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Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
BRCG-70014P!P!P! PIGUMON / PIGUMON (CV Sora Tokui)1
P&F2D Original Soundtrack1
PRMB-0005P'z Music Collection vol.5 ~Chrono Trigger Famicom Style Arrange~2
P'z Music Collection Volume.1 ~GAME MUSIC Orchestra~7
P'z Music Collection Volume.2 ~I love BASEBALL~7
SHCD-0007P'z! PUYOPUYO remixes soundtracks1
PPCD-0001P*Style 0011
PPCD-0002P*Style 1.501
PPCD-0003P*Style 2.003
PPCD-0004P*Style 3.001
PPCD-0005P*Style 3.504
PPCD-0006P*Style Best1
COCC-17382p.s. i hate you♡xxx / [rêve parfait]1
COCC-17381 This album is a reprintp.s. i hate you♡xxx / [rêve parfait]1
BEPC-0021P.S. no Mukougawa / CYaRon!3
P.S.L. -Prismatic School Life-1
GHWCD-08003P.W Project Witch Magical☆Miracle Girl1
GWS-0005P.W Project Witch MARL☆Limited musicCD1
WPCL-12747P.Y.L / illion [Deluxe Edition]1
Will-3120P/A ~Potential Ability~ Soundtrack CD "Going on"1
SRPC-0009p2p. Peer to Peer!3
687-00458~61P3D & P5D FULL SOUNDTRACK12
EBCD-0069P5 remix single for AKG3

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