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The full mail:

Originally Posted by E-mail
Hello, Nisto

I wrote a list of two soundtrack composers.
You can post this list to
Again, if you have any questions, please ask. :-)

01:Terror (Darkness Lives) Makoto Tomozawa
02:At Deep Mountains and Dark Valleys, the Night Begins M on M Inc.
03:The One Who Survives M on M Inc.
04:Fatal Bite M on M Inc.
05:Wandering About M on M Inc.
06:A Testator M on M Inc.
07:The Moonlight Sonata Ludwig van Beethoven
08:Yawn M on M Inc.
09:Peace of Mind M on M Inc.
10:Dismal Field ----
11:Ivies' Domain M on M Inc.
12:Vacant Flat M on M Inc.
13:What You Hear Is... M on M Inc.
14:Flooded Corridor M on M Inc.
15:Plant 42 M on M Inc.
16:Deception M on M Inc.
17:Unexpected Crisis (The Nimble One) M on M Inc.
18:Queer Structure M on M Inc.
19:Sigh of Relief M on M Inc.
20:Narrow and Close M on M Inc.
21:Trust or Not M on M Inc.
22:Requiem M on M Inc.
23:Concealed Passage M on M Inc.
24:Black Tiger M on M Inc.
25:The Depth (Far from the Sun) M on M Inc.
26:Disclosed Secret M on M Inc.
27:Concrete Bound Masami Ueda
28:Double-crosser M on M Inc.
29:Treat to Awful Fright Masami Ueda
30:10 Minutes Until Explosion Makoto Tomozawa
31:Finally the Two Met Masami Ueda
32:5 Minutes Until Explosion Makoto Tomozawa
33:Tyrant M on M Inc.
34:Still Dawn Makoto Tomozawa

01:Tricky Sliders Akari Kaida
02:Wanna Be Game? Akari Kaida
03:Hard Edge Masami Ueda
04:No!! Akari Kaida
05:Glorious Show Masami Ueda
06:U Got A Muffin... Akari Kaida
07:Let's Get Together Akari Kaida
08:Downhill Racer Masami Ueda
09:Side By Side Akari Kaida
10:Go 4 What U Want Akari Kaida
11:Phat! X2L Akari Kaida
12:A Jam On It Masami Ueda
13:Silvery Landscape Masami Ueda
14:Like The Wind Akari Kaida
15:Lingering Night Glow Masami Ueda
16:Glorious Show -Mega Mix- Masami Ueda
17:Let's Get Together -Luv&Snow Mix- Akari Kaida
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