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Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
OVCP-0001Nintendo DS Pokémon Black2 - White2 Super Music Complete22
OVCP-0002Nintendo 3DS Pokémon X・Y Super Music Collection25
OVCP-0004Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Super Music Complete28
OVCP-0005Pokémon no Nakigoe ga Kikeru CD3
OVCP-0006Pokémon Red·Green Super Music Collection24
OVCP-0007Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun & Moon Super Music Complete24
OVCP-0008Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Alola ART Book Special CD1
OVCS-0003Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis Original Soundtrack - Limited Benefits1
OVCS-0004Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate-hen Original Soundtrack - Limited Benefits3
OVD-0001STAsenure Shoujo Misaki Original Soundtrack1
OVD-0002STBikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai Original Soundtrack1
OVER REV 006Haitoku no Majo 'Apostate pythoness' Original Sound Track2
OVS-01Border of Scarletech2
OVXN-0023Anne-Happy VOLUME 1 EXTRA CD HANAKO ver.3
OVXN-0024Anne-Happy VOLUME 2 EXTRA CD HIBARI ver.2
OVXN-0025Anne-Happy VOLUME 3 EXTRA CD BOTAN ver.2
OVXN-0026Anne-Happy VOLUME 4 EXTRA CD HIBIKI ver.1
OVXN-0027Anne-Happy VOLUME 5 EXTRA CD REN ver.2
OVXN-0028Anne-Happy VOLUME 6 EXTRA CD1
OYAGYNOCD GF622H SAOyaji Hunter Mahjong1
OYOME-CDOyomesan Kouho ga Arawareta! Commando wa? ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK1
OZCD-0001OZMAFIA!! Character Song Vol.1 CARAMIA1
OZCD-0002OZMAFIA!! Character Song Vol.2 AXEL1
OZCD-0004OZMAFIA!! Original Soundtrack VIVACE!!1

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