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Color coding: Official Release, Enclosure / Promo, Doujin / Fanmade, Works, Animation, Demo Scene, Bootleg, Other, Cancelled Release
Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
J-8Songs From Walt Disney's Snow White and THE SEVEN DWARFS7
J8909Tempest 2000: The Soundtrack5
JABA-5129~30Koro Sensations / Hey! Say! JUMP!1
JABA-5161~2Sayonara Sensation / Sensations2
JAC-96001-CDChoujin Densetsu Urotsukidōji5
JACA-5023Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK7
JACA-5076~7Keep the faith / KAT-TUN1
JACA-5078Keep the faith / KAT-TUN2
JACA-5079Keep the faith / KAT-TUN1
JACA-5080Nice na Kokoroiki / ARASHI1
JACA-5532 This album is a reprintT.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street / KANJANI∞1
JACB-0001Aozora Pedal / Arashi8
JACD-0111Jaleco World On Music ~ Battle Unit Zeoth & Saiyuki World II3
JACD-1029Jaleco World On Music ~ Original Game Music from Super E.D.F.3
JACG-0010Dreamland Invasion5
JADA-5002 This album is a reprintNice na Kokoroiki / ARASHI3
JAL-1005Information / Joe Hisaishi2
JALE-00011Suchie-Pai Radio STATION4
JALE-00012Suchie-Pai Radio STATION "Kashou, Suchie-Pai Cho ~Genteiban Hatsubai Kettei Daitokushuu!?~" Hen2
JALE-00013Suchie-Pai Radio STATION "Doki Doki♡Nightmare Otayori ARIGATO Daitokushuu!?~" Hen2
JALE-00014Suchie-Pai Mecha Genteiban Hatsubai 5 Shuunen Marutoku Package Mecha Omake CD1
JALE-00015Suchie-Pai Radio STATION R1
JAP-0064The Sleep1
JBCD-0001Scarlet Night1

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