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Default COCX-33021~30: Space Battleship Yamato CD-BOX

I need some assistance from people on this, I figured this is the best place to post it.

1) looks like they are reprinting this album on 2/15/2012, but it has the same catalogue number. How do we handle that?

2) my cdjapan artist alert said Joe Hisaishi is an arranger on cd 5/6 and I swear he has come up on Y!J auction searches with Yamato albums but I don't know the length of his involvement in the series. Did he do arrangements only? Compositions? I'm having a hard time tracking down info on these because they're all very old albums and it's difficult to match search results because hisaishi composed for otoko-tachi no Yamato which is unrelated and way more recent.

Long story short I'm trying to determine if it's worth buying this box or if I should just buy this individual album instead (they're printing each disc in the box separately, too)

Here's to hoping someone can help!
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