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Originally Posted by Blitz Lunar View Post
i would love to know an official reason for why there hasn't been a full soundtrack release.
Mitsuaki Hagishima talked about why they didn't release soundtracks in general at the official Q&A session of the past Nintendo Dream issue.

- Why doesn't Nintendo release CDs?

We have never published a single CD.

Instead, record companies have suggested a CD release plan, and we have let them publish it under license. However, game soundtrack CDs didn't sell well, and you'd often hear news about poor sales of general CDs lately. It's just a few thousand, at best. It requires a lot of labor to make a CD, and even if we do, we think we still should utilize our musical assets for such promotion that you can enjoy games more. we'll try to help more people enjoy the sound of Nintendo, through enclosures like this issue of Nintendo Dream and the guide book of Chibi-Robo!, the rewards of Club Nintendo, or the launch of Nintendo Mobile. Game is what matters most to us, and we'll use game music as promotion.

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