28 Grope ~Yami no Naka no Kotoritachi~ Original Sound Disk N/A Arranger
04.25 Roppon Gattai GOD Manzu ~Tech Arts 3 Brand Collection~ Premium Disc 56-CD-GOD-PRE Composer, Arranger
09.19 Papapureen P1-002 Composer, Arranger
11.21 Innyuu Joshikousei Ryoujoku Shidouyouryou Original Sound Track N/A Arranger


11.25 MonoGocoro, MonoMusume. Mail Order Tokuten Disc 30015101-55673 Composer


07.21 Maid-san to Daiki na Ken Preorder Original Disc N/A Composer


04.20 Yugeki Keikan Patvessel Mail Order Original Disc ~elegant vaccine~ N/A Composer


09.26 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.10 'Golden Paro Special' May-Be SOFT Hyper Audio Fan Disc IMAE-00025 Composer


03.29 Ore wa Shoujo Mangaka R Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger

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