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Originally Posted by Kaleb.G View Post
Did anybody resolve the "Op. 13"/"Slash" issue? Is the tracklist on this album incorrect?
I edited the album info notes. The printed tracklist of this album is indeed incorrect.

I report on this thread too the Op.13/Slash affair, since it's relevant for the album:

[1993, October] PCE DUO Game "Rondo of Blood" is released: Soundtest is correct - (in-game soundtest is correct)

[1993, November] KICA 7622 (Rondo OST): this is the first instance where track titles for these two compositions were swapped, thus originating the whole confused mess (cd package is wrong).

[1994, July] KICA 1145 Perfect Selection Dracula Battle: arrangement CD, features an arrangement of Slash, mislabeled as "Op.13" (cd package is wrong).

[1995] SNES game "Dracula XX" is released: only Op.13 is featured in the game, not Slash (game comes without a soundtest)

[2006] KMUS-0001 Castlevania 20th Anniversary Deluxe Music Collection. Compilation CD. Features three tracks from Rondo of Blood. Track 15 is indeed Op.13 (tracklist is correct).

[2007] Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles & relative OST - the long time error gets fixed. Op.13 is Op.13 and Slash is Slash (tracklist for LC1609-10 is correct, on both discs. Later European release KDE-CVDXC-OST is also correct.). In the polygonal remake, only Slash is used. Newly composed "Red Dawn" is used for the stage that once featured Op.13.

[2008] Castlevania Judgment & [2009] LC-1715 / GFCA-153 Judgment OST - featuring Slash (tracklist is correct).

[2010, March] GFCA 195-213 Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collection Box - lazy reprint of several soundtracks from the series. The box spans 18 discs but only three are relevant here:
GFCA-198 (fourth disc, Rondo OST): incorrect. They once again swapped names as they did in 1993 (cd package is wrong).
GFCA-208 (fourteenth disc, Dracula X Chronicles OST): correct: only Slash is present, and it retains its true name. (tracklist is correct)
GFCA-210 (sixteenth disc, Akumajo Dracula Judgment OST): correct once again. (tracklist is correct)

[2010, July] GFCA-228 Pachislot Akumajo Dracula II OST: features the same rendition of "Slash" found on Castlevania Judgment. (tracklist is correct)

[2010, August] Castlevania Harmony of Despair is released for XBLA. Following dowloadable music packs for the game will include an arrangement of Slash. (in-game soundtest is correct)

[2011, January 13] LC-1960 is Harmony of Despair OST release. It features Slash. (tracklist is correct)

[2011, January] LC-1957 Akumajo Dracula Tribute Vol.1 - features an arrangement of Slash, and thankfully it's correctly titled (Slash is Slash). (tracklist is correct)

Everything has been double checked on original physical media. To these official releases I could add these doujinshi albums:

[2008, August] Blood Liar by Pikopiko Zaemon: it features an arrangement of (correctly titled) Slash.

[2012, May] Castlevania: Chiptune of YM2203 by FREEZEMOON: it features an arrangement of (correctly titled) Slash.

You can find the same mini-FAQ in all the discussion threads for the following albums: KICA 7622, KICA 1145, GFCA 195-213. That is, all the three releases where Slash was incorrectly labeled as Op.13 and viceversa.

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