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    Dave Lanciani
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        Dimaension X (located in central Massachusetts), formed in 1991 by multi-instrumentalist Dave Lanciani, is an instrumental band that fuses elements of heavy metal, space rock, and jazz-rock fusion. In Dimaension X, Lanciani (currently) records and plays all instruments entirely on his own. Additionally, Lanciani has collaborated with several bands via the internet, and is currently collaborating on a multi-media CD project with a comic illustrator. He has been playing guitar longer than any other instrument, and is completely self-taught in all other instruments (bass, keyboards, and drums). He cannot read or write formal music notation, but does use some simple music theory, such as modal improvisation, chord structures and progressions from major/minor keys. Music Style Dimaension X's music combines electronic elements, such as arpeggiated synthesizers and ambient pads, with extreme heavy metal elements, such as blast-beats, double-bass drums, and heavily distorted tremolo picked guitar riffs, and jazz-rock fusion elements such as extended guitar or keyboard solos, drum solos, ostinato bass lines, and improvisation. Most recently, Lanciani has begun to incorporate string and brass sections from classical music, along with timpani drums and other orchestral percussion.
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