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Color coding: Official Release, Enclosure / Promo, Doujin / Fanmade, Works, Animation, Demo Scene, Bootleg, Other, Cancelled Release
Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Original Soundtrack1
8BIT-8010Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection11
UCMC-0011Unchiku Company Best Selection "Fuyu no Omoide"2
DFCL-2071UnChild / SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Aimer11
DFCL-2072 This album is a reprintUnChild / SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Aimer1
Unchosen Paths: The Music of Castlevania1
TFCC-86557UnChronicle / phatmans after school1
TFCC-86556UnChronicle / phatmans after school [Limited Edition]1
UA003Uncle Art : Collected Works Bonus Disc3
UA002Uncle Art : Frontier3
UA001Uncle Art: A Temporal Shift8
This album is a reprintUncle Art: A Temporal Shift1
Unconfirmed Music1
PLCD-0003Unconscious Step2
Unconscious Words2
FVCG-1404Uncontrollable / Kanako Ito8
ASCD-0011Undead carnival7
Undead On Arrival2
BAHAMUT_10Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle 10 Drama CD2
MFXN-0037EXUndefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD I3
MFXN-0038EXUndefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD II2
MFXN-0039EXUndefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD III3
MFXN-0040EXUndefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD IV2
MFXN-0041EXUndefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD V2
MFXN-0042EXUndefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD VI2
1000630653undeletable / Cyua1
T-46704MUnder Defeat -Extended Tracks-2

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