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Sep 28, 1987
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, United States
Credited works
69 albums in database
54 performer
53 arranger
6 lyricist
6 mixing engineer
2 composer
2 guitar
1 screaming
1 special thanks
1 mastering engineer
1 keyboard


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10.19 Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed OCRA-0015 Arranger (as Oinkness), Performer (as Oinkness)
12.24 An OverClocked Christmas v.3 N/A Arranger (as Oinkness)


03.15 Donkey Kong Country 2 ~Diddy's Kong Quest~ Serious Monkey Business OCRA-0017 Performer
09.03 HURRY! A Final Fantasy X Impossible ReMix Album KNGIA-0000 Arranger
11.22 Teen Agent: The Root of All Evil OCRA-0019 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
12.24 An OverClocked Christmas v.4 N/A Composer


??.?? The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011 N/A Arranger
??.?? The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011 N/A Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
02.07 Heroes vs. Villains OCRA-0022 Arranger, Performer
03.29 Songs for the Cure '11: Esuna JWMUSIC.ORG RFL11-B Composer, Performer
04.12 Sonic the Hedgehog: The Sound of Speed OCRA-0025 Arranger, Performer
10.31 Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania KNGIA-0002 Arranger, Performer
12.06 BadAss: Boss Themes OCRA-0030 Arranger, Performer


01.24 Unsung Heroes OCRA-0032 Arranger, Performer
03.14 Mega Man X: Maverick Rising OCRA-0033 Arranger, Performer
03.15 The Wettening N/A Screaming, Guitar, Arranger
06.18 Final Fantasy: Random Encounter OCRA-0035 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
07.23 The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012 N/A Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
10.16 Danse Macabre N/A Arranger, Performer
12.03 Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble! OCRA-0036 Arranger, Performer
12.17 An OverClocked Christmas v.6 N/A Arranger


03.11 Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute OCRA-0038 Arranger, Performer
07.01 Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin OCRA-0040 Guitar, Arranger, Performer
08.20 Pokémon: The Eevee EP OCRA-0041 Arranger, Performer
10.01 BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume II OCRA-0043 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
10.22 Bionic Commando ReMixed: OK, We'll Groove OCRA-0044 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
10.29 Danse Macabre 2 N/A Arranger, Performer
10.29 FOR EVERLASTING PEACE: 25 Years of Mega Man OCRC-0001 Arranger, Performer
10.31 Vampire Variations Volume II KNGIA-0005 Arranger
11.25 Sonic CD: Temporal Duality OCRA-0045 Arranger, Performer
12.24 An OverClocked Christmas v.7 N/A Arranger


05.07 The Legend of Zelda: Lime of the Season N/A Arranger
06.16 Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber OCRA-0048 Arranger, Performer
06.27 Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher N/A Arranger, Performer
06.30 Futebol Arte: World Cup Tribute EP OCRI-0002 Arranger, Performer
07.31 Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary OCRA-0049 Arranger, Performer
09.?? Dwelling of Duels 2014-09: Chrono Trigger vs. Final Fantasy VI Month N/A Performer
10.24 Danse Macabre 3 N/A Arranger, Performer


02.22 The Legend of Zelda Tribute Album N/A Arranger, Performer
03.07 Legend of the Boar Knight N/A Performer
03.07 Legend of the Boar Knight N/A Performer
06.08 Rebellion: Inspired by the Music of Final Fantasy II OCRA-0051 Arranger, Performer
08.?? Dwelling of Duels 2015-08: Satoru Iwata Month N/A Performer
09.09 Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart OCRA-0053 Arranger, Performer
10.31 Vampire Variations: Volume III OCRA-0054 Arranger, Performer
10.31 Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania OCRI-0006 Arranger, Performer
10.31 Vampire Variations: Volume II OCRI-0007 Arranger, Performer
12.06 Heart of a Gamer: A Tribute to Satoru Iwata OCRI-0008 Arranger, Performer


01.03 SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin N/A Arranger, Performer
03.08 BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III OCRA-0056 Performer
04.25 Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors ~II. WATER~ OCRA-0057 Arranger, Performer
06.29 Esther's Dreams OCRA-0059 Arranger, Performer
09.29 Tribute Album 64 N/A Mixing Engineer
10.15 Danse Macabre 5 N/A Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer


01.28 Final Fantasy I - The Legacy N/A Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
01.31 Super Mario RPG: Window to the Stars OCRA-0061 Arranger
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Besaid Mix) MCOL-0040-B Performer
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Zanarkand Mix) MCOL-0040-Z Arranger
10.08 Careless Juja World Tour Live Album N/A Performer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer


05.02 Final Fantasy VI - World's Requiem N/A Performer
05.04 LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined MCOL-0090 Arranger
05.25 FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask MCOL-0110 Arranger, Keyboard
07.30 Secret of Mana - Whispers from a Verdant Grove N/A Performer
10.01 Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness OCRA-0067 Arranger, Performer


05.31 EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games MCOL-0212 Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
07.30 EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX MCOL-0227 Arranger, Performer


04.10 Those Who Fight N/A Performer
04.24 BUDDIES: A Tribute to Banjo-Kazooie (BEAR SIDE) MCOL-0283-BEAR Mixing Engineer


02.?? Dwelling of Duels 2022-02: MetroidRedux Month N/A Performer

Thanked on 1 album


01.03 Freshman Year N/A Special Thanks


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