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立石 孝 (たていし たかし)
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Nov 23, 1964
Kanzaki, Hyogo, Japan
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01.11 Daimakaimura -G.S.M. CAPCOM 1- D28B-0011 Composer (as OGURETU·KUN), Arranger (as OGURETU·KUN)


??.?? ROCKMAN Arrange Version - ROCKMAN SPECIAL CD CAPCOM-003 Composer


03.08 Rockman in the Nick of Time SRCL-3127 Composer
07.21 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL JUL. ~featuring Saki Nijino~ KICA-7664 Composer
08.23 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL AUG. ~featuring Nozomi Kiyokawa~ KICA-7665 Composer (also as Takashi Sasugano)
09.21 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL SEP. ~featuring Yūko Asahina~ KICA-7666 Composer (also as Takashi Sasugano)
10.25 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL OCT. ~featuring Miharu Tatebayashi~ KICA-7667 Composer
11.22 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL NOV. ~featuring Mio Kisaragi~ KICA-7668 Composer
12.21 Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best Collection KICA-7681~2 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)
12.21 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL DEC. ~featuring Yukari Koshiki~ KICA-7683 Composer (also as Takashi Sasugano)


01.24 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL JAN. ~featuring Yuina Himoo~ KICA-7684 Composer
02.21 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL FEB. ~featuring Yoshio Saotome~ KICA-7685 Composer
03.23 MARIKO KOUDA no Radio Canvas Vol.3 KICA-7694 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)
04.05 GENSOSUIKODEN ORIGINAL GAME SOUNDTRACK KICA-7696~7 Performer (as Takashi Sasugano)
05.22 STEREO DRAMA MOTTO! TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL MAY. ~featuring Megumi Mikihara~ KICA-7688 Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)
08.21 Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best Collection 2 KICA-7722~3 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano), Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)


03.05 MONTHLY TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL No.8 KICA-7744 Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)
06.04 Konami All Star Festa '97 KICA-7766~7 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)
12.22 Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best Collection 5 KICA-7823~4 Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)


02.28 Tokimeki Memorial Karaoke Collection Vol. 1 LC-800~1 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)
02.28 Tokimeki Memorial Karaoke Collection Vol. 2 LC-802~3 Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)
02.28 Tokimeki Memorial Karaoke Collection Vol. 3 LC-804~5 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano), Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)
09.04 Hero: YUKO ASAHINA KICA-7891 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)


01.22 OTOME SOUMU / Yukari Koshiki KICA-7941 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)


04.10 Tokimeki Memorial Memorial Album LC-904 Lyricist (as Takashi Sasugano)
09.21 Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories ~Dancing Summer Vacation~ Original Game Soundtrack KMCA-65 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano), Arranger (as Takashi Sasugano)


02.14 Shiori Fujisaki Image Song Collection - To the Precious You KMCA-145 Composer (as Takashi Sasugano)
09.20 Capcom Music Generation Famicom Music Complete Works Rockman 1~6 CPCA-1064~6 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


12.05 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Rock Arrange Ver. KDSD-00173 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.19 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Techno Arrange Ver. KDSD-00174 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


07.09 CD de Kiite Mite ~Niko Niko Douga Selection~ BMCA-1002 Composer


10.15 Chiptuned Rockman INTIR-015 Composer


03.24 Rockman 10: Uchuu Kara no Kyoui!! Original Soundtrack INTIR-016 Composer
10.19 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2 N/A Composer
10.19 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2 SF 12324 Composer
10.20 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2 N/A Composer


09.19 ROCKCAN Sound E Can (Rockman 25th Anniversary) CPCA-10264~73 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.10 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver. KDSD-00580 Composer
10.10 25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver. KDSD-00581 Composer
12.19 We are ROCK-MEN!2 CPCA-10283 Composer


04.12 Mega Man 2 Official Soundtrack N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


??.?? Mega Man 10 Official Soundtrack N/A Composer


07.21 Mega Man: The Best of Mega Man 1-10 SL9-2012 Composer


07.05 MIGHTY NO.9 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK INTIR-031~2 Composer, Arranger


09.20 Rockman 1-3 Sound Collection CPLA-1101 Composer


Featured On


01.21 Area 88 PCCB-00018 Composer


??.?? Nintendo Metal N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? Project X - Mega Man 2 PX-002 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.16 Family Computer Midi Best Collection Vol.1 EZCD-0002 Composer
12.20 IWAO-ni side A CHOM-0016 Composer


12.30 Touhou to Senritsu [First Pressing] FOCD-0001 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


??.?? St. Valentine's Day Massacre/Year 200X Split N/A Composer
??.?? da advanTage 2004 tour cd N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.31 The Adventures of... DJ NES CR-003 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.13 Touhou to Senritsu FOCD-0002 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
03.14 IWAO-ni side B CHOM-0018 Composer
04.06 The Advantage ger028 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.25 Reinventing the Common Lullaby N/A Composer
06.15 Minibosses (EP) KRAID2 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.?? Sex, Drugs N' Nintendo liecd01 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.15 Technetium VS RaverRose THE GAME ADDICTS!! CTCD-0005 Composer
08.15 Meido Koushinkyoku FOCD-0004~5 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.03 Rockman Best Collection Vol.1 Road to X EZCD-0010 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


05.15 First Impression N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.23 Nintendosploitation liecd02 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


??.?? NESperado N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? Demo Get N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? I Eat Serials In the Morning N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? Flow - ROCKMAN 2 Arrange CD - N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.24 Elf Titled ger050 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
03.11 Mega Band SIR?01 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
05.?? Year 200X - Demo 06 N/A Composer
05.12 Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
05.21 Touhou Live Event: Flowering Night 2006 ~Yuuga ni Sawage Live in Hakurei Shrine~ N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.06 PLAY IT RIGHT N/A Composer
07.20 The Computer Always Cheats N/A Composer
08.13 FreeStyle! -2006Summer Edition- N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.30 Capcom Music Generation Area 88 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10161 Composer
12.31 MEGALOMANIA DMCD-0001 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


06.12 Mega Ran N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.19 Mega Ran (Mega Deluxe Edition) 842841052202 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.30 GAME: Game & Anime Music Emotions 877569005377 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.17 MEGA BEAT RUSH!! 49CD-0003 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.17 Rockman no Kusuri CNCD-0005 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.12 Super Entertainment System N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.08 ROCK LOVE CPCD-0005 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.08 R.O.C.K.MAN MTCD-0001 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.31 Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man N/A Composer
12.09 Reinventing the Common Lullaby Version 2.0 N/A Composer


??.?? Mega Man 2; The Music N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? Seven Levels N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? get equipped DLN-02.1 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.13 Mega Man 2 Soundtrack: Beat The 8 Super Robots With 8 Bit Instrumental N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.16 get equipped N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.15 ROCKMAN DE SHIRITORI FVCD-0005 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
07.14 Noentiendo N/A Composer
08.16 We Are Error N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.02 The OneUps Volume 2 OUS-005 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.12 Rockman 9: The Ambition's Revival!! Original Soundtrack INTIR-013 Composer, SFX Artist
10.21 LIVE FREE AND CHIP HARD WIZ007 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.29 Ore no Shinzou wa Bisutome nandayo! UFCD-0005 Composer


??.?? Games That Rock Vol. 1 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.01 Retro Remix Revue: Volume 1 RRR-1 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.20 Doroque N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.02 Mega Ran 9 (free version) N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
03.?? Level Up! N/A Composer
03.12 Mega Ran 9 RANDOM9 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
05.02 In The Year 200X AD N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
05.05 I Saw Hell on This World SBFR-0013 Composer
05.12 8-Bit Democracy (Socialist Edition) N/A Composer
06.30 8-Bit Democracy (Capitalist Edition) liecd03 Composer
07.01 Nico Nico Douga Selection ~A Waste of Talent~ BMCA-1007 Composer
12.28 LP of Devastation N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


??.?? Gromix #Hors-Série N/A Composer
??.?? Gromix Collection #04 N/A Composer
??.?? The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2010 N/A Composer
01.19 Versus Video Games N/A Composer
02.04 get acoustic DLN-04 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.16 Mega Beardo: A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.26 What If This CD...Had Lyrics? FLOSS 01 Composer
05.05 Let's Play NEW GAME!! CKCD0002 Composer
06.18 Mega Ran v.1.3 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
07.25 Retrocovered IPH-002 Composer
08.09 Nostalgic Pleasure N/A Composer
08.16 Masters N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.12 The Greatest Bits - Mega Man 2 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.20 Rockman Famicom Series Arrange Album ROCKMAN Kai Arrange Shite Mita!! CPCA-10221 Composer
11.04 8-Bit Menace to Suburbia N/A Composer
11.30 VikingGuitar N/A Composer
11.30 VikingGuitar N/A Composer
12.31 EtlanZ 10th Anniversary Sound Memorial EZCD-EX01 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


??.?? The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
??.?? The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.07 Mega Man Renaissance KM-MULTI001 Composer
01.13 Now You're Playing With Powar 9 1/2: You Go Back to the Beginning AFX 210 Composer
01.13 MEGA DRIVE [Limited Edition] Y200X-USB Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.07 MegaMan 2 - Journey's End N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.07 Game Arrangements N/A Composer
02.07 Heroes vs. Villains OCRA-0022 Composer
03.25 Mega Man: The Robot Museum OCRA-0024 Composer
04.?? The brentalfloss G-Rated Karaoke track pack! N/A Composer
05.01 RockLove 2 CPCD-0012 Composer
05.01 Spell of Resurrection ~Memories of Game Music~ EZCD-EX02 Composer
05.10 Project X - Mega Man 2 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
05.19 What if This CD... DIDN'T Have Lyrics? N/A Composer
06.28 8 Bit Oblivion N/A Composer
07.06 Napalm Man vs. the GRMRB N/A Composer
07.10 MUSIC SYSTEM I N/A Composer
07.12 Video Game Guitar Covers, Vol. 1 N/A Composer
07.18 Pixel Glass N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.13 EtlanZ Special Disc 2011 -10th Anniversary- ETZCD-SP04 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.19 Video Game Music Covers 2010 (Remastered) N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.27 Mega Man 2: Instrumentals Inspired by the Music of Mega Man 2 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.21 We are ROCK-MEN! CPCA-10248 Composer
10.04 TGH - Best of 2011 N/A Composer


01.26 HELLHOUND N/A Composer
01.31 SNAKE MAN <vs> The World: Rockman Arrange EP N/A Composer
03.14 Mega Man X: Maverick Rising OCRA-0033 Composer
03.15 NES Jams UBI043 Composer
04.06 Instrumental Of Devastation N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.19 Mega Band SIR027 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
07.23 Super Psyguy Bros. 2 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
07.28 Reminiscence of Video Games Vol.1 -Famicom- PMMCD-002 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.18 The Best of Retro Video Games N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.30 MEGA MAN 11 soundtrack project N/A Composer
10.03 Videojuegos: Volume 1 N/A Composer
10.07 Simple But Effective N/A Composer
10.24 Stage One N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.28 Give me ENERGY! N/A Composer
12.?? Fly on a Dog DLN-07 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.19 ROCKMAN HOLIC ~the 25th Anniversary~ VTCL-60322 Composer
12.31 Thanks a Million N/A Composer


01.03 NESterYears N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
03.18 Video Game Ska IV N/A Composer
04.07 Mega Man II - Journey's End Remastered N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.18 Mega Man 2X N/A Composer
06.29 Megarock Carnival EZCD-EX06 Composer
07.11 VGM Acapella: Volume 2 JOY-924 Composer
07.20 Press Start N/A Composer
08.15 THE BRIGGS EFFECT 2 9BR-022 Composer
10.10 Free ReMix Collection N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.17 Boss Beats LOUDR-1717 Composer
12.31 Megarock Carnival EXTEND EXCD-EX07 Composer


??.?? Robokabuto;Notes -First Page- (Non-Parity) DRLC-9007 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.24 Mega Man XXV - The Second N/A Composer
02.15 Gotta Strum 'Em All N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.27 Live from: The Great American Music Hall N/A Composer
04.20 Where Evil Dwells N/A Composer
04.27 P'z Music Collection Volume.2 ~I love BASEBALL~ N/A Composer
05.25 NES Tribute Album N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.30 Big Twice: Push > Start N/A Composer
07.04 The Teal Album PTE049 Composer
07.12 The Anime and Game Collection N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
07.12 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games MPCH-001 Composer
07.13 The Mushroom Variety Show N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.01 Mega Man 2 Remade N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.22 Banjo Guy Ollie - Volume 2 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.25 Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash N/A Composer
12.30 RockLove3 CPCD-0018 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


02.?? Split PG009 Composer
02.20 Dr. Wily Stage 1/2 (from "Mega Man II") N/A Composer
03.08 No Continues N/A Composer
03.10 Kazoo'd! - Vol. 1 N/A Composer
04.12 Arcade Attack! N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.20 Worlds That Never Were N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.20 Welcome To Warp Zone! PR14 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
04.21 Super Slam Bros. IV N/A Composer
05.11 Remix Dat Retro N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.12 The Boss Battle Album N/A Composer
06.16 Video Game Explosion N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.28 Hashel05 Collection Vol.2 N/A Composer
07.03 Warp Zone N/A Composer
07.20 VGM, Vol. 3 N/A Composer
08.15 Multiplayer II: Co-Op MPCH-002 Composer
08.24 The Mega Man 2 Symphony N/A Composer
08.28 Avocado Overdose N/A Composer
09.30 Ending Credits N/A Composer
10.02 Button Masher Remastered N/A Composer
10.25 Reunion CPCD-0020 Composer
10.26 Live at Columbia Theatre N/A Composer
10.27 NEScapism II: NEScaper! N/A Composer


01.04 Season 4 N/A Composer
01.05 Feed. Play. Sleep. Repeat. N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
01.17 Mega Man II SIR031 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.03 Launch N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.03 Launch N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.14 VG Metal Covers Vol. 6 N/A Composer
02.19 Part Seven ME-008 Composer
02.27 FINAL BOSS N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
03.01 Let's Play - The Cover Collection Vol.3 N/A Composer
03.05 Charity Remix Album III : Fighting Children's Cancer! N/A Composer
03.08 A Winner is You N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
03.13 Mega Man 2 N/A Composer
03.15 VGM Singles 2015 N/A Composer
03.21 Mega Man: Robot Masters Resynthesized N/A Composer
04.18 Year 3 Collection N/A Composer
05.09 Nilbog N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
05.24 Mariachi Entertainment System N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
06.21 VGM Acapella: Volume 8 N/A Composer
06.23 Let's Play - The Cover Collection Vol.5 N/A Composer
07.11 Weekend Warrior N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.07 Video Games Live: Bonus Round 3 N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.19 MULTIPLAYER III: WAVE MPCH-003 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.23 Wagakki × Gamer × CAPCOM ~HIDE×HIDE × Game Music Vol.1~ TMPF-3010 Composer
09.07 VGM Covers, Vol. I N/A Composer
11.04 Acoustic VGM Volume 3 N/A Composer
11.29 Restart N/A Composer
12.10 Forest VGM N/A Composer
12.22 JazzNESs CR-005 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.24 Super Musical Entertainment System N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.27 NIDAN FMKT-0002 Composer
12.29 Primary Box 9 MKPB-09 Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


01.13 Smooth McGroove Remixed Volume II N/A Composer
01.20 Chaos Theatre N/A Composer
02.17 Mini Nes - Sold Out! N/A Composer
03.22 Space Pirate Collection II ADR-0004 Composer
05.09 Live From the Lair N/A Composer
05.31 Videogames Piano Collection 1 N/A Composer
05.31 MEGA MAN 2 Piano instrumental version N/A Composer
07.28 Let's Surf: The Cover Collection (Remastered) N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.28 Legacy Redux N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.14 Video Game Metal N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
09.19 RockStalgia N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
10.10 Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams SMRC-1021 Composer
10.12 Level UP N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
11.12 MACKEREL SKY Works Best Vol. 1 SABA-0006 Composer
12.16 Mega Man - 30th Anniversary Remix Album N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
12.17 Hyacintho Memories N/A Composer


01.27 Robot Masters (From "Mega Man 2") N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.10 Nintendo's Music for Piano N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
02.18 Of Magic, Coins, Bubbles & Hallways N/A Composer
03.11 Violin Playing Game Vol. 4 N/A Composer
05.11 C​-​Busters: A Tribute to Mega Man Classic MCOL-0092 Composer
05.30 Game Themes Cover Mix Vol. 2 N/A Composer
08.01 Mega Master Entertainment System N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.03 Rock Man Bass N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.15 Videogames Music for Piano N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)
08.21 I Don't Byte N/A Composer (as Ogeretsu Kun)


01.18 MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes MCOL-0177 Composer
04.16 NES Classics 1 N/A Composer
06.07 Mega Buster Vol. 1 N/A Composer
06.21 Master of Buttons N/A Composer


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