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I've probably never heard a bigger piece of shit than this soundtrack. Wow. This entire soundtrack sounds like it was composed by somebody trying to write "real" music instead of "game" music. It sounds like Hiroki Kikuta spent the entire CD saying "Look at what a musician I am!" Basically every cliché in music is achieved, from the wrenching violin elegy to the obligatory organ solo to the grandiose fanfare of trumpets to the extremely loud epic rock finale, and let's not forget the ethnic chanting to make this batch of junk really "eclectic". And not a thing about any of it is memorable because there's very little genuine melody to it; rather, the instruments are just played in flurry to sound dynamic, powerful, passionate. There's zero inspiration behind any of it.

Halfway through the CD, I literally wondered why I was bothering anymore. I'm a huge VGM enthusiast, and I make it a point to listen to every new soundtrack three times, to make sure I've really taken the songs in. Sometimes I'll realize something about a song on the third pass that I wasn't able to pick up from the previous listens. In fact, to be fair, even three passes probably isn't enough. But the so-called music on this CD is so fake, I can't force myself through a second playthrough of it, let alone a third. If I'm going to give something multiple chances, it needs to have the potential to grow on me, to show me a side of it I didn't see before. This overcomposed garbage has no potential at all, and only has the single side to it that its first play shows. It's nothing but material, posing as music, attempting to achieve something "greater" than the medium for which is was written but failing to do so because of the effort required for Kikuta to emulate that sound.

Am I saying that game music has to sound like "game music"? Absolutely not. Two of my favorite soundtracks to this day are Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III. You can't get a more real orchestral sound than from the Soul Calibur series; some of it could pass as film score music. They're soundtracks with real content, moving melodies, and inspiration backing the almost over-the-top nature of some of the compositions; it comes off as fun. Soul Calibur achieves this sound through its natural creation. What Soukaigi does is attempts to achieve this sound solely for the sake of achieving it, as if it is a "superior" sound somehow. Yet through all of its shitty vocals, long interludes of the same triplet notes over and over again, and disgustingly awful snare hits (seriously, was it meant to sound like it was hit in a fucking cave?), the soundtrack has absolutely no real content whatsoever, and just ends up with a sound that takes itself far too seriously. There's nothing enjoyable about listening to any of the songs - this soundtrack is the SERIOUS BUSINESS of VGM.

Probably late in the game to say, but don't give a single dump on this CD your time, you'll never get that time back.
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