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Female 児玉 さとみ (こだま さとみ)
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08.10 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage 4 - HAPPY SONGS COLLECTION ~Takamichi Residence Karaoke Tournament!!!~ GG-020 Performer


01.31 Wind -a breath of heart- Songs 2 TRCD-10028 Performer
08.13 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage X2 Radio Drama SP SIDE-A KICA-1300 Performer
08.15 "Moekan" & "Wind" Collaboration Drama CD ~Make a Wish Manatsu no Kyouen~ KSCA-29185 Performer
10.24 Hi no Tsuki Drama CD "Hi no Tsuki: Yume Nanaya" MILK-0006 Performer
12.28 Hi no Tsuki Audio Drama "Yume Mou Hitoyo" MILK-0007 Performer


01.21 OrangePocket Arrange & Drama ABCA-5032~3 Performer
01.21 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage X4 ~Yesterday to tomorrow~ KICA-1316 Cast
01.30 SERENE: "Wind -a breath of heart-" Vocal Collection TE-77 Performer, Lyricist
05.14 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage Final "The Grand Finale" GG-025~8 Performer
06.25 Angel Egg Original Sound Track YI-001-DA Performer
08.13 Ikusa Otome Valkyrie Complete Track CHCD-1003 Performer
08.25 Drama CD from TV Animation Wind -a breath of heart- Volume 1 FCCM-0047 Performer
09.24 Drama CD from TV Animation Wind -a breath of heart- Volume 2 FCCM-0048 Performer
10.22 Drama CD from TV Animation Wind -a breath of heart- Volume 3 FCCM-0049 Performer
12.03 Ryoujoku Gojuusou ~Ingoku e no Izanai... Preorder Bonus ~NG Voice Compilation Special CD~ AS-409 Performer
12.28 Cynthia ~Sincerely to You~ Soundtrack & Drama CD: Fuwawauwaufua♪ Si-D001 Performer


02.25 Tetsuwan Gacchu! Original Soundtrack MCD-0002 Performer
05.05 Lost Technology: Thnder Force sound track FNAG-0001 Voice, Performer
12.14 MOE. & MOE♂ VOCAL COLLECTION VOL.1 MOE-0001 Performer


10.30 Lost Technology Plus FNAG-0009 Performer


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