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One of their Subarashiki kono Sekai reviews was indeed a 1 out of 10, and even after they somehow connected to the industry, SEMO still occasionally gives albums a 3. Personally, I'd prefer positivity-oriented reviews. You know it's pretty easy to criticize something and write about why it sucks to us, but instead of churning out those mere negative reviews, they always seem to try to find out something good in any subject, which requires more time and insight than saying "this is samey sounding, so this is shit". Ideally, every opinion should be respected but after all we're human beings and can't help but feeling bad when seeing our own favorites get bashed in an unfair way. Plus, some naysayers often come off as writing/posting negativity for the sake of drawing attention or even trolling, and it quickly gets tired of reading them. If their reviews like everything, then it's good.

Speaking of Ys Celesta, if we're to add a product entry in this site, should it be a remake (release of YsIV)? Or would it deserve a separate entry?
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