Discuss MAGFest 8 Dec 31, 2009 to Jan 4, 2010
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The eighth incarnation of the yearly Music and Gaming Festival, heavily attended and run by hardcore fans of video games and video game music. Highlights include multiple live performances by video game cover bands and chiptune artists, video game tournaments, screenings, panel discussions with game musicians, arrangers, artists, and filmmakers, and 24-hour arcade, console, and LAN areas.

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New ReleaseDB-002Daniel Brown's CastlevaniaDaniel BrownJan 01, 2010
New ReleaseAFX 200Now You're Playing With Powar 9: Welcome to the Next LevalTemp Sound SolutionsJan 01, 2010
New ReleasePOD-001Pink Oink DiddlyPrince of DarknessJan 01, 2010
New ReleaseN/AWe Are Not MenArmadillo TankJan 01, 2010

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