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  1. pokemans
  2. Gamingforce Downtime - 09/26/07
  3. Wanted PC game soundtracks
  4. Where & How download?
  5. How did you find this place?
  6. I'm looking for a rare CD.
  7. Anime Games Albums submission RULES.
  8. "Now Playing" sigs
  9. Interest check: Castlevania / Dracula X vinyl/LP for sale
  10. Tagging question: arrangements
  11. Some rare VGM i'm selling, take a look before the auction.
  12. Great site
  13. Composer Profile Pictures
  14. Intro
  15. Japanese Itunes
  16. Mega Man 9
  17. Play-Asia 25% off sale
  18. Carl's Sixteen-Dollar Super-Summer Sale
  19. On Travel
  20. Old Zts Albums
  21. The Reason why you are collecting VGM CDs
  22. Game Music Sale
  23. M3 event information
  24. Symphonic Shades - My trip to Germany
  25. Anyone here got last.fm account?
  26. Marketplace Transactions Feedback Thread
  27. Missing Obi, what do you do?
  28. Where do I find Fallout by Mark Morgan?
  29. Thanks Bush!
  30. Koichi Sugiyama's politics
  31. Castlevania Movie in 2009
  32. Hello to all !
  33. Happy Birthday, seanne!
  34. New user group I made
  35. KORG DS-10 was made by vgm veterans!
  36. Konami Sports Club vs Wii Fit and Wii Sports
  37. Siliconera does an article on VGMdb!
  38. Inmate escapes prison MGS style
  39. CD vs. MP3
  40. Dictionary.com Translator
  41. AnimeCast on eBay, do sell legit OSTs?
  42. LOL at this seller
  43. Questions about some anime soundtracks
  44. Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2009
  45. Why do Sound Horizon albums end so high in YJA?
  46. Quick questions about Online Digital Music Store
  47. 'Karma'
  48. NFO files
  49. Did I mention we have an IRC channel?
  51. Could I get a price check on some albums?
  52. Got pets?
  53. Happy Birthday Gigablah
  54. Nitro Game Injection: VGM Podcast
  55. Anime Soundtrack Database
  56. Greetings from a Newcomer
  57. Is Scitron out of business?
  58. "1070 matches found through Advanced Search"
  59. Re : Video game laser discs
  60. "Disco Sega" missing in the database [NSFW]
  61. MMM: Multi Media Music Advertisement
  62. [SPLIT] Get this crap out of album discussions
  63. Good places to sell anime soundtracks?
  64. Symphonic Fantasies
  65. Generic Music Archive and shopping at Amazon.com
  66. When fate says f**k you.
  67. Directed here from YouTube in an attempt to report a copyright violation
  68. Thank you VGMdb!!
  69. Howdy, everyone!
  70. Identify publisher
  71. Greasemonkey script : Display collection as table
  72. buying VGM on YahooJapan with shoppingmall service
  73. TRIX : A band every VGM fan should check
  74. Got bored and took some pics of some of my vgm.
  75. Composer database?
  76. Anime + Game Soundtrack sale thread.
  77. Kazutaka Toyota performs songs from Final Fantasy IV
  78. Otaku Hardcore Revolution 3
  79. Few Pokemon and XBOX 360 Games on ebay.
  80. Alleged Plagiarism
  81. any one going to VGL in Pittsburgh?
  82. help! buying from konamistyle in the usa?
  83. How to replace cracked double case
  84. Hado Channel 5
  85. how do sellers online get so many copies of cds not sold in stores?
  86. Allkore Riot Kontrol 01 - Internet Radio Event [2010/03/05~06]
  87. lol
  88. Hi, schmirdns
  89. Hi *waves like Kirby*
  90. Need some help considering OOP album
  91. Submitting albums / translation for composer, etc.
  92. Small Sale
  93. Various video game soundtracks on ebay.
  94. I guess I also got bored and took pics of my vgm collection
  95. Sound Horizon CD & concert
  96. War Music Favorites (Games, Movies)
  97. Crash's Scan Request Thread
  98. The Loudness War - a new RPG by Square Enix
  99. N64 For sale and games and stuff =D
  100. SALE: SALE: Final Fantasy VIII "Sleeping Lionheart" Chain Necklace
  101. SALE: Ace Combat
  102. Your favorite non-VGM/anime artists
  103. Sale thread.
  104. My original music
  105. Bern's New ALL-UNIFYING!! Sale!
  106. Producer/Composer same thing?
  107. VGMDB scan naming rule?
  108. PSX RPG recommendations
  109. So today it's been one year...
  110. Different Vinyl formats
  111. What to use on the ARTIST tag when tagging?
  112. Buying VGM in Japan
  113. Questions about this photo.
  114. The Cost of Your VGM Hobby
  115. Want to get rid of a few things
  116. Game collection tracking equivalent of VGMdb
  117. Sensei Phoenix's Give My Wife and Son a Christmas Sale!
  118. Call of Duty: Black Ops music
  119. Merry Christmas to all at vgmdb!
  120. Reasons for Collecting
  121. VGMdb is Edge Magazine's Website of the Month in issue E224 (Feb. 2011)
  122. does it make any difference, the position you store CDs in?
  123. Playing videogames on Plasma tvs
  124. Liquidation Sale
  125. KonamiStyle domestic shipping
  126. Japan Earthquake
  127. Anime/VGM album alternative prints with same cat.num.
  128. Vote to reboot Breath of Fire at Capcom!
  129. Mounted the NEW SCANNER!!!!
  130. Does format matter to you?
  131. Alek Szahala & Byproduct - Live @Assembly 2010
  132. Laserdisc/LD Collecting
  133. Ur Zoo: Social Game Music Competition
  134. FFXIII - Defiers of Fate
  135. Your Audio Equipment
  136. Massive Otaku.com listings in marketplace
  137. The Biggest Video Game Music Collection sale, ever.
  138. Project Bandcamp
  139. How do you want the music reviews too be
  140. people who ask for free music
  141. Quick translation please~
  142. UK importing service?
  143. Listening to VGM with Children!
  144. Midi Keyboard help
  145. Game Music Similarities.
  146. Research about un-romanized artists
  147. Artist pages needing edits
  148. The Biggest VGM Collection sale, ever (Updated, with prices).
  149. Boyblunder
  151. NORIYUKI IWADARE soundtracks FOR SALE
  152. livestream radio show with great VGM right now!
  153. My best Albums up for SALE!
  154. Digital Release Representation
  155. TOSHIYUKI OMORI OST´s - for sale
  156. Any musicians here that do doujin or doujinstyle songs?
  157. Cello VGM Kickstarter
  158. Azusa Hara
  159. Armadillo for famicom
  161. Paypal Sucks Thread
  162. Making a simple VGMdb-style website for VMG concerts & live shows
  163. Apple iOS 6: Will you upgrade?
  164. Atonality in Video Game Music
  165. YASUNORI IWASAKI - Getter Robo Armagedon - FOR SALE
  166. Triangle Original Soundtrack (TV drama)
  168. Going to try to push for sales again.
  169. Discussing the importance of arrangement
  170. Official or Doujin
  171. Pier Solar HD for Dreamcast and PC (Kickstarter)
  172. NHK Taiga Drama(2012): Taira no Kiyomori (5CD set)
  173. BAYONETTA, Final Fantasy XIII-2, OKAMI, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, EX MACHINA
  174. Can a foreigner order from Japan-only sites?
  175. Happy Christmas
  176. Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ)
  177. 2 Jason Graves Agency Promo CDs on eBay
  178. Samples used in anime/game music
  179. The Perfect Pitch Test
  180. Alpha Clock - Masashi Hamauzu
  181. Rating systems: 5 stars vs. something else?
  182. *Updated - Biggest Video Game Music Soundtrack Collection.
  183. ANIME / VGM soundtracks FOR SALE
  184. Anyone ever purchased something from Amusement Center/EGG Music?
  185. Yoko Kanno - The Warsaw Collection
  186. VGM and Anime CD sale
  187. List of Japanese Drama Soundtracks (Jan 2013 - July 2013)
  189. New here
  191. TV Drama music thread
  192. Giving away FF XII
  193. hoot player
  194. Official romanizations that are not on a given album?
  195. Selling only OBIs...
  197. Nintendo visionary Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85
  198. Collecting VGM-Anime-ecc., how do you place our collection?
  199. VGM Sale - 42 albums!
  200. The scariest question you can ask a collector
  201. Best Program to create your own RPG?
  202. A few soundtracks for sale or trade.
  203. Selling my VGM/Anime Collection on eBay
  204. What do you think of CDjapan's newest design?
  205. For Sale: Nobuo Uematsu Official Fan Club DVD - Dog Ears Family Vol. 1-6
  206. Japan's gaming output
  207. (ALBUM) Can of Nothing: Project Flash 2 (Preliminary Demo Version)
  208. FLAC to MP3
  209. TV DRAMA SPRING SEASON 2014 - List of composers
  210. For sale or trade: A bunch of my physical collection
  211. Legends of localization
  212. MEDAL OF HONOR LIMITED 8CD BOX for SALE + other scores
  213. Japan's children output
  214. M3u to Mp3
  215. JAPANESE TV DRAMA SUMMER SEASON 2014 - List of composers
  217. Sale page
  218. For sale: 3 Japanese import RPGs for PS2 and GameCube
  219. Carl's Sept Sale: 50 albums at low prices!
  220. Questions about Foobar
  221. Where can i find the Track Titles Informations on a CD?
  222. Would you?
  223. how do i get to japan?
  224. Need a Japanese translator
  225. Aphex Twin technical interview
  226. New Website for Gamers launches Invitation for Early Beta Access
  227. For Sale / Offer: NEW Skylanders Spyro's Adventure & Trap Team Promo CDs
  228. Game Music Video Editing by Reaper
  229. Space Channel 5 OST Case, free to good home
  230. Original Sound Version - Looking for Writers
  231. Marketplace Deadbeats
  232. Best Japanese-English translation website?
  233. Played CoD Modern Warfare 2? Fancy taking part in research?
  234. Dissolving Collection (Eroge/Visual Novel)
  235. JAPANESE TV DRAMA SPRING SEASON 2015 - List of composers
  236. add Spotify links
  237. 4x KOTARO NAKAGAWA + Aiyoku no Eustia 5CD box set - from 0,99USD!
  238. JAPANESE TV DRAMA SUMMER SEASON 2015 - List of composers & soundtracks
  239. Solaris Japan links in album pages
  240. MP3 or ACC? Did I make a mistake?
  241. Video Games Music : Horus by Duhemsounds (album)
  242. Question on Yahoo auctions fees
  243. JP TV DRAMA FALL SEASON 2015 - List of composers & soundtracks
  244. The Mind's Eye
  245. GAME soundtracks/ost (enclosure-first press) for sale
  246. Albums for sale
  247. JAPAN TV DRAMA WINTER SEASON 2015/2016 - List of composers
  248. Why can't I find CD vendors in anime cons?
  249. Sawtelle Japantown is no longer the place for otakus
  250. TG-16 Love