Most Wanted Albums
Rank Album Name # Want Lists
1441Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Special Soundtrack -Limited Selection- 6
1442SAKIYA=RUMEI Ar tonelico III hymmnos concert side. Blue 6
1443Telenet Game Music Collection Vol. 1 6
1444Contrasta OriginalSoundTrack ~Monochrome Fairytale~ 6
1445Silent Hill Shattered Memories Soundtrack 6
1446First Finale ~ Perfect Selection "Final Fantasy" 6
1447Nightmare Creatures II Game Soundtrack 6
1448Divinity II: Ego Draconis Original Soundtrack EP 6
1450Blacker Than The Blackest Black 6
1451Jaleco World On Music ~ Battle Unit Zeoth & Saiyuki World II 6
1452TOY MUSIC ~Dancing Super Mario Brothers~ 6
1453Viva Piñata Original Soundtrack 6
1454Neotokyo 6
1455Prince of Persia Original Soundtrack 6
145611eyes Original Sound Track & Arrange Sound Track 6
14571994 GameWorld 4th Anniversary Commemoration: Game Music Complete Works 6
1458We Are Burning Rangers 6
1459ALL OVER MELTY BLOOD ~ Melty Blood Actress Again for Limited Edition Original Sound Track. 6
1460KE-TSU-I kizunajigokutachi [ARRANGE ALBUM] 6
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