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Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
LMSW-0008S××× na Kanojo ga Inaka Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru Himitsu no Houhou Soundtrack1
P8CD-003×××× the ripper1
FSCA-10133øSTORY Original Sound Track3
UCCY-9025ƒ / Sarah Àlainn5
TKCA-30725 This album is a reprintɑ-BET-CITY / Joe Hisaishi6
MBUS-0005α -alpha-4
ΔZEAL Original Soundtrack1
THCOMP-0001Θ complex2
THCOMP-0002Θ complex 26
THCOMP-0003~4θcomplex3 -eYecandy vs. θcomplex-7
LACA-9262~3μ's Best Album Best Live! collection25
LACA-39262~3μ's Best Album Best Live! collection25
LACA-9393~5μ's Best Album Best Live! Collection II23
LACA-39393~5 This album is a reprintμ's Best Album Best Live! Collection II28
LACA-39260~1 This album is a reprintμ's Best Album Best Live! collection [Deluxe Edition]1
BCXA-1025μ's Original Song CD4
BCXA-0839μ's Original Song CD 13
BCXA-0840μ's Original Song CD 24
BCXA-0841μ's Original Song CD 34
BCXA-0842μ's Original Song CD 43
BCXA-0843μ's Original Song CD 53
BCXA-0844μ's Original Song CD 63
BCXA-0845μ's Original Song CD 73
BCXA-0697μ's Original Song CD13
BCXA-0698μ's Original Song CD25
BCXA-0699μ's Original Song CD33
BCXA-0700μ's Original Song CD45
BCXA-0701μ's Original Song CD54
BCXA-0702μ's Original Song CD65

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