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Originally Posted by Kaleb.G View Post
(For the record, I just popped the soundtrack into my CD player to make absolutely sure I matched the right music to the right track numbers. Also, the scan here matches the right titles to the right track numbers.)

It appears that somewhere along the line, the titles got swapped, because Dracula X: Rondo of Blood was the very first instance of these compositions (for album as well as game).
OK, I physically checked my KICA 7622 as well: the tracks were erroneously titled in this soundtrack release too. I must write down so I don't forget anymore.

To recap:

[1993, October] PCE DUO Game "Rondo of Blood" is released: Soundtest is correct - (in-game soundtest is correct)

[1993, November] KICA 7622 (Rondo OST): this is the first instance where track titles for these two compositions were swapped, thus originating the whole confused mess (cd package is wrong).

[1994, July] KICA 1145 Perfect Selection Dracula Battle: arrangement CD, features an arrangement of Slash, mislabeled as "Op.13" (cd package is wrong).

[1995] SNES game "Dracula XX" is released: only Op.13 is featured in the game, not Slash (game comes without a soundtest)

[2006] KMUS-0001 Castlevania 20th Anniversary Deluxe Music Collection. Compilation CD. Features three tracks from Rondo of Blood. Track 15 is indeed Op.13 (tracklist is correct).

[2007] Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles & relative OST - the long time error gets fixed. Op.13 is Op.13 and Slash is Slash (tracklist for LC1609-10 is correct, on both discs. Later European release KDE-CVDXC-OST is also correct.). In the polygonal remake, only Slash is used. Newly composed "Red Dawn" is used for the stage that once featured Op.13.

[2008] Castlevania Judgment & [2009] LC-1715 / GFCA-153 Judgment OST - featuring Slash (tracklist is correct).

[2010, March] GFCA 195-213 Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collection Box - lazy reprint of several soundtracks from the series. The box spans 18 discs but only three are relevant here:
GFCA-198 (fourth disc, Rondo OST): incorrect. They once again swapped names as they did in 1993 (cd package is wrong).
GFCA-208 (fourteenth disc, Dracula X Chronicles OST): correct: only Slash is present, and it retains its true name. (tracklist is correct)
GFCA-210 (sixteenth disc, Akumajo Dracula Judgment OST): correct once again. (tracklist is correct)

[2010, July] GFCA-228 Pachislot Akumajo Dracula II OST: features the same rendition of "Slash" found on Castlevania Judgment. (tracklist is correct)

[2010, August] Castlevania Harmony of Despair is released for XBLA. Following dowloadable music packs for the game will include an arrangement of Slash. (in-game soundtest is correct)

[2011, January 13] LC-1960 is Harmony of Despair OST release. It features Slash. (tracklist is correct)

[2011, January] LC-1957 Akumajo Dracula Tribute Vol.1 - features an arrangement of Slash, and thankfully it's correctly titled (Slash is Slash). (tracklist is correct)

Everything has been double checked on original physical media. To these official releases I could add these doujinshi albums:

[2008, August] Blood Liar by Pikopiko Zaemon: it features an arrangement of (correctly titled) Slash.

[2012, May] Castlevania: Chiptune of YM2203 by FREEZEMOON: it features an arrangement of (correctly titled) Slash.

You can find the same mini-FAQ in all the discussion threads for the following albums: KICA 7622, KICA 1145, GFCA 195-213. That is, all the three releases where Slash was incorrectly labeled as Op.13 and viceversa.

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