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The story of Zero Division begins in Spring 2009, when Rufus Blake and Jonny C. Maverick decided to start a new band project. Having previously joined forces in the sleaze rock act Backseat Education, the wake of this band left the two aspiring musicians with an unfulfilled desire to bring their music to the stages. The only logical solution was to co-operate once again, as they shared the vision of a band that would allow them to pursue a whole new approach on making music. Being fed up with continuously wandering from band to band without ever achieving the musical quality they so desperately searched for, the singer and guitarist aimed to connect their creative work with a professional work ethic. In order to complete the line-up they invited their longtime friends, namely Nathan Sky (keys), Luke McLovin (drums) and Matt O. (bass), to play along. The newly formed band sounded like a who’s who of the local music scene. Deciding on the band name Zero Division, the quintet immediately started writing and recording songs, finishing their first EP Through the Night in August 2010.

Now, Zero Division are here to change the face of rock music with Through the Night. The five musicians based in Siegburg / Bonn have taken 80’s glam rock to a whole new level and created a modern sound without equals. This band only needed a few months to write, record and release this first effort on their own. Technical prowess and a fine sense for arrangements and melodies have helped Zero Division to combine a variety of genres from hair metal to pop music and to turn it into their very own brand of glam rock. These guys know what they are doing and they are aiming for the top. Zero Division truly is a force to be reckoned with!




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