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Female 村田 あゆみ (むらた あゆみ)
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Jan 12, 1982
Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
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Portrayed Aino Minako / Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon musicals from 2001 to 2002.



12.30 Memorial Album of The Musical Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON ETERNAL EDITION COCX-31242 Vocals


07.20 Memorial Album of The Musical 10 Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON ~Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady~ COCX-31423 Vocals
12.29 Memorial Album of The Musical Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON ETERNAL EDITION 2 COCX-31767 Vocals


07.22 Memories Off ~Sorekara~ Sound Collection KDCA-0002~3 Vocals
07.22 Shining Star / Memories Off ~Sorekara~ feat. Ayumi Murata KDCM-0004 Vocals
08.18 Hayari Gami Original Sound Track SCDC-00361 Performer
08.25 Memories Off ~Sorekara~ Drama CD KDCA-0012 Performer
08.25 Game Vocal Best: Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection Vol.3 KDCA-0014 Performer
09.23 Original Animation Memories Off 3.5 Sound Collection SCDC-00366 Performer
12.22 Memorial Album of The Musical Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON Marinamoon Special Edition COCX-33055 Vocals
12.22 Memories Off ~Sorekara~ Vocal Collection KDCA-0026 Performer
12.22 MY SAVIOR ~Kitto Soba ni Iru~ / Ayumi Murata KDCM-0025 Performer


01.23 Memories Off Theme Song Complete Works KDCA-0031 Vocals
01.26 Neosphere of The Deep-blue Sky Sound Collection KDCA-0027 Performer
02.23 Castle Fantasia ~Record of Elencia War~ Plus Stories Sound Collection SCDC-00397 Performer
06.22 Taisen Hot Gimmick: AXES-JONG Original Soundtrack KDCA-0039 Performer
09.22 CON-NEKO Audio Collection VGCD-0003 Vocals
10.26 GREEN DVD edition Original soundtracks KDCA-0046~7 Performer
10.26 Lamune Ending Theme "Summer vacation" / Ayumi Murata NECM-12104 Performer


01.12 KI·SE·KI / Ayumi Murata NECA-30156 Vocals
03.31 THE WORKS ~Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection~ FPBD-0001 Performer
04.07 Minna de Tsukuru Memo Off CD!! Season 3 VGCD-0031 Performer
04.21 Memories Off ~Sorekara again~ Audio Collection VGCD-0033 Vocals
04.21 Drawing Again VGCD-1003 Vocals
08.25 FESTA!! Original Drama CD -Mahoroba*Battle*Scramble- VGCD-0041 Vocals
10.25 Happiness! / Ayumi Murata ZMCZ-3040 Vocals
11.22 Hokenshitsu e Youkoso Original Audio Collection VGCD-0065 Vocals
11.22 TV Anime "Happiness!" Soundtrack ZMCZ-3042 Vocals


01.12 Happy Candy / Ayumi Murata VGCD-0067 Vocals, Stylist
01.25 Happiness! De:Lucks Opening Theme – Equation of Happiness (Ayumi Murata Special Version) MII-035 Performer
01.31 Happiness! De:Lucks Original Soundtrack ZMCZ-3043 Performer
02.22 Neosphere of The Deep-blue Sky Special Drama CD & Radio Neosphere N/A Performer
04.25 Aozora no Fantasia / Ayumi Murata ZMCZ-3326 Chorus, Vocals, Composer, Lyricist, Stylist
05.16 Happiness! Vocal Collection ZMCZ-3327 Vocals
07.25 Splash BLUE The Sun, with Lemonade / Ayumi Murata VGCD-1019 Vocals, Lyricist, Stylist
11.21 Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho Soundtrack VGCD-0124 Performer
11.21 Myself;Yourself Character Song Vol.2 – Hinako Mochida VGCD-1023 Vocals, Composer, Lyricist
12.20 Myself;Yourself Audio Tracks -for GAME- FPBD-0044 Vocals, Composer, Lyricist
12.21 Pinky Street Kira Kira ☆ Music Night Original Soundtrack FPBD-0046 Performer


01.25 Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo― ~Youkoso Tsugumi-ryou e~ The BEST vocal collection ZMCZ-3850 Vocals
02.08 TV Animation AYAKASHI Characters Vol. 1 Eim Yoake (cv. Nana Mizuki) ZMCZ-3901 Performer
02.22 Myself;Yourself ~Audio Drama CD~ VGCD-0134 Performer
02.27 TV Animation AYAKASHI Characters Vol. 4 Pam Werne Asakura (cv. Ai Shimizu) ZMCZ-3904 Performer
04.23 Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho The BEST vocal collection VGCD-0138 Performer, Lyricist
04.23 SWEET LOVER's Myself;Yourself Best Song Album VGCD-0139 Vocals, Composer, Lyricist
05.28 Prism Ark -PRIVATE SONG COLLECTION- FVCG-1007 Vocals
06.25 The season of L part 2 Invisible Memories Original Sound Track FVCG-1010 Performer
07.30 PolePole! / Ayumi Murata FVCG-1036 Chorus, Vocals, Composer, Lyricist
07.30 THE WORKS ~Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection~ 1.2 VGCD-0151 Vocals
07.30 THE WORKS ~Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection~ 2.0 VGCD-0152 Vocals
08.14 Memories Off ~Sorekara~ Character Song & Soundtrack FVGK-0010 Performer
08.21 Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ Audio Collection FVGK-0011 Performer
11.05 Pastel / Ayumi Murata [Limited Edition] FVCG-1057 Performer
11.05 Pastel / Ayumi Murata FVCG-1058 Performer


01.28 MACADEMI WASSHOI The Ultimate Soundtracks FVCG-1076 Vocals
05.28 Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ Vocal Collection FPBD-0110 Performer
10.21 THE WORKS ~Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection~ 4.0 VGCD-0175 Performer
10.21 THE WORKS ~Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection~ 5.0 VGCD-0176 Performer
11.22 Umisho ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK & Drama CD FPBD-0019 Vocals, Lyricist


04.13 Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ Best Vocal Album FPBD-0179 Performer


06.27 Memories Off 6 Complete Audio Collection FVGK-0077 Performer


12.17 From Astral to Umbral ~FINAL FANTASY XIV:BAND & PIANO Arrangement Album~ SQEX-20017 Vocals


08.26 BEFORE THE FALL: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack SQEX-20022 Vocals


06.07 THE FAR EDGE OF FATE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack SQEX-20033 Vocals


05.16 THE PRIMALS SQEX-10652 Vocals


09.30 PULSE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Remix Album SQEX-10807 Performer


03.25 Memories Off Vocal Sound Selection Best10 FPBD-0630 Vocals
08.31 Final Fantasy XIV Vinyl Lp Box SQEX-10842~5 Vocals
08.31 A REALM REBORN Vinyl LP SQEX-10846 Vocals
08.31 HEAVENSWARD Vinyl LP SQEX-10847 Vocals


07.27 Hayarigami 1, 2, 3 Pack Original Soundtrack N/A Vocals


03.27 GROWING LIGHT: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack SQEX-20096 Vocals
08.?? MARMALADE Premium Vocal Collection N/A Vocals

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