Discuss MAGFest 6 Jan 3, 2008 to Jan 6, 2008

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The yearly Music and Gaming Festival, attended by fans of video games and video game music. Highlights include video game tournaments, live performances by video game cover bands, and panel discussions with musicians, artists, and filmmakers. Official website:







New ReleaseN/ALEG VACUUMArmcannonJan 03, 2008
New ReleaseN/ANintendo on PianoDaniel BrownJan 03, 2008
New ReleaseWIZ003Robotic Operating BuddyConcatenation Records / Jan 03, 2008
New ReleaseOCRA-0010Thieves of Fate: Radical Dreamers ReMix ProjectOverClocked ReMix / Jan 05, 2008
New ReleaseTPIH002This Game is Fucking BullshitThis Place Is HauntedJan 03, 2008
New ReleaseWIZ002Wave TravelerConcatenation Records / Jan 03, 2008
New Releasemega044Welcome To Split Zone! Cacomistle & SpamtronMega Twerp / Jan 06, 2008

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