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Male 都乃河 勇人 (とのかわ ゆうと)
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05.25 Little Busters! KSLA-0028 Lyricist
09.28 Little Busters! Original Soundtrack KSLA-0033~5 Lyricist


02.29 OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol. 2 KSLA-0039~40 Lyricist
05.04 Little Busters! Analog Collector's Edition KSLA-0041 Lyricist
08.15 Little Busters! Ecstasy Tracks KSLA-0043 Lyricist
12.28 KSL Live World 2008 ~Way to the Little Busters! EX~ KSLA-0045~6 Lyricist


02.28 Key Net Radio Vol.1 KSLC-0006~7 Performer
12.29 Little Busters!-EX Character Song ~Sasami~ "Neko to Garasu to Marui Tsuki / Alicemagic ~Aroma Tablet mix~" KSLA-0050 Lyricist


04.23 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.5 LTBS-0009 Performer
05.21 KSL Live World 2010 way to the Kud-Wafter Pamphlet Music & Data Disc KSLC-0008 Lyricist
12.24 KSL Live World 2010 ~Way to the kud Wafter~ KSLA-0061~3 Lyricist


01.28 Rewrite Opening Theme song "Philosophyz" KSLA-0067 Lyricist
05.08 Deejay Busters! KSLA-0068 Lyricist
08.12 Rewrite ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK KSLA-0073~5 Lyricist
09.30 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.13 LTBS-0017 Performer
12.29 Rewrite Arrangement Album: Branch KSLA-0076 Lyricist


01.27 SUPER SHOT4 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-007 Lyricist
05.25 Key + VOCALOID Best selection vol.1 KSLA-0079 Lyricist
07.27 Rewrite Harvest festa! Original SoundTrack "Feast" KSLA-0081 Lyricist
07.29 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary CD VA20-0001~2 Lyricist
09.12 Radio Rewrite: Gekkan Terra - Kazamatsuri Gakuin Shikyoku Vol.5 TBZR-0035~6 Performer
10.24 circle of fifth KSLA-0082~3 Lyricist
10.31 Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~ [Limited Edition] KSLA-0087 Lyricist
10.31 Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~ KSLA-0088 Lyricist
12.29 KeyCLASSIC KSLA-0090 Lyricist
12.29 Rewrite & Rewrite Harvest festa! Arrange Album: dye mixture KSLA-0091 Lyricist
12.29 VA Compilation CD Vol.4 Panorama VA-C83-0001 Lyricist


01.30 Radio Rewrite: Gekkan Terra - Kazamatsuri Gakuin Shikyoku Vol.6 TBZR-0076~7 Performer
08.28 Radio Rewrite: Gekkan Terra - Kazamatsuri Gakuin Shikyoku Vol.7 TBZR-0078~9 Performer
09.16 Little Busters! Festival Pamphlet KSLC-0013 Lyricist
11.06 Kimi to no Nakushi Mono/Namidairo no Tsubasa / Ayaka Kitazawa KSLA-0093 Lyricist
12.29 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Original SoundTrack KSLA-0094 Lyricist


04.29 Little Busters! PERFECT Vocal Collection KSLA-0095~6 Lyricist


07.27 Philosophyz/Sasayaka na Hajimari / Runa Mizutani (NanosizeMir) KSLA-0118 Lyricist
07.29 Rewrite Arrange Album 'Selene' KSLA-0116 Lyricist
08.31 TRianThology SoundTracks -Gareki no Alice- MGCD-0003 Lyricist
12.29 Modification of Key Sounds Label KSLA-0124~6 Lyricist
12.29 Rewrite Chihaya & Lucia iDoll Project: Pureness Rhapsody KSLA-0128 Lyricist
12.29 NanosizeMir The Best NSMC-0009~10 Lyricist


03.29 KSL Live World 2016 ~the Animation Charlotte & Rewrite~ KSLM-0008 Lyricist
04.08 Visual Art's: Haru wo Kuchizusamu Song Selection 2017 N/A Lyricist
06.28 Rewrite Animation Original Sound Track KSLA-0136~9 Lyricist
08.11 Re:Change ~Rewrite EDM Arrange Album~ KSLA-0140 Lyricist
12.29 Emotional Blue / Ayaka Kitazawa KSLA-0141 Lyricist
12.29 Rita×Key Memorial Best "streak of light" KSLA-0143 Lyricist


12.29 Ayaka Kitazawa Remix Collection KSLA-0154 Lyricist


04.29 Key Best Song Remix -to the Future- AKCM-0001 Lyricist
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Lyricist
12.28 Key BEST SELECTION 1999-2019 KSLA-0163~4 Lyricist
12.28 Modification of Key Sounds Label VOL.2 KSLA-0165~7 Lyricist


01.31 Symphony Sounds Eternal SSCD-004 Lyricist

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