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Color coding: Official Release, Enclosure / Promo, Doujin / Fanmade, Works, Animation, Demo Scene, Bootleg, Other, Cancelled Release
Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
X09-00167 This album is a reprintAge of Mythology Original Soundtrack6
X11-43428AGE of EMPIRES III Soundtrack6
X11-43885 This album is a reprintAGE of EMPIRES III Soundtrack4
X18-80309-01Ginga Force Special Sound Selection3
x18-91862-01Ginga Force & ESCHATOS Best Selection1
X19-39657-02Bullet Soul Infinite Burst Arrange Sound Track2
X21X-3503 This album is a reprintAll Sounds of Xak2
X21X-3505 This album is a reprintToaplan Game Music Scene One: Tatsujin3
X22X-1008 This album is a reprintDECO History -data east game music scene one2
X22X-1014 This album is a reprintAll Sounds of Final Fantasy I • II4
X230-EP16Yume o Shinjite / Hideaki Tokunaga4
X24X-3502 This album is a reprintPSY-O-BLADE & Laydock ~ T&E Soft Game Music Scene 12
X25X-1010 This album is a reprintAll Sounds of Last Armageddon3
X25X-1013 This album is a reprintJ. B. Harold Sound Collection Scene 12
X25X-3508 This album is a reprintBurai Prototype3
X25X-3509 This album is a reprintHANAKANMURI NO RYU NO KUNI3
X28R-1004 This album is a reprintProject A-ko Original Soundtrack5
X28X-1011 This album is a reprintThe Legend of Dragon Slayers2
X5CD114The Greatest Video Game Music3
X5CD118The Greatest Video Game Music 27
XACD-0043Kuranoa -Hello Again-1
XACD-0054Kuranoa -yesterday once more- 1
XACD-1076Kuranoa -Another girl-1
XACD-1079Kuranoa Character CD -ever forever- Kitajima Shou1
XACD-1087Kuranoa -Blow up-1
XACD-1101Kuranoa -close to you-1
XACD-1116Kuranoa -cry no more, smile for me-1

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